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PMP Orientation Program from MS Academy


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Are you wondering if you are eligible and ready for PMP? Attend MS Academy FREE PMP orientation program. Take the baseline test and you will know. Check -

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PMP Orientation Program from MS Academy

  1. 1. PMP ORIENTATION PROGRAM HOW CAN I BECOME A PMP? Ganapathy Subramanian, PMP Management Scholars Academy
  2. 2. AGENDA Why PMP? What is PMBoK? Can I write PMP? How can MS Academy help? What next?
  3. 3. IS PMP REQUIRED? IS IT VALUABLE?  Project Management is becoming a life skill for the 21st century  PMP certification will expose you to mainstream thinking on project management standards  You will learn new tools and techniques to assist you in making right decisions in your project  It shows your formal commitment to the profession
  4. 4.  PMP credential will help your company win business, making you more valuable to your firm  Will provide networking opportunities with other PMPs  Will provide potential teaching opportunities, even with MS Academy  Helps to distinguish you from other management professionals in this tough job market IS PMP REQUIRED? IS IT VALUABLE?
  6. 6. Project Management Body of Knowledge Project Management Framework • What is project & project management? • What is program, program management & Portfolio management • Project Life cycle and phases • Organization structures • Standard for Project Management • 10 knowledge areas and 5 process groups • 47 Project management Processes
  7. 7. Project Scope Management  What is Scope Management?  Project /Product Scope  Collect Requirements  Define Scope  Work Breakdown Structure  WBS Dictionary  Scope baseline  Control Scope  Validate Scope
  8. 8. • Let’s define the activities to create the work packages • Let’s sequence the activities • Let’s estimate how much time it will take to complete the project • Let’s develop the schedule, get it reviewed and baseline • But hey, Things changed! Let’s see how we can control the schedule
  9. 9. Project Cost Management  Estimating the cost of the project  Expert Judgment  Analogous estimating  Bottom up estimating  Three point estimating  Parametric estimating  Determining Budget for the project  Controlling costs during the project  Earned Value Management
  10. 10. Project Quality Management  Quality Planning – Benchmarking, Cost Benefit Analysis, Flow- charting, Design of experiments, Control Charts, Cost of Quality, CMMi, Six Sigma, Statistical Sampling  Quality Assurance – Training on standards and regulations, QMS, Internal and External Audits, Process Analysis, PIP  Quality Control – 7 TQM tools, Inspection, Testing, Peer Reviews
  11. 11. Project Risk Management  What is the source of a risk?  Risk Appetite  Risk Management Planning  Risk Identification  Risk Categories  Risk Statement  Qualitative risk Analysis  Quantitative risk Analysis  Prioritizing and getting top 10  Risk Response Planning  Risk monitoring and Control  Risk management tool
  12. 12. Project HR Management • Project HR management processes • Plan HR Management • Acquire Project team • Develop Project team • Manage Project team • Management Styles • Powers with a manager to get things done • Motivational theories • Conflict resolution
  13. 13. Project Procurement Mgmt • Define product / service requirement • Prepare Statement of Work • Define proposal evaluation criteria • Prepare and submit RFI • Select supplier • Develop Contract Management Plan • Award contract • Execute Contract Mgmt plan • Accept product • Close out contract
  14. 14. Project Communication Mgmt • Plan for communication needs • Communication Channels, Technology, Models • Status reporting, progress monitoring and forecasting • Control Communications
  15. 15. Stakeholder Identification, Stakeholder Register Stakeholder Management Strategies Managing Stakeholder Engagement Controlling Stakeholder Engagement Project Stakeholder Mgmt
  16. 16. Project Integration Management  What is Project Integration Management?  Processes in integration management  Develop Project Charter  Develop PMP  Direct and Manage Project Execution  Monitor and Control Project work  Perform integrated change control  Close Project or phase  PMI perspectives on integration management
  17. 17. Professional Responsibility and ethics • Respect for others • Honesty and integrity • Professional enhancement • Contribution to Proj.Mgmt • Conflict of interest • Corporate social responsibility
  18. 18. ABOUT PMI • Founded in 1969 • 250 chapters in over 70 countries • More than 600,000 members and credential holders • Administers globally recognized certification programs including the coveted Project Management Professional (PMP) certification • 11 global standards (including Program and Portfolio Management) • Published the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) 5th Edition
  19. 19. PMP ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA AND APPLICATION  As prescribed by PMI, there are two different eligibility criteria: • High school diploma with minimum 5 years/60 months of unique and non overlapping project management experience during which at least 7500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks • Bachelor’s degree with minimum 3 years/36 months of unique and non overlapping project management experience during which 4500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks
  20. 20. PMP ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA AND APPLICATION  35 hours of Project Management Education  At least 35 contact hours of specific instruction that addressed learning objectives in project management.  The course work must be completed at the time you submit the application.  The course hours may include content on project quality, scope, time, cost, human resources, communications, risk, procurement and integration management.  Note that "one contact hour" is equivalent to one actual hour (60 minutes) of training or instruction received", as per the PMI.  Difference between PDU and Contact hours
  21. 21. PMP CERTIFICATION EXAM  4 hours of examination  200 Objective type questions  Additional 15 minutes for tutorial  Scenario based questions testing the experiential understanding of PM concepts  Random Questions from a large Qbank
  22. 22. PMP EXAM FEES  For PMI Members:  PMI membership for an year : $139  Computer-Based Testing : $405  Computer- Based Re-examination : $275  Credential Renewal : $60  For Non-PMI Members:  Computer-Based Testing : $555  Computer- Based Re-examination : $375  Credential Renewal : $150
  23. 23. THINGS TO DO BETWEEN TODAY AND THE EXAM DATE  Become a PMI member and download PMBoK  Read PMBoK one time like a novel  Use Mind Map  Simple terms  Multiple colors  Pictures  Topics / Sub topics / Lists / Formulas  Try to improve your agility of mind by  Giving up coffee / tea; Try B-Protein  Eating protein rich food  Doing physical exercises
  24. 24. ELEMENT OF MS ACADEMY BOOT CAMP • Prayer • Brain Dump • Quiz for each chapter • 5 Baseline tests • 100% PMBoK Coverage • One movie clip per KA • PMP application template • Power tips for exam day • Experienced Trainers • Icebreaker • BASE • Jokes, stories • Networking opportunity • Protein rich food • Online question bank • Recognizing each other End to end support till you reach your goal
  25. 25. ELEMENT OF MS ACADEMY BOOT CAMP End to end support till you reach your goal Money Back Guarantee Attend our 4 day PMP boot camp Score 75% in 5th baseline and PMP Q Bank Write exam within 60 days Still you fail, we will refund the full fees
  26. 26. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME  Any questions?  Are you ready for the baseline test?  Keep your score to yourself.  Come back and attend the PMP boot camp without fail and become a PMP
  27. 27. ABOUT MANAGEMENT SCHOLARS ACADEMY  Website:  Blog:  PMP:  Q bank:  For more details and registration please contact Ganapathy at 9840757994