Seattle Chinatown/International District Walking Tour


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  • The walking tour begins at the Chinatown Gate, located on S King St near 5th Ave S. The Chinatown Gate was completed in February 2008.
  • Walking north on S King St you will come to Hing Hay Park with its picturesque Grand Pavilion, which was a gift to the city from Taipei, Taiwan. The name Hing Hay Park roughly translates to “Park for Pleasurable Gatherings” in Chinese.
  • Turning south off S King St down Maynard Alley will lead you past the site of Washington’s deadliest mass killing, called the WahMee Massacre after the WahMee gambling club in which it took place.
  • The China Gate Restaurant, now closed, is located on 7th Ave S between S King St and S Weller St. Once a popular destination for dim sum, it is currently being renovated and will be reopen as the Gom Hong Market.
  • When visiting the new home of the Wing Luke Museum at S King St and 8th Ave S, make sure to walk around to the back to see the old windows that have been bricked-over. The museum is located in the historic East Kong Yick Building, which also borders Canton Alley with its recently renovated storefront apartments.
  • At the corner of S Jackson St and Maynard Ave S stop to admire a statue by George Tsutakawa, erected in 1978.
  • Built in 1910, the Panama Hotel served as a gathering place for Seattle’s Japanese community. The Panama Hotel Tea and Coffee House is a great place to stop for your favorite steeped or brewed beverage.
  • This stone lantern in Kobe Gardens was a given to Seattle by its sister city Kobe, Japan in 1976.
  • After working up an appetite head to Uwajimaya Village, where you can find a variety of Asian grocery items, as well as dine in their food court.
  • After working up an appetite, head to Uwajimaya where you can find a variety of Asian grocery items, as well as dine in their food court.
  • Seattle Chinatown/International District Walking Tour

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