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Briefing to the SEAS Oxford Leadership Council

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Seas 0412

  1. 1. A joint venture between SEAS, AIMS, and IT Services Twitter: @miami_mlearning
  2. 2. Summary• Research• Software Projects• Outreach and Community• Courses• Funding• Plan for upcoming year 2
  3. 3. Purpose• Unify efforts in mobile space on the campus• Provide faculty, staff, and students a resource for mobile learning and mobile computing• Support faculty by providing software development expertise 3
  4. 4. Summary of Activities• Research• Software Development• Outreach• Courses 4
  5. 5. Research• AFRL Discovery Lab / Miami Mobile Learning Center Scholarship Program – Year-At-The-Edge (YATE) program supporting 11 students in SEAS, AIMS, SFA (originally slated for 4-6 students); Increasing to 18-21 students for next academic year – Work directed by Center for academic year, directed at AFRL in Summer – Total funding from AFRL: $71K (direct to students) – Miami is contributing space, equipment, faculty time, and professional development funds – Faculty from CSE, ECE, AIMS will mentor students 5
  6. 6. Research• “App Development in the Miami University Mobile Learning Center”, Gerald C. Gannod, Kristen M. Bachman, James D. Kiper, Glenn J. Platt, Robert Howard, and Micah Cooper, in CSEET Smartphones in the Curriculum Workshop, May 2011.• “An Evaluation Framework for M-Learning”, Gerald C. Gannod and Kristen M. Bachman, in Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Computer Supported Education, May 2011.• “Integrating M-Learning into a Broad Context: Issues and Recommendations”, Gerald C. Gannod and Kristen M. Bachman, in Proceedings of the 2011 Mobile Learning Conference, March 2011.• “A Critical Analysis of M-Learning Initiatives”, Gerald C. Gannod and Kristen M. Bachman, in Proceedings of the 2011 Mobile Learning Conference, March 2011. 6
  7. 7. Research• External Grants – Research Buddy: Revolutionizing Undergraduate Student Research using Mobile Technology. (PI: G. Gannod, co-PI: G. Platt, Procter & Gamble, 2011, $10,000 total). This project is funded by a Procter & Gamble Higher Education Grant. – Summer Support for K. Bachman, Nestle Corporation, Summer 2011. 7
  8. 8. Research• NSF Cyberlearning Program – Developing a proposal across four divisions to support looking at new ways of learning with mobile devices • SEAS, EHS, CAS, FSB – $1.35M target for 5 years 8
  9. 9. Research• Messer Construction – Developing a proposal w/B. Brinkman – $60K target for 1 year to develop AR system for visualizing Building Information Models 9
  10. 10. Research• Smart or Smashed – Alcohol abuse prevention / intervention app – Research project in collaboration with R.M. Ward in EHS – Recently submitted proposal to support this work – Student Developers • SEAS, SFA Buckeye Vodka, Miller Coors 10
  11. 11. Software Projects• Miami University iPhone Application – Funding provided by Student Tech Fee, University IT and University Communications – First Released on Nov. 30th,, 2010 • 13,536 Users – Student Developers • SEAS, SFA 11
  12. 12. Active Users 12
  13. 13. Software Projects• my Metro – MUITDC Winner – Interdisciplinary project with students from disciplines across the university – Real-time tracking of Miami Metro buses – Integrated into the Miami App – Received long-term funding to deploy to full bus system – Channel 9 news! – Servers went live yesterday 13
  14. 14. Software Projects• Today’s Dad – Ohio Commission on Fatherhood – Over 60% of children in Ohio born to single parent families – Educating expectant and new fathers – App supports lifelong education 14
  15. 15. Software Projects• Research Buddy – Work funded by Procter and Gamble and Nestle • App that aggregates important research data collection features into one platform – In discussions with Cincinnati Zoo Academy for piloting 15
  16. 16. Software Projects• Chatterhawks – Supports alumni events on iPad (think modified “speed dating” format) – Supported by alumni office – In-progress (slated for Late Fall internal release) – Student Developers • CSE Capstone • Student Hourly 16
  17. 17. Outreach and Community• Outreach – IT Forum on the Hamilton Campus (Feb 2012) • Keynote • Student presentations of projects – K-12 Summer Camp (July 2012) w/J.Burge • Girls on the Go: The Mobile Computing College Experience 18
  18. 18. Education• Virtual Smartphone Academy – $25K proposal to AFRL for a hybrid course – On-line lectures – Learning exercises for a course delivered via virtual reality (opensim) 19
  19. 19. Courses• CSE 470 Mobile Application Development – Summer 2012 (Pilot)• CSE 451/551 Service Oriented Computing – Spring 2012• CSE 448/449 Senior Capstone – Two projects AY11-12 (See Projects Section) 20
  20. 20. Courses• IMS 440 IMS Practicum – One project AY11-12 with Ames Publishing (R. Howard)• IMS 351 Introduction to Mobile Development 21
  21. 21. Funding Summary since• AFRL/MLC Feb’11 • Research Buddy Scholarship ($71K + ($12K) $7K contributed by • Android Tablet SEAS) Equipment Grant• Miami iPhone App ($18K) Development ($17K) • Chatterhawks ($3.5K)• Bus tracking • Summer support deployment ($24.5K) ($10K) • Total ($156K) 22
  22. 22. Plans for upcoming year• Funding – Development / Sponsorship – Working on establishing project with Dragonfly• Personnel – Establish stronger bond with EHS faculty and faculty across the university 23
  23. 23. Our Needs• Staff support: Non-student software developer full to manage software projects – Allow me to focus on fund-raising, research efforts 24