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FearLessness, Today's Lesson...Tomorrow's Success.


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Fear Leassness, Today's Lesson...Tomorrows Success.

It is about the thought of M.K Gandhi about the Fear lessness.

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FearLessness, Today's Lesson...Tomorrow's Success.

  1. 1. By-M.K. GANDHI What is Fear…???
  2. 2. Himansu Gohil Jagruti Gohil JayantiGohil Krishna Gagipara Rajat Gandhi
  3. 3. Activities-:  Introduction- Krishna Gaghipara  Summary- Rajat Gandhi  Q.A- Jagruti Gohil  Difficult Words- Jayanti Gohil  What Learns- Himansu Gohil
  4. 4.  Religion-Hinduism  Parents- Karamchand Gandhi Putlibai Gandhi  Spouse- Kasturba Gandhi  Children- 1) Harilal 2) Manilal 3) Ramdas 4) Devdas
  5. 5. In this chapter writer enumerate the Importance of Fearlessness. He told that any good relationship can’t possible in Fear. But you have to fear to make that Relationship Life long. It means you suffer with fear of Loss someone or Heart someone to whom u love or like.
  6. 6. This theory not only belongs in Love, But also in Friendship, relationship between Mother-Child, Brother-Sister, Husband-Wife.
  7. 7. As Gujarati poet says, the path of Lord are not of cowards who are always Cheater & Liar. The path of Lord is path of Brave Here Lord means Truth, only Bravo who are armed with Fearlessness… The path of Truth is not for them who use Rifle & other carnal weapons for protection. Writer told them such a Coward. Generally people think that who has a not fear of death than He/She is fearless person. But according to author Fearlessness means freedom from all external fears, Like ‘Disease’, ‘bodily injuries’, ‘death’ or ‘losing reputation’. for ex. Boyfriend has fear of Hearting his Girlfriend.
  8. 8. 1.What is perfect Fearlessness? How can be achieved?  AnsAccording to Gandhiji Fearlessness means freedom from all types of fear. A person the state of perfect Fearlessness if he surrounded by delusions. Delusions create rear & problem. A Perfect Fearlessness can be attained by him who has realized the supreme. In order to attain it you must cultivate Self Confidence.
  9. 9. 2.Why does Gandhiji advise the readers to shake off all attachment?  AnsGandhiji says that we must get ride of all external fear. But he advises us to be afraid of out internal forces. When we conquer internal forces, external fear both are us know more. In order to conquer them Gandhiji advices readers to shake off all attachments. All fear revolves around our body wealth family & other thing. Fear has no place in our heart if we shake off our attachment of family, wealth Body & all other things. We shake off our attachment so that we may enjoy them in reality.
  10. 10. Difficult Words-           CowardWeaponMiserSeekerSacrificeDetermineEndeavourCultivatingConquered Deliberately- A Coward can’t be a Soldier. Swords shield, spears & guns areWeapon. Some rich people behave like a Miser. Seek & you shall find. Those who Sacrifice their personal interest for a great cause never fail. Ramesh is Determined to become a writer. Students Endeavour to score good marks. The Farmer Cultivates his land. Hitler Conquered a large part of Europe. Some mischievous students Deliberately make their teacher.
  11. 11. What are you Learn from…  How to get fearlessness?  Internal Foes  Possessiveness  Upanishad  Fear in our Mind
  12. 12. Slogans of Mahatma Gandhiji…
  13. 13.  Have You any…
  14. 14. •डर ही इनसान का सबसे बडा रोग हे... •डर का सामना करे वही सचा सुरवीर हे. •पहले वो आप पर धयान नही देगे, िफर वो आप पर हँसेगे, िफर वो आप से लडेगे, और तब आप जीत जायेगे.