Pradesh Milk Federation Case - Presentation at AIMS Case Competition


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Pradesh Milk Federation Case - Presentation at AIMS Case Competition - this link has the audio of this case being discussed for two hours in an advanced management program session.

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Pradesh Milk Federation Case - Presentation at AIMS Case Competition

  1. 1. Pradesh Milk Federation A Teaching Case by Ganesh N. Prabhu IIM Bangalore Case Competition Presentation at AIMS ConferenceA kno wle d g e m e nts : c Sudhir Krishna, Tetra Pak India, Pune Jaideep Gokhale, Tetra Pak India, Pune Stefan A. Johansson, Tetra Pak India, Bangalore Anand Halve, Chlorophyll Brand Consultancy, Mumbai Utkarsh Majmudar, Quintant, Bangalore
  2. 2. Case Development Comprehensive dairy industry business strategy case. Developed specifically on invitation for a case analysis workshop in the National Milk Seminar at Goa in 2002. Based on Indian dairy industry data of Tetra Pak India. Case analysis workshop attended by the CEOs of every major private and coop. Indian milk products organization. Case data obtained from a dairy cooperative was suitably disguised to prevent defensive posture and
  3. 3. Case Setting Presents reality facing the Indian dairy industry in 2002 as seen by a CEO taking over a dairy cooperative federation. Case setting including the dairy federation, location, brand names and central characters are suitably disguised. Written in a conversation mode - dramatized for impact. Workshop had participation from all dairy CEOs in India. CEOs found it reflected critical strategy issues they faced.
  4. 4. Case Trials CEO workshop at National Milk Seminar on "Strategic Marketing", Goa, 2002. Ganesh N. Prabhu, IIMB In MBA Elective "Creating Successful New Products" at IIM Bangalore 2002, 2003 Ganesh N. Prabhu, IIMB. In Executive Program on "Competitive Marketing" at IIMK 2002. V. Mukunda Das, IIMK. In MBA Elective at IIMK 2002. V. Mukunda Das, IIMK In MBA Elective "Doing Business in India" University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, 2003. N. M.
  5. 5. Case Content Provides substantive data on dairys external environment. Provides substantive data on the dairys market potential. Provides extensive data on dairys consumer behavior. Provides cost and structure of dairy marketing channels. Provides detailed dairy costs and value chain data. Highlights impacts of perishability and seasonality. Highlights effective product mix and packaging
  6. 6. Case Usage Strategy courses to analyse turnaround strategies with a comprehensive inter-disciplinary analytical approach. Marketing courses to evaluate a given product mix and develop a more effective market data based product mix. Product development courses to explore idea generation using customer data and new product concept selection. Organization theory courses to study organization forms and issues posed by governance structures & past practice.
  7. 7. Case Structure First internal meeting of new CEO with managers covering dairy extension activities, milk procurement, procurement price pressures, milk processing, seasonality of milk production, liquid milk sales, selling price pressures, branded aseptic packaged milk, milk product sales and entry of foreign brands. Data on profile of state capital, co-operative dairy structure, dairy extension, milk transportation, milk composition, pricing method, liquid milk purchase behaviour, aseptic packaging. Q: evaluate opportunities and suggest turnaround strategy.
  8. 8. Cost Data Provided Cost data are provided in tables for past three years and projected for the current year - it is also provided as soft copy on excel worksheets to enable students to make evaluations of alternate product mix choices and impact of changes in cost structures. Milk procurement, milk disposal and product portfolio. Contribution from Products Contribution from Products & Profitability Skimmed Milk Powder Costing Value Chain for Tetra Fino Aseptic Packaged