Blue brain technology


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Blue brain technology

  1. 1. BLUE BRAIN TECHNOLOGY Presented by, Gande Kiran Kumar, Gajula Vijay Kumar (MRIET)
  2. 2. Contents
  3. 3. IntroductionHuman brain-most valuable creationof GOD.Intelligence of human is lost after hisdeath.Can we get back a persons brainafter death?
  4. 4. What is blue brain?BLUE BRAIN-World’s first virtual brain . Themachine that functions as a human brainAfter the death of a person we will not loose theknowledge, intelligence, personalities andfeelings of the person that can be useful for thesociety
  5. 5. What is virtual brain?A machine that can function as brainIt can take decision.It can think.It can response.It can keep things in memory.It also has feelings and emotions
  6. 6. Functioning of natural brainSensory Input :-Receiving input such as sound ,image, etcthrough sensory cell . Interpretation:-Interpretation of the received input by the brain bydefining states of neurons in the brain. Motor Output:-Receiving of electric responses from the brain toperform any action .
  7. 7. Blue Brain objectivesThe project will search for insights into howhuman beings think and remember.Scientists think that blue brain could also helpto cure the Parkinsons disease.The brain circuitry is in a complex state of flux,the brain rewiring itself every moment of itsexistence . If the scientists can crack open thesecret of how and why the brain does it, theknowledge could lead to new breed ofsupercomputers.
  8. 8. Natural brain v/s artificial brain
  9. 9. Hardware & Software requirementsMemory with a very large storing capacity.Processor with a very high processing power.A very wide network.A program to convert the electric impulses from thebrain to input signal, which is to be received by thecomputer and vice versa.very powerful Nanobots to act as the interfacebetween the natural brain and the computer. Finally it is a SUPERCOMPUTER
  10. 10. Blue Gene-Super computerBlue Gene – Computer architecture projectdesigned to produce several super computershaving speeds in TFLOPS range.Developed through a partnership with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).Theoretical performance : 280 TFLOPS sustained 360 TFLOPS peak.It uses Luster to access multiple file systems inthe 600TB – 1PB range
  11. 11. The blue gene/L super computer
  12. 12. Uploading human brain-NANOBOTSThe uploading is possible by the use of smallrobots known as the nanobotsThese robots are small enough to travelthroughout our circulatory systemTraveling into the spine and brain, they will beable to monitor the activity and structure of ourcentral nervous systemThey will be able to provide an interface withcomputer while we still reside in our biologicalform
  13. 13. Nanobots could also carefully scan the structure ofour brain, providing a complete readout of theconnection.This information, when entered into acomputer, could then continue to function as us.Thus the data stored in the entire brain will beuploaded into the computer
  14. 14. Current research work IBM’s BLUE GENE SUPERCOMPUTER.IBM, in partnership with scientists at Switzerland’s Brainand Mind Institute (BMI) started simulating the brain’sbiological systems.
  15. 15. ModellingNeurons receive inputs from thousands of otherneurons, and has branches of highly complex dendritictrees and require tens of thousands of compartmentsto accurately represent them.Therefore a massive increase in computational poweris required to make this quantum leap — an increasethat is provided by IBM’s Blue Gene supercomputer.Using a Blue Gene supercomputer running MichaelHiness NEURON software, the simulation does notconsist simply of an artificial neural network, butinvolves a biologically realistic model of neurons
  16. 16. Advantages & Limitations
  17. 17. Applications of blue brainCracking the Neural CodeTo develop a new breed of supercomputerUnderstanding Neocortical InformationProcessingA Novel Tool for Drug Discovery for BrainDisordersA Global FacilityA Foundation for Whole Brain SimulationsA Foundation for Molecular Modeling of BrainFunction
  18. 18. Examples• A very good example of utilization of blue brain is the case "short term memory".• In some movies we might have noticed that a person might be having short term memories.
  19. 19. ConclusionWe will be able to turn ourselvesinto computers
  20. 20. Queries?