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  1. 1. Bobblehead Custom Custom bobblehead dolls Our experienced and well trained staff members are the number one professionals at manufacturing bobbleheads, and we have been manufacturing these unique dolls since 1999. Our aims are always to produce to a high level of quality and in a short a time as possible, whilst offering costs that are simply better than competitive. When consumers go out and buy a product, you can be sure that only a minority of them will actually know where that product came from, but we are proud of what we do, and so make sure that customers know who they are dealing with when they purchase customized bobble head dolls. There are a lot of internet start-up companies who claim to supply an original product but are in fact simply agents. Personalized bobble head figures One of our areas of expertise lies in taking care of the fine details of the process. We will never be afraid to ask you questions, and we will always work tirelessly to make sure that we solve any problems you may be having. Our clients have ranged from ordinary folk to professional sports stars such as ball players, Fortune 500 corporations, high profile entertainers and major Ivy League universities, and as of the end of 2008 almost two and a half million bobble heads and figurines have been manufactured. Professional and Dedicated We invite you to shop around with other manufacturers as we are supremely confident that due to our fine details, exacting scale, and excellent lifelike facial designs, you will find our bobble head carvings to be the best on the market. In addition to our professional team of carvers we also have the most experienced painters in the industry who have been working for almost ten years in our factory.
  2. 2. Produced to the Highest Quality We fully understand and appreciate that both people and companies work on a tight budget, as we are a factory after all, and so we work towards offering customers a product at the best possible price in order to meet their budgetary constraints. In the majority of cases bobbleheads are ordered as special gifts for important events, so we work very hard towards getting them made on time. First Class Assistance Without question our highest priority is customer service, and with this in mind we have ensured to have sales men and women who are fluent in English and so will be able to understand your needs perfectly. Any questions and queries that you may have at any stage of the process will be answered in less than 24 hours. Dealing with Large Orders For those who want to place a large order of over one hundred pieces then we can make any size of bobble head or figurines from two to fifty inches in size. The common range of bobble head size is 4.5 inches to 7.5 inches, and figurines are normally around the six inch mark. Each item comes individually packed in a clear plastic clam shell, and a white box with a front window. Know more: