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3. intro to affect and cognition


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Published in: Technology, Education
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3. intro to affect and cognition

  1. 1. affect: feeling responses thoughts and meanings mental processes functions: to interpret and make sense of the env process these interpretations or meanings in cognitive tasks cognition: thinking responses meanings: of physical stimuli, social stimuli, affective responses, etc in commercials, emotion can be just as effective as any rational appeal affect and cognition disaggregated: attributes meanings: brand image holistic: total impression information-processing models: sequence of cognitive processes interpretation processes integration processes cognitive processes in consumer decision making product knowledge : various types of 3. Introduction to knowledge, meanings, and beliefs about products affect and cognition product involvement: personal relevance direct personal use exp of a product meaning in consumers lives vicarious product exp interpretation of product-related information cognitive learning: people interpret marketing implications: understand how accretion: adding know info in the env and create new consumers interpret marketing strategies, tuning: combination of existing knowledge 3 ways to refine it know or meaning eg. reducing a price as reducing the quality restructuring: revision (creation of new meaning structures or reorganization) general knowledge: peoples interpretations of relevant information in episodic: (events in your life) their env, stored as links or connections semantic (objects and events in the env) procedural: how to do things, if... then propositions associative networks knowledge structures of knowledge schemas: semantic and episodic general know scripts: networks of procedural know mark implications: know the product knowledge: different meanings of same stimuli, symbolic meaning3. Introduction to affect and cognition.mmap - 17/11/2010 -