The Ultimate in Machine Tools: Ganesh Machinery


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Whether you are involved in aerospace, oil, education, or automotive industry, Ganesh Machinery can provide the highest quality machine tools necessary to get the job done. From customer support when ordering to the after sale service program, Ganesh Machinery delivers top the best service possible.

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The Ultimate in Machine Tools: Ganesh Machinery

  1. 1. Ganesh Machinery
  2. 2. About Us It began with a dream in 1985 to deliver to the market machine tools that provided the highest value and productivity available. We are still driven by this same commitment to you. • Ganesh Machinery was established in March of 1985 as a small family business. In just three short years the company blossomed into a 4,000 sq. ft. operation, and the growth didn’t stop there. By focusing on great customer support and building customer loyality, Ganesh has expanded into a thriving 15,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art business, backed by a 40,000 sq. ft. machine warehouse. We have sold and serviced machines in over 12,000 machine shops, manufacturing businesses, technical schools, and distributors across all industries. • All of our machines are manufactured in our ISO-9001 facilities in Taiwan. • Many of the critical component s that go into our machines are manufactured in Japan. • Headquarters are in Southern California at 20869 Plummer St Chatsworth, CA 91311.
  3. 3. Tech Centers 16,000 Sq.ft Technical Center opened in 2013. Specialists in Machining, Robotics & Automated Solutions. G a n e s h T e c h n i c a l C e n t e r C u y a h o g a F a l l s , O H G a n e s h T e c h n i c a l C e n t e r B l a i n e , M N G a n e s h T e c h n i c a l C e n t e r H o u s t o n , T X
  4. 4. Service For customers looking for exceptional service, Ganesh Machinery has developed a 3-tier after sale service program. Our 3 step service program includes a no-charge technical phone support, exceptionally well trained field service technicians and a preventative maintenance program to maximize the productive output of your Ganesh machines.
  5. 5. Phone Support Technically expert service staff is available to answer your questions. Between the hours of 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, we have technicians available to answer all your service questions and provide technical support to help keep your Ganesh machines running. All you need to do is call 1.888.542.6374. If the technicians are busy, all you need to do is a leave a message and a qualified technician will call you back very quickly.
  6. 6. Field Service If it is determined that field service is necessary our technician can schedule a field service call. A factory trained and professional field service technician will get your machine repaired quickly. He will have the entire Ganesh parts, application and service team behind him to make sure he completes the service and gets you up and running as fast as possible. We value you as a customer and will always have one goal in mind: to give you the best service possible.
  7. 7. Preventative Maintenance Ganesh Machinery has a preventative maintenance plan for all Ganesh Machines. You have the option to purchase monthly, semi-annual or annual preventative maintenance plans. We can even add your non-Ganesh machine to your plan. We give you the ability to customize the date according to your priorities and schedule. We can also assist you in doing your own preventative maintenance by providing you the manufacturer’s suggested time table of maintenance, thereby saving you money as well as giving you complete control over your maintenance scheduling.
  8. 8. Time Study Ganesh applications engineers can perform a production analysis of your parts and do a complete time study showing speeds and feeds for every cut, and also make suggestions for the most efficient machine to process your work. Knowing the production yield can be very helpful in the justification process when acquiring a new machine tool.
  9. 9. Turnkeys We can do a complete turnkey of your production part, either at our facility or on your factory floor, with your staff obtaining valuable training in the process. This way you have complete control prior the acceptance of the new machine. You can observe the machine running your parts, inspect the accuracy of the parts to Cpk standards and ensure that you are achieving the production rate that was agreed to. This option can be a cost effective way of getting profitable productive output from your new machine very quickly.
  10. 10. Automation Ganesh Machinery can automate your machine with automatic load/unload robotics with high-density part storage systems. Unmanned operation can greatly increase your profitability and help you be more successful in this globally competitive world.
  11. 11. Training Ganesh Machinery has fully developed training program for each machine and has extensive classroom training facility at our Chatsworth, CA campus to accommodate the needs of our customers. Ganesh also has training centers in Cleveland, OH and Houston, TX to better serve our customers. Computers and projection equipment is used to facilitate the efficient transfer of the knowledge necessary to make Ganesh machines as productive as possible. Ganesh Machinery has stated that “our business model relies on the satisfaction of our customers and their ability to get the highest level of productivity out of their Ganesh machines.”
  12. 12. Parts • At Ganesh Machinery our quest to ensure you get the most performance from your machine tool investment is integral to our corporate culture and a key component of our business model. • Our parts department is staffed by dedicated professionals that utilized advanced parts stocking strategies to ensure that you get your parts on time, every time. This provides you with optimal machine availability with the best response time in the industry to help you maintain your competitive edge. The parts manager at Ganesh works with the service manager to ensure that the right parts are stocked, even before a new machine model is introduced. Ganesh ships 100% of stocked replacement parts the same day when orders are received by 2pm (PST). Ganesh Machinery has over $1.3 million dollars parts inventory in its stock. • Ganesh Machinery provides needed parts by expedited delivery. If you need urgent part to repair a machine, the Ganesh parts department will ship in-stock parts overnight directly to your location. Getting your machine up and running as soon as possible is our priority. • We ship via FedEx, UPS, USPS directly to you. • If the part is not in-stock, shipment will be arranged as soon as it becomes available.
  13. 13. Industry Solutions
  14. 14. Gang Tool Lathe Cyclone-32 GT The Ganesh Cyclone GT 3-Axis Heavy Duty Gang Tool Lathe. The Cyclone GT-32 is stronger, heavier, and more powerful than competitive machines in its class! Standard Features Include: Full “ C”- Axis with 360,000 Rotary Positions, Polygon Turning, Parts Catcher, Traub “Dead-Length” Collet Chuck, Hydraulic Clamping and Rigid Tapping. 1-3/8” (37 mm) Bar Capacity. Optional : Up to 4 Live Tools, 8 station tool turret. GANG TOOL LATHE ADVANTAGES •Fastest Chip-to-Chip Time (No Turret index time) •High Machine Reliability, no troublesome turret •More Tooling Flexibility, eg. Long Boring Bars •Multiple Insert Boring Bars for tooling density •8-Position Quick-Change tooling plates •Hardinge, SNK, Omni Turn tool plates available •Hydraulic Clamping for a secure no-slip grip •Rigid tapping & Polygon turning •High-Performance “C”-axis with 0.001 resolution
  15. 15. Cyclone-32/42 GTS Twin Spindle, Twin-Gang Slide Turning Center The Ganesh Cyclone GTS 6-Axis Twin-Spindle, Twin-Gang Slide Turning Center. The Cyclone 32 GTS Simultaneous Machine on the main and subspindle. The GTS production turning center CNC machine with a fully synchronized C -axis on both the main and subspindle. The GTS configuration produces shorter cycle-times because the Counter Spindle works simultaneously with the Main Spindle. The GTS has integral built-in integral 6,000 RPM spindles on the main and the sub allowing extremely fast acceleration and deceleration times. •1-5/8” Bar, 5”Chucking Capacity, 6,000 RPM, 10-HP •Simultaneously Machine on the Main and Sub Spindle •“C”-Axis on both spindles for Live Tool Applications •Dual Parallel Gang-Tooled Slides for Fast Production •Fastest Chip-To-Chip Time in This Machine Class •Rigid Tapping on both spindles •Integral Lathe Motor Spindles •Parts Conveyor •Parts Catcher •Chip Conveyor
  16. 16. Twin Spindle Twin Turret / Three Turret The Ganesh Cyclone TTMY and 3TMY series Multi-axis / Multi-tasking CNC lathe having up to 11-axis featuring up to 3-turrets. Each turret has 16 live tools. The machine can turn from 1/8” to 2.75” diameters. Workhandling automation can be added to optimize the productivity of any machine to meet your specific needs. • Up To 2.75” Bar Capacity • 10” 3 Jaw Chucks Available • Mitsubishi Integral Motors • (True “Y”- Axis With 4”-travel) • (High-performance “C” – Axis) • Mitsubishi 700 Series CNC Control • Up To Three 16 Station Live Tool Turrets • From 32 To 48 Tools Models Available: Twin Spindle / Twin Turret Cyclone-52 TTMY : 51mm (2” Bar Capacity) Cyclone-70 TTMY : 71mm (2-3/4” Bar Capacity) Models Available: Twin Spindle / Three Turret Cyclone-52 3TMY : 51mm (2” Bar Capacity) Cyclone-70 3TMY : 71mm (2-3/4” Bar Capacity)
  17. 17. Cyclone -52 BY2 B Axis CNC Turn / Mill Center Cyclone -52 BY2The Ganesh Cyclone 52-BY2, 9-Axis Mill / Turn Lathe is a 52mm (2”) bar capacity CNC Mill / Turn lathe designed for machining complicated parts. The machine has 36 tool positions and 18-driven tools. The B-axis rotating tooling unit holds 12-driven tools. • 2” Bar Capacity • 15-Hp Main Spindle and Sub – Spindle • 12 tool B – Axis Rotating Unit • 36 Cutting Tools • 18 Driven Tools • Y – Axis On Main and Sub - Spindle • 6,000-Rpm Spindle Motors
  18. 18. Cyclone Multi-Axis NCY & CS Machines The Ganesh Multi-Axis Cyclone NCY and CS CNC lathe series are available in versions from 4 to 7 axis with Y-axis for off centerline machining with up to 27 live tools with 1/8” to 1.375” barstock diameters. 7-Axis 10-HP Main Spindle 6000 RPM Main and Sub Spindles 1/8 To 1-3/8” Bar Capacity 27-Tools, 11-Driven Tools Y-Axis Travel of 11” Main and Counter Spindle C-Axis Ground Bar Stock Not Required
  19. 19. Geared Head Box Way VMC The large worktable allows the placement of a 4th axis indexer and two vises on the table simultaneously, allowing for operational flexibility and ease of setup. The 8,000 RPM spindle features a 2-Stage Geared-Head with 1:1 & 4:1 gearing, providing increased torque for heavy cuts for high metal removal rates and improved production efficiency. The speed and power of the spindle allows ideal for cutting performance in materials like aluminum, steel and for efficient machining of Inconell and stainless. Through-The-Spindle coolant, 50 Taper Spindle, ZF Gear Box and 4th & 5th Axis wiring are all standard. Models Available: VFM-4024 B 39.37” X 23.62” Travel, 50 Taper, Geared Head VFM-6327 B 63.00” X 27.56” Travel, 50 Taper, Geared Head VFM-7035 B 70.86” X 35.43” Travel, 50 Taper, Geared Head VFM-8635 B 86.81” X 35.43” Travel, 50 Taper, Geared Head
  20. 20. VFM HIGH SPEED MACHINING CENTERS 12,000 RPM Inline Direct-Drive Spindle 30-HP Peak Spindle Motor Synchronous Rigid Tapping Capability 24 -Station Twin-Arm Tool Changer 1,417 IPM rapid rates 300 PSI “Through-the-Tool” coolant Ganesh VFM Express Machining Centers start at 28” X 18” in X & Y axis and go up to 63” X 27” in X & Y and give you true High Speed CNC Machining. 4th and 5th axis wiring standard. Models Available: VFM-2818 Express 27.95” X 17.71” Travel, CAT-40, 12,000 RPM VFM-4024 Express 39.37” X 23.62” Travel, CAT-40, 12,000 RPM VFM-5127 Express 51.27” X 27.56” Travel, CAT-40, 12,000 RPM VFM-2818 Express 63.00” X 27.56” Travel, CAT-40, 12,000 RPM
  21. 21. CNC Mill - Turn Centers With Y-Axis The Ganesh KSL 5212 TMY/7612 TMY Mill-Turn CNC lathes feature 4-axis with Y-axis for off centerline machining with up to 12 live tools. 4-Axis CNC Mill / Turn Center C Axis Spindle Y-Axis with 4” of Travel Up To 3” Bar Capacity AC-digital Spindle Motor 4,500 rpm Spindle Speed 12-Station VDI-30 / VDI 40 Tool Turret Up To 7.5 HP Milling Models Available: KSL-5212 TMY: 2” Bar Capacity, 8” Chuck KSL-7612 TMY: 3” Bar Capacity, 10” Chuck
  22. 22. Heavy Duty Box-Way CNC Turning Center The Ganesh KSL 5210 T/7610 T CNC Turning Centers use a heavy meehanite ribbed cast iron traveling column construction Turcite-B coated box ways provide optimum vibration absorption and rigidity with a minimum of stick/slip for enhanced accuracy. 2-Axis CNC Turning Center Up To 3” Bar Capacity AC-digital Spindle Motor Up To 4,500 rpm Spindle Speed 10-ID/OD Tool Stations Models Available: KSL-5210 T: CNC Turning Center, 2” Bar Capacity, 8” Chuck KSL-7610 T: CNC turning Center, 3” Bar Capacity, 10” Chuck
  23. 23. Manual Big-Bore Oil Country Lathes Ganesh Heavy Duty Lathes are built for larger work and offer spindle bores up to 12” inch diameter. The machines are built with fine grain and high-density meehanite processed cat iron which yields superior Vibration dampening for enhanced surface finish and tool life to handle heavy – duty turning. Alloy steel Hardened & precision ground gears provide for smooth power transmission to the spindle which is supported by precision taper roller bearings. Bed lengths range up to 315” and rear chuck mounts are available on larger models. A safety gated spindle control lever is used to protect against accidental engagement. Models Available: GTW 22”-30”: 22”-30” Swing, 4-1/8” Bore GTW 34”-42”: 34”-42” Swing, 6 5/8” & 10” Bores GTW 44”-63”: 44”-63” Swing, 6”, 9” & 12” Bores
  24. 24. CNC-Big Bore Oil Country Lathes Ganesh Heavy Duty CNC Lathes feature both Front and Rear Chuck Mounts and are built for large heavy work including Threading Oil-Pipes. The machines are built with fine grain and high density Meehanite processed cast iron which yields superior vibration dampening for enhanced surface finish and tool life to handle heavy – duty turning. The saddle and cross slide are Turcite-B anti-friction coated to minimize stick/slip and improve accuracy. Alloy steel Hardened & Precision Ground Gears provide for smooth power transmission to the spindle which is supported by precision taper roller bearings. The Tag-Along style tailstock automatically couples to saddle for positioning when needed. Models Available: GTK 24 CNC: 24” Swing, 4-1/8” Bore GTK 30 CNC: 30” Swing, 6-5/8”, 10” Bore GTK 34-38-42 CNC: 34”-42” Swing, 6-5/8”, 10 or 13.97” Bore GTK 44-63 CNC: 44”-63” Swing, 6”,9”, or 12” Bore GTK 5240 CNC: 52” Swing, 10” or 13.97” Bore
  25. 25. Toolroom Manual & CNC Machines Small to Large Diameter CNC and Conventional Lathes CNC and Conventional Knee Mills CNC Bed Mills Quality Machines For Every Day Needs.
  26. 26. Ganesh logo is registered trade mark of Ganesh Industrial Supply, Inc. Specifications, features, standard options, colors and other elements shown are subjects to change without notice. Some machines are shown with optional equipment. Please contact your regional sales manager or authorized Ganesh Machinery dealer for further information. ©2013 Ganesh Machinery. 20869 Plummer St, Chatsworth, CA 91311 USA Toll Free: 1-888-542-6374 (US Only) - Int. Tel: 1-818-349-9166 – Fax: 1-818-349-7286