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Building Business on Customer Business Models 2013


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Building Business on Customer Business Models - a new three day open executive program offered at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore during August 21-23, 2013

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Building Business on Customer Business Models 2013

  1. 1. Indian Institute of Management BangaloreExecutive Education ProgrammeBuilding Business on Customer Business ModelsThree day open program – August 29-31, 2013.Programme Director: Ganesh N. PrabhuThis programme will focus on analytical techniques for understanding and interpretingcustomer business models effectively and on using this understanding to entrepreneuriallydesign and develop better products and services to create better value for target customersand to enhance profitability for the business.Session Topics Deciphering Customer and Competitor Business Models Identifying and Assessing New Business Opportunities Creating User Centered Product and Service Innovations Understanding a Target Business: Cost and Value Analysis Developing Competitive Business Models: Effective Pricing and Positioning Entrepreneuring New Business Models for Customers Strategic Thinking, Risk Taking and Business Planning Innovating, Developing and Defending MarketsParticipant ProfileThis programme is intended for middle level to senior managers involved in the design,development and marketing of products and services in any competitive business.Programme ScheduleParticipants are requested to arrive by evening on the previous day as sessions in thisprogram are scheduled to start at 9.00 am on day one and will end at 5.00 pm on day three.There will be five sessions of 75 minutes duration. Participants may plan to leave only after5.00 p.m. on the third day. Please do not book your return flights scheduled to depart earlierthan 8.00 pm on the third day as it takes about two hours to reach the airport.Faculty LeadersProfessor Ganesh N. Prabhu did his post graduation from the Institute of Rural Management,Anand and is a Fellow of IIM Ahmedabad. His research has been on product development,strategy and entrepreneurship. He teaches strategy courses and an elective on new productdevelopment in the post-graduate program at IIMB.Email: gprabhu@iimb.ernet.inHome Page: 080-26993047 (o) 080-26993034 (r)