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Farewell to John Everets and Rene Lefebvre


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Farewell to John Everets and Rene Lefebvre

  1. 1. Top 10 Reasons Why Rene Wants to Retire 10 Be the first one to scale all 67 New England 4000-footers in one winter 9 Fed up with explaining variance on risk numbers to Dan Mose in Brookfield 8 Only a corner office can accommodate Mark Roesler’s size 7 Join Steve Ballou in his to-be-built-in-future ranch in New Mexico for skiing trip 6 Eternal dispute with Finance on ’06’s write-off numbers … but Herbert keeps every freaking document ever exists 5 “Our current risk metrics are in the best shape as they have ever been.”… Better bail out before the tide turns 4 Since his brother has written a journal on hiking, it’s Rene’s turn to publish his own on 3 Leave the trouble of collecting receivables exposed to areas affected by Katrina, Wilma and Rita to Bob 2 $1.5MM recovery in 4Q 2005???!!! ….. Yeah right …… 1 Alex is going nuts with all the top-40s from the 60s (the doors, paul simon … etc) radio
  2. 2. “ Walk This Way” It’s been a long journey …
  3. 3. “ Another One Bites the Dust” … a bumpy ride sometimes
  4. 4. “ Stairways to Heaven” … but you always lead us to great height
  5. 5. “ Norwegian Wood” … show us the way out of the woods
  6. 6. “ Ain’t No Mountain High Enough ” … and point to what more we can achieve $3BN Volume in 2008!!!
  7. 7. “ Comfortably Numb” … it is exhausting sometimes Wake Up Rene!
  8. 8. “ Dream On” … but you never run out of inspirations (John): should I be a venture capitalist, private equity investor, or just launch my own hedge fund?
  9. 9. “ We will survive ” … this is not the end of the road
  10. 10. “ Break On Through ” … we will march forward with what you started
  11. 11. “ Bittersweet Symphony ” As time goes by … We will always miss you! Play it Sam, Play it