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GWC14: Miguel Ángel Gómez - "Travel Club: Engaging the games"


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Presentation from Miguel Ángel Gómez's talk at Gamification World Congress 2014

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GWC14: Miguel Ángel Gómez - "Travel Club: Engaging the games"

  1. 1. Customer Loyalty and Gamification Engaging with Games: The Travel Club Case Miguel Ángel Gomez Marketing and Sales Director Travel Club Gamification Word Congress
  2. 2. •2 Points Issuance Points redemption Personalised, multichannel communication Rewards (Travel & More) 1,71M rewards given. Market value: 73M € (2011) Leading Brands 30 Sponsors: 9.500 M€ TC related turnover (2011) 6 M Households Collectors Profitable customer management How does a coalition loyalty programme work? Customer lift, shift & retention 650.000 daily transaccions
  3. 3. The basic drivers Shift (Acquisition) Lift Retention About Customer Loyalty The tools Data Intelligence Communication Incentives Earning/Burning Points Miles Vouchers Discounts The individual behaviour Frequency Average spend Cross selling Share of wallet CSR
  4. 4. ENGAGEMENT “We love sharing but we want you all to ourselves” The name of the game: ENGAGEMENT
  5. 5. Gamification – Travel Club
  6. 6. Question marks about loyalty and gamification  Can a gamification strategy bring you more…? Attention Atraction Awareness Loyalty  Can increase...? Click-throughs Visits to web or app Conversion rates Make your brand more social  And improve...? Adquisition Re-engement Average spend Retention ENGAGEMENT
  7. 7. Gamification&Travel Club: A Game inside a Game Travel Club is a loyalty program and it is itself a game in which you have to get points in the associated companies in order to win rewards. A continuous cycle of differed rewards able to create emotional links.
  8. 8. More than 1 Million unique collectors/players Gamification has been a consistent strategy the last few years. The games carried out have been an interactive and rewarding content, displayed as a new layer on every channel... Web site, mobile app, email campaigns, social media, printed statements and catalogues and, specially, POS
  9. 9. MOTIVATION? Our last one: Puntos Viajeros A game inside a game inside another game
  10. 10. Puntos Viajeros
  11. 11.  Objectives, strategy, mechanics, ... We must connect the different elements and give them sense in the overall marketing plan.  Motivation, momentum, relevance ... are key elements in the implementation and they will be key to attract users.  We use gamification techniques to facilitate learning, support promotional activities, promote certain kpi's, capturing the attention of the less related to stronger linkages loyalty.  The improvement in managing digital channels (online migration) is a very suitable target.  Using gamification in social media incorporates a variable multiplier virality its positive effects and followers increases significantly.  There is a difficult balance between design brilliance and total number of users / players.  Technology is an enabler for the issuer and often the barrier to the user. Conclusions
  12. 12.   Travel Club App