uses moa sar classification synthesis nomenclature structure e&z nomenclature non-narcotics narcotics genreral anaesthetics barbiturates anticonvulsants antipsychotics structure and nomenclature sedative& hypnotics infrastructure cholinergic blocker structures medicinal chemistry-i cholinergic agonist catabolism of adrenaline biosynthesis adrenaline antagonist agonist mechanism of action structure activity relationshi sympatholytics symapathomimetics ans glucoronide conjugation phase ii reaction phase i reaction reduction metabolism oxidation metabolism medicinal chemistry factor affecting metabolism phase ii metabolism phase i metabolism claisen condensation reaction claisen schimdt reaction beckmann rearrangment openour oxidation dakin reaction metal hydride reduction clemenson reduction thiophene furan pyrrole cyclohexane butane conformation of etahane stereo specific and stereo selective reactions determination of geometrical isomer syn and anti cis-trans isomer geometrical isomer resolution of racemic mixture diasteromers meso compounds d& l isomer r& s isomer optical isomerism evidences for benzene structure reactions of benzene synthesis of benzene aromaticity benzene
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