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Wisdom on Managing Growth


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Most of the individual and organization find difficult not during venturing into something, but during growth stage. The reason could be lack of looking at personal or business in a holistic manner. This presentation was given to emerging business heads in SACAR seminar to bring awareness on managing the growth. To get more insights on managing growth both at personal and business level, pl visit

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Wisdom on Managing Growth

  1. 1. wisdom on managing growth
  2. 2. It is all about achieving & sustaining balanced growth
  3. 3. on business front….
  4. 4. a few memories ….
  5. 5. How do they exist more than 50 /100 years?
  6. 6. Why did they perish?
  7. 7. Stuck during upward momentum Struggling for growth Disappeared from market Reality….
  8. 8. Insight could be Lack of structure Lack of finance Outdated technology Not understanding market Not willing to change Lack of planning and preparation Greedy of the leaders
  9. 9. Solution approach (wisdom) 360’ balanced approach
  10. 10. Solution approach (wisdom) How do you look at your business?
  11. 11. Enhancing Value to Stakeholders
  12. 12. on individual front….
  13. 13. Imbalanced Excellence Stagnant Mediocre Balance Growth Low High
  14. 14. Insight lack of awareness lack of effort competency destiny
  15. 15. Solutions approach (wisdom) How do we look at each aspects of LIFE ?
  16. 16. Profession : Survival vs Purpose Positional Status vs Responsibility
  17. 17. Relationship : Purpose Preservation EGO Vs Compassion
  18. 18. Money Earn, Spend,Saving,Investment Is it “end” or “mean” ? Purpose to share
  19. 19. Spiritual / Personal Maturity Feeling grateful for everything Aligning self to Divine Purpose Faith and surrendering
  20. 20. Summarising  Perspective matters …Let us Enhance it !!  Big picture / Purpose …Let us Find it !!!  Fulfillment comes from balanced growth only..Let us Strive !!  we are just an instrument ..composer decides …Be cool !!! Let us accept , humble and do the right, conscious things
  21. 21. Wishing you Excellence in Life, Thanks… S Ganesh Babu