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sourav ganguly


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Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor

sourav ganguly

  1. 1. Born into a sport loving family. Earlier he was attractedtowards football
  2. 2. Being natural right hander, He bats with left hand Going against his parentswish for making cricket as career. But strongly supported by his brother.
  3. 3. Joined cricket coaching camp. Eventually hereplaced his brother in Bengal Cricket Team.
  4. 4. He made his international debut in 1992 against West Indies.Rumors of his attitude problems And lack of respect for senior players hurt Ganguly most.
  5. 5. After 4 years , he was called backfor test series Vs England in 1996. He scored 131 in that match Andfixed his position in test & ODI team.
  6. 6. He along with his batting peers likeSachin, Dravid started winning matcheson regular basis.
  7. 7. Provided ample opportunities to youngsters inthe team , support and guide them and stay bythem in difficult times.Cultivated merit instead of regional bias.Positive , never-say-die attitude.Shifted the focus from individualisicperformance to teamwork.
  8. 8. Encouraged younger team members.Guided them in difficult time.Shielded his team members from allkind ofnegative influences.
  9. 9. The famous NatWestshirt whirling incidentthat marked thejoyous celebration ofthe birth of Men In Blue.