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Dead Simple SOA Workshop Brochure v0 8


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Ganesh Prasad's Sydney workshop on SOA (8 Dec 2012)

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Dead Simple SOA Workshop Brochure v0 8

  1. 1. Dead Simple SOAA unique interactive workshop conducted by well-known architect, author and blogger Ganesh Prasad(Check out Ganeshs blog – CM05C.01.15, UTS Campus, Quay Street, Haymarket,SydneyDate: Saturday 08 Dec 2012Time: 0900 – 1700Fees: $495*Seats: Limited to 10 per workshop for quality interactionLunch (sandwiches) and tea (mid-morning and mid-afternoon) willbe providedDownload white paper from See Ganesh Prasads interview on SOA by InfoQ: reports are greatly exaggerated. SOA is not dead, just dead simple.SOA is a unique way of thinking about systems (and not just computer systems!) This workshop will teachyou to think in this powerful style. An architect skilled in SOA thinking can lead their organisation to achievegreater business agility, sustainably lower operating costs and lower operational risk. And no, this isnt meretheory. It actually works. It works so well and so naturally that its benefits are often taken for granted andnot ascribed to SOA at all!You will learn that SOA is actually quite simple to learn and to apply. But it isnt necessarily easy to do so.The hardest part of mastering SOA is unlearning the false premises around it, especially the view of SOA asa set of technologies. Technologies have their place (and this workshop will address the right way toapproach both SOAP and REST), but SOA itself is not technology. Its a way of thinking that you need tomaster.Ganesh Prasad is a revolutionary thinker on SOA who can teach you to wield SOA more powerfully to benefitboth your organisation and your own career as an architect.Thought-provoking topics not addressed in any other SOA course, based on the white paper “Slicing theGordian Knot of SOA Governance – A Low-Ceremony Approach Based on First Principles”:• Learning “Dependency-Oriented Thinking”• The difference between SOA Governance and SOA Management, and how to do each• What are “services”? Defining service boundaries using the Cohesion principle• “Data on the Outside” vs “Data on the Inside” – Interface design using the Coupling principle• The 3 core components of a SOA ecosystem based on a Web Services approach• Implementing enterprise “-ilities” (security, reliability, asynchronous communications) with RESTAn interactive format with lots of hands-on exercises - this is an architecture workshop, after all.Check out Ganeshs other publications (all free to download):• Life above the Service Tier: (A modern architecture for application front-ends)• Practical SOA for the Solution Architect (published through WSO2): (How to approach a Web Services implementation of SOA)• Implementing SOA in the Enterprise using a REST Approach: (How to approach a RESTful implementation of SOA)• Identity Management on a Shoestring: (Low-cost, Lightweight, Loosely-coupled Identity and Access Management)Youve read his books and white papers. Now sign up* for a full day of face time with Ganesh.*Email to book your place, or call/text Rahul Singh on 0419 445 969.
  2. 2. Map of venue: Room CM05C.01.15, UTS Haymarket Campus, SydneyUTS Haymarket Campus in relation to city landmarks, and location of block CM05C (Access is from QuayStreet)Room CM05C.01.15 is on Level 1 (Street level) immediately on the right as one enters from Quay StreetIn case of difficulty entering the building, contact security on 9514 3399.