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Using Limitations to Drive Great Design, Andrzej Marczewski


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Being loyal to our theme “From Player to Professional”, Andrzej will share with us a case study that helps us think about the realities of being a gamification professional. You don’t always get what you want, that’s just how the real world works. But sometimes the limitations imposed that are out of your control are an opportunity to reflect, be creative and design truly innovative solutions.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Using Limitations to Drive Great Design, Andrzej Marczewski

  1. 1. © Motivait Holdings Limited 2016 Gamification Europe Using Limitations to Drive Great Design Andrzej Marczewski Gamification Solution Consultant
  2. 2. © Motivait Holdings Limited 2016 Creative Design Consulting Gamification Technology Communications © Motivait Holdings Limited 2018 We design specific solutions to achieve specific behavioural outcomes
  3. 3. © Motivait Holdings Limited 2016 The Brief The solutions should contain the most up to date information about Zebra’s culture, philosophies, working practices and products. It should demonstrate that Zebra is a highly creative and innovative company by providing a fun & engaging first experience for new employees. Standardise On-boarding Teach About Zebra Fun & Engaging No matter where you join in the world or whatever your working situation is you should receive the same exciting welcome to Zebra..
  4. 4. © Motivait Holdings Limited 2016 The Limitations The project was the first of it’s kind in Zebra, but had a fixed budget that we had to work within, meaning many of the more “creative ideas” could not be included. This was the first project on a global scale that Zebra had undertaken, what started as a EMEA only pilot soon gained global momentum as people got more and more excited by what they saw. Fixed Materials Limited Budget Rapid Scope Expansion We were not in a position to recreate any of the materials. This meant the solution had to still use these “old materials” whilst adding new interactive elements to the experience.
  5. 5. © Motivait Holdings Limited 2016 The Solution?
  6. 6. © Motivait Holdings Limited 2016 Reimagine the onboarding experience Zebra Island An interactive, narrative driven, game-like experience where new joiners are invited to solve the mystery of what happened on Zebra Island. They must navigate through various island stations, complete missions, find clues and discover materials before time runs out.
  7. 7. © Motivait Holdings Limited 2016 We don’t need no Points & Badges! The Island is a “wrapper” for the original content. The narrative is used to drive players through the materials, rather than using rewards. Puzzles and games are used to boost players momentum at key points in the experiences. The non-linear story telling allows players to create their own experience as they explore.
  8. 8. © Motivait Holdings Limited 2016 The Results?
  9. 9. © Motivait Holdings Limited 2016 They love it and it works! 95% of users rate the experience 4 or 5 out of 5 stars. The 3 most frequently cited takeaways from Zebra Island are • a better understanding of what Zebra is about (values, leadership, programmes to various verticals) • learning materials are easier to digest • the “game-like feel” and story make Zebra Island engaging to use and sustain interest throughout
  10. 10. © Motivait Holdings Limited 2016 Limitations are just challenges to be overcome and converted into opportunities.
  11. 11. © Motivait Holdings Limited 2016