Gk2 Torah Exploration - Melissa


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Gk2 Torah Exploration - Melissa

  1. 1. Torah Exploration andHebrew Letters
  2. 2. Beginnings: Celebrating Simchat Torah The GK children had the opportunity to make flags and decorations inpreparation for the celebration parade. Jonathan, the music teacher, leads the Simchat Torah parade to the BeitMidrash.
  3. 3. Our First Look at the Torah!
  4. 4. Learning About the Torah With Rachel BrodieThe Yad The Dress
  5. 5. The Quills and Parchment PaperThe Text
  6. 6. Exploring the Arc in The Beit Midrash
  7. 7. How Should You Hold a Torah? Tae Pham practices cradling the Torah
  8. 8. Bringing the Experience Into the Classroom: Literature is used as a provocation during morning exploration time. The children are given the opportunity to explore the text of the “baby” Torah. Juliette AvRuskin investigates the Torah.
  9. 9. Beginning our own Torah WritingThe children were provided with differentmediums and tools to explore Torah writing.Gk explored a variety of artifacts asprovocation.
  10. 10. Experimenting With Materials  Ink and Quills  Permanent marker and watercolors  Permanent marker and tempera paint
  11. 11. Ink and QuillsImportance ofMaterials: Experience the history ofthe Torah Strengthening fine motorskillsAttention to detail Isaac investigates the Hebrew alphabet.
  12. 12. MIA
  13. 13. Sadie
  14. 14. Riley
  15. 15. Teacher Carlie writes the Hebrew alphabet on the white board in GK2
  16. 16. Permanent Marker & Watercolor:
  17. 17. Sadie incorporated her creative side with her Hebrewletter practice.
  18. 18. Juliette combines English and Hebrew Lettersand makes intentional color choices.
  19. 19. Permanent Marker & Tempera Paint
  20. 20. Literature asProvocation: “Alef Bet Israel” written by Galia Armeland
  21. 21. Connecting English and Hebrew
  22. 22. Mehak Akhtar Marina Ashton
  23. 23. Noe Palman Noe uses the dreidel as a guide for practicing the letter Shin.
  24. 24. Mehak Akhtar noticed that the Hebrew letter Tsade lookslike the English letter Y.
  25. 25. Jacob focused on the shapes that he recognized whilepracticing the letter Mem.
  26. 26. Riley noticed, “The Shin and Sin are the same but the dot moves. Ican’t remember which one is the Shin. Hebrew isn’t hard. My favoriteletter is Resh.”
  27. 27. Exploring Outside of the Classroom:  The children took “Hebrew letter” walks as a way to explore the Hebrew language within the greater JCC community.  On these walks, the children explored the Arc in the Beit Midrash, the second floor preschool, and the wall of Sheva Middot in the Atrium.
  28. 28. The Tools
  29. 29. Searching
  30. 30. Identifying
  31. 31. The Collaborative ProcessTae Pham and Sadie Thau work together to find out whatletters make up the English word kitchen.
  32. 32. DocumentingIsaac Rothman-Tierney Jacob Gerstein
  33. 33. Recognizing Riley Shafer investigates.
  34. 34. Team Work!
  35. 35. Journal Work:Tae Pham Isaac Rothman-Tierney
  36. 36. Sadie Thau
  37. 37. What are the Children Learning?Cognitive Development:• Sign and symbol recognition• Sound symbol relationship• Memory, recall, using previous knowledge of English language to interpret the Hebrew alphabet and letters.Language Development:• Phonetic awareness• Muscle coordination• Connecting Hebrew and English languages
  38. 38. Language Development: • Letter and word knowledge • Vocabulary • Awareness of symbols and letters • Connection between Hebrew and English • Pre-literacy skillsSocial Emotional Development: • Impulse control • Awareness of others and their needs, compromise • Sharing space and resources • Community building with greater Jewish community. • Collaboration through group work
  39. 39. Future Projections• Hebrew letter memory game• Exploring the Sheva Middot• Continuing to practice the Hebrew alphabet during facilitated learning time.
  40. 40. “Torah. It is a tree of life to thosewho hold fast to it. Its ways aredelight, and all its paths arepeace.” - Proverbs