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SOAP-UI The Web service Testing


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The Web service Testing on SOAP Protocol

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  • Nice article.. However if the requirement is just to test webservice and you do not want to use fancy SoapUI functionalities, try Postman. There are few other SoapUI alternative application as well...I came across this article on 5 SoapUI alternatives -
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SOAP-UI The Web service Testing

  2. 2. WEBSERVICE Web service can be defined as an application, which does not have any GUI. Web service have engine, this engine takes input in the form of XML, process the data and provide output again in the form of XML
  3. 3. XML(Extendible Markup Language)  XML can be used as a data source to hold some data.  XML can be used to communicate data between systems.  In XML we can define our own tags ultimately, we are defining our own protocol to transfer data between systems <PersonalData> <FirstName> Amit </FirstName> <MiddleName> Singh </MiddleName> <LastName> Rathi </LastName> </PersonalData>
  5. 5. WSDL(Web Service Definition Language) * When we are working on web service, we don’t have idea, what is the format of input xml that web service take * What is the format of output xml generated by web services. * What are the different services is exposed by my web service All these information is mentioned in XML formatted document is called WSDL We use this wsdl while testing web services
  6. 6. TYPES OF WEBSERVICES SOAP REST SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol) is an XML based protocol for accessing Web Services.
  7. 7. ->Xpath ->Groovy (Java) Skills Needed
  8. 8. SoapUI  Automation tool for web services function and load testing  Generate XML on behalf of our input data and send it web service engine.  Receive data coming from web service and validate data  Generate basic reports as well
  9. 9. Workflow of SoapUICREATE SOAPUI PROJECT Create Test Suite Create Test Cases Create Test Steps
  10. 10. Questions Q& A