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Difference between regular computers and gaming computers


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Get here why is it a difference between average computers and gaming computers.. Get to know the bigger difference when you get to own one!

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Difference between regular computers and gaming computers

  2. 2.  A few years, maybe months ago the difference between an average computer and gaming computers has always been simple; the gamer PC had the latest technology and had a little more power than a regular one.  Now as technology keeps growing the way it is the gaps between these two type of computers are becoming bigger as the computer games are more real and demand more power from a computer than what it used to. THE GAP IS GETTING BIGGER AND BIGGER Custom Gaming Computers
  3. 3.  Program developers are making their most creative and exotic imaginings become virtual reality on computer hardware that is years ahead of what average desktops are normally comprised.  Gamer PCs have been built to bring to life on the monitor the developers' best renderings of their imaginations. VIRTUAL REALITIES IN COMPUTERS Custom Gaming Computers
  4. 4.  In order to keep up with developers' and players' demands for performance, advances in hardware have grown at an alarming rate, lengthening the gap between gaming computers and regular computers by years. KEEPING UP WITH GAMES AND GAMERS Custom Gaming Computers
  5. 5.  One of the largest differences when looking at the latest high-end gamer PC compared to a regular system is that the latest gamer PC has liquid cooling tubes which keep the CPU and graphics cards chilled and running faster. LIQUID COOLING SYSTEMS Custom Gaming Computers
  6. 6.  Another conspicuous dissimilarity between normal desktop computers and gaming computers is the performance when playing programs like Crisis or Skyrim.  The quality of play and visual performance is astounding on computers for gamers, especially when compared with the play and visual performance on a regular desktop system. VISUAL PERFORMANCE Custom Gaming Computers
  7. 7.  The graphics cards in the previous comparison are often completely incompatible to begin with. Not to mention the CPUs running them would also be on totally separate levels in term of processing speed and power. GRAPHIC CARDS Custom Gaming Computers
  8. 8.  The speed and processing power of gaming computers would normally begin near the 3.0 GHZ range. This is where you might be able to reach if you were to try and overclock the CPU on an average desktop computer. SPEED Custom Gaming Computers
  9. 9.  An average desktop could cost anywhere from $800-$2,000, whereas a high-end performance machine could cost upwards of $10,000-$15,000 for a cutting edge, custom built, overclocked computer.  However, there are some companies that are starting to sell more affordable gaming computers to everyone because of the greater demand this industry has ben having the last few years. PRICE Custom Gaming Computers
  10. 10.  For more information on gaming desktops or high end gaming computers you should check out E3io’s website on the link below and you will find lots of information that you may find useful when picking up what would you need for your gaming computer.  Go now and please visit! GET MORE! Custom Gaming Computers