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Gems summer 2013 at rl master travel-gana


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Gems summer 2013 at rl master travel-gana

  1. 1. Эрхэм зорилго Бид хүсэл тэмүүлэл, аз жалгалтайгаар хүмүүст болон эх дэлхийдээ туслаж, Бүтээлч, үр ашигтай ажиллаж тогтвортой хөгжилд тэмүүлнэ“Мастер Травел” ХХК хүүхэд залуучуудыг Сингапур улсад зохион байгуулагдах “Зуны амралт-сургалт-аялал" 4 долоо хоногийн хөтөлбөрт урьж байна. Хөтөлбөр 2013 оны 5,6 7,8 саруудад Мэдээллийг 99013573 дугаарын утсаар лавлана уу?
  2. 2. Лавлах утас: 99013573 БАЯРЛАЛАА
  3. 3. Лав лах ут БАЯ ас: 9 РЛА 9 0 ЛАА 1357 3A Unique Holiday Camp for English, Maths and Science
  4. 4. Лавлах утас: 99013573 БАЯРЛАЛААIMPORTANT NOTICE
  5. 5. Лавлах утас: 99013573 БАЯРЛАЛАА• Very unique programme… Only one in Singapore!• General English, Maths & Science• Lessons are related to sightseeing to maximize learning• Price includes lessons, meals, transportation, accommodation and entrance fees
  6. 6. Лавлах утас: 99013573 БАЯРЛАЛАА WEEK 1 SCHEDULEWk 1 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri SatAM Arrival in English: English: All English : Whole day: English for Singapore Singapore Asian about Asian Culture & Science: Zoological Folklore & Singapore Traditions Universal Animal Gardens Fairytales Studios Kingdom SingaporePM Half-day Little India Singapore Fort Canning Whole day: Jurong Bird City tour Heritage Discovery Park Heritage Park at Trail Centre Trail Universal Esplanade Studios Park – Evening: Evening: Singapore Evening: Merlion, S’pore Chinatown Night Safari Esplanade Flyer and Night Market Theatre Marina Bay Light Show
  7. 7. Лавлах утас: 99013573 БАЯРЛАЛАА WEEK 2 SCHEDULEWk 2 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri SatAM Whole Day: Maths: English : English: Whole Day : LCK Breakfast Folklore & AgroTech And Sentosa : Mathe- Creative Fairytale Wild Wild Park Pack for Images of matical Writing Wet Theme departure Singapore Terms Park MerlionPM Desparados Singapore Singapore Haw Par Villa Wild Wild Science: Depart Science River Trail Wet Forces Singapore Centre With River for home Cruise Evening: Songs of the Sea
  8. 8. Лавлах утас: 99013573 БАЯРЛАЛАА WEEK 3 & 4 SCHEDULELessons are from Mondays to FridaysTime : 9am to 5pmBreaks : 10.30 – 11.00am 03.00 – 03.30pmLunch break : 12.30 – 01.30pm
  9. 9. Лавлах утас: 99013573 БАЯРЛАЛАА UNIQUE ADVANTAGES Lessons are RELATED to sightseeing !LESSON SIGHTSEEINGEnglish Lesson: All About Singapore Half-day City Tour, Singapore Discovery CentreEnglish Lesson: Asian Culture & Chinatown & Little IndiaTraditionsScience Lesson: Animal Kingdom Singapore Zoological Gardens, Night Safari,Science Lesson: Cycles & Systems Singapore Science Centre
  10. 10. Лавлах утас: 99013573 БАЯРЛАЛАА UNIQUE ADVANTAGES Lessons are RELATED to sightseeing ! ChinatownSingapore Zoo & Night Safari Singapore Discovery Centre Singapore Science Centre
  11. 11. Лавлах утас: 99013573 БАЯРЛАЛАА UNIQUE ADVANTAGES Lessons are RELATED to sightseeing ! Little India SentosaEsplanade – City Tour
  13. 13. Лавлах утас: 99013573 БАЯРЛАЛААACCOMMODATION @ ROSE LODGE HOSTEL • Quad-share bedrooms • Fully air-conditioned • Meals provided • 24-hour security • Live-in teachers to look after students • Wireless internet access
  14. 14. Лавлах утас: 99013573 БАЯРЛАЛААShopping Centre & Foodcourt beside Rose Lodge
  15. 15. Лавлах утас: 99013573 БАЯРЛАЛАА EXCLUSIVE CAMP PACK* Items may change in design and type depending on availability
  16. 16. Лавлах утас: 99013573 БАЯРЛАЛАА COMMENCEMENT DATES4-week Camp : 3rd June to 30th June 2012 • Arrival before Sunday 11am • Departure on Saturday anytime
  17. 17. Лавлах утас: 99013573 БАЯРЛАЛАА Price 4-week Camp : SGD 3,638 (USD2,800)Includes : Accommodation, lessons, transportation,Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), sightseeing entrance fees,Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance and Goods & Services TaxExcludes : Airfares, airport tax and travel insurance* Meals not catered for will be reimbursed with SGD 7