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Case Workshop for Management Teachers


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Case Workshop for Management Teachers

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Case Workshop for Management Teachers

  1. 1. Case Teaching Workshop for Management Teachers Prof. Ganesh N. Prabhu; IIM Bangalore; SMS: 9844175078; Email: gprabhu@iimb.ernet.inThis one-day workshop aims at enabling participating faculty to enhance their understanding ofcase teaching methods used in management and their application to meet pedagogical purposes.The workshop will provide an understanding of issues involved in using case methods such as:(a) Use of mini cases in class to supplement understanding of text coverage.(b) Use of short cases in class to form the basis of in-class presentations by students.(c) Use of full length cases in class to build comprehensive understanding of business issues.(d) Using videos cases to provide visuals that enhance understanding of management issues.It will also cover some important course development and course administration issues such as:(a) Developing a case based course outline including structuring a course more effectively.(b) Appropriate mix of cases and other teaching methods to make a course more effective.(c) Appropriate mix of text chapters, cases, readings for adequate coverage of the course.(d) Balancing workload and case assignments for students across the term.(e) Appropriate weights for various components of student evaluation.(f) Deciding on the appropriate level to pitch the case after gauging initial class response.(g) Use of cases in examinations and their appropriate mode of evaluation.(h) Use of open-book case examinations – setting appropriate questions and their evaluation.(i) Managing the class process in a case based course over the length of the course.(j) Effective use of student feedback in making mid-course correction as and if required.(k) Effective use of experience and student feedback for revision of course content/delivery.The workshop will not be oriented towards providing hands-on skills training in teaching butrather will take a discussion based development approach to build better understanding of theissues and concerns facing participating faculty. The above topics will be covered in aninteractive discussion method with the participating faculty - it is therefore important that allparticipating faculty be prepared with a list of their questions and concerns with regard to theabove mentioned topics as well as other issues that they typically in teaching any course.There are two sessions of three hours each - 10.00 am to 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. Eachsession will also have a ten minute refreshment break at a convenient point. Two short cases(enclosed) will be used during the workshop for demonstrating some aspects of the case method.Also attached is the outline of my course titled New Product Development, to be used as the basis ofour discussion on course structuring. Participating faculty are requested to read the two casesand the enclosed course outline before the start of the workshop.