Exploring the Cloud


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Slides of the workshop conducted in Model Engineering College, Ernakulam, and Sree Narayana Gurukulam College, Kadayiruppu Kerala, India in December 2010

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Exploring the Cloud

  1. 1. Exploring the Cloud… Ganesh Neelakanta Iyer Research Scholar, National University of Singapore
  2. 2. About Me I have 3 years of Industry work experience - Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd, Bangalore - NXP Semiconductors Pvt Ltd (Formerly Philips Semiconductors), Bangalore I have finished my Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NUS (National University of Singapore) in 2008. Currently Research Scholar in NUS under the guidance of A/P. Bharadwaj Veeravalli. Research Interests: Cloud computing, Game theory, Resource Allocation and Pricing Personal Interests: Kathakali, Teaching, Travelling, Photography
  3. 3. Agenda • Introduction to Cloud • Cloud Computing trends, benefits • Some real examples • Different types of services • Challenges in Cloud Computing • Getting started in Cloud Computing • Future of Cloud Computing
  4. 4. Introduction to Cloud Computing
  5. 5. Traditional Model Cloud Computing Model Proprietary internal IT resources Remote, shared services Company A Company B Internet Company A Company B
  6. 6. Cloud Computing trends, benefits…
  7. 7. Technology Hype Cycle 2010 (Gartner) 2009 2010 2008 2007 http://www.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=1447613
  8. 8. Google Trends Cloud computing, Grid computing, Cluster computing
  9. 9. Some real examples…
  10. 10. Pizzas from the Cloud… • Availability is a critical requirement • Spikes in demand • Optimize computing capacity while being able to handle peak demand SOLUTION:
  11. 11. Brewing customer feedback • Build an online community to engage with customers and employees dynamically • Required community management tools to track and implement the best ideas SOLUTION:
  12. 12. Real-estate in Cloud • Procuring and installing servers or upgrades are distraction • Difficult to anticipate hardware demand • Unanticipated hardware failures leads to terrible impact on productivity SOLUTION:
  13. 13. Location-based commerce • View map of your location, and surrounding businesses & services • Discover what's new, what's on sale, at which stores around you • Locate nearest bus stops, MRT stations, taxi stands; access real-time estimates of next bus arrival times SOLUTION:
  14. 14. Different types of services…
  15. 15. Three major kinds of Cloud services
  16. 16. Challenges in Cloud Computing…
  17. 17. Challenges… • Requires a constant Internet connection: – No internet means no access to even your own documents • Features might be limited: – This situation is bound to change – For example, you can do a lot more with Microsoft PowerPoint than with Google Presentation's web-based offering. – The basics are similar, but the cloud application lacks many of PowerPoint's advanced features. COURTESY: http://acet.rdg.ac.uk/~mab/Talks/Clouds-La-Coruna09/Talk.ppt
  18. 18. Challenges… • Stored data might not be secure: – How secure is the cloud? – Can unauthorized users gain access to your confidential data? – Only time will tell if your data is secure in the cloud. • Stored data can be lost: – Theoretically, data stored in the cloud is safe, replicated across multiple machines. – But data loss can happen COURTESY: http://acet.rdg.ac.uk/~mab/Talks/Clouds-La-Coruna09/Talk.ppt
  19. 19. Getting started in Cloud Computing..
  20. 20. Getting started in Cloud Computing… 1. Know the different options available to you 2. Understand that scaling is a skill, not a default 3. Implement a disaster plan 4. Don’t be naïve 5. Budget for your specific use-case 6. Choose a cloud provider on your needs, not its popularity 7. Remember: some applications are not good fits for cloud 8. Think outside of the box COURTESY: http://www.openforum.com/idea-hub/topics/the-world/article/8-tips-to-getting-started-in-cloud-computing-guy-kawasaki
  21. 21. Top 250 players in Cloud http://cloudcomputing.sys-con.com/node/1386896
  22. 22. Future of Cloud Computing…
  23. 23. Numbers!!! • By 2011 cloud computing market will reach $160 billion. • The number of physical servers in the World today: 50 million. • By 2013, approximately 60% of server workloads will be virtualized • 50% of the 8 million servers sold every year end up in data centers • The data centers of the dot-com era consumed 1-2 MW Today data center facilities require 20 MW, - 10 times as much as a decade ago • Google currently controls 2% of all servers ( around 1 million) with it saying it plans to have upwards of 10 million servers in one decade • 98% of the market is controlled by everyone else. COURTESY: http://www.elasticvapor.com/2010/05/cloud-computing-opportunity-by-numbers.html
  24. 24. Cloud computing future in India • Cloud computing in India to grow 40 pc by 2014: IDC study 2-DECEMBER 2010 • Google- world's largest search engine administrator- is pinning hopes on the growing cloud computing market in India with plans to double its engineering headcount in the country in next two years – Economic times, 11-NOVEMBER-2010 • Around three lakh more IT jobs will be created in India around cloud computing by 2015 – Businessline, 18-NOVEMBER 2010 • Wipro Infotech, is exploring avenues to enter the cloud computing gaming space in India soon – 13-NOVEMBER-2010 • 76 per cent enterprises in India want to virtualize and adopt cloud computing in the next one and a half year – VmWare survey, 19-NOVEMBER-2010
  25. 25. Thank you! ganesh.iyer@nus.edu.sg http://ganeshniyer.com