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Selling Gamification to Gamers aka Selling Ice to Iceland, Will Stuart-Jones


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Online gaming brands inherently understand the power of game science; it is the basis for generating revenue. Surprisingly few, however, have successfully applied the same techniques to marketing activities. In this session Will Stuart-Jones will unpack the challenges that brands such as Foxy Bingo and Stride Gaming often encounter and explain how these organisations have moved from being gamification novices to experts by adding gamification into their player engagement strategies and at all stages of the customer life cycle.

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Selling Gamification to Gamers aka Selling Ice to Iceland, Will Stuart-Jones

  1. 1. “SELLING ICE TO ICELAND” Will Stuart-Jones Head of Solutions Consulting Gamification Europe 2018
  2. 2. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 2 ‘Player to Professional’
  3. 3. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 3 Pivotal Moments?
  4. 4. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 10
  5. 5. $55 billion
  6. 6. CHALLENGES 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 15 • Obsolete technology • Slow to build • Resource intensive • Simple • Non-reusable • Reliance on cash bonuses
  7. 7. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 16 Could 3radcial create something innovative that would cut through the noise?
  8. 8. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 17 GAME MECHANICS LIBRARY ‘Audience Engagement Console’ WEB FRAMEWORK FLEXIBLE REWARDS
  9. 9. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 18 • Unlikely to win on Day One! • Repeat engagement • Repeat website traffic • Mix of cash/non-cash prizes SOLUTION
  10. 10. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 19 Could we encourage players to submit first- party data and wager a little more each day?
  11. 11. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 20 • Complete Survey • Wager £10/£20/£50 (Standard) • Wager £20/£40/£100 (VIP) SOLUTION
  12. 12. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 21 SOLUTION
  13. 13. SOLUTION – WAGERING CHALLENGES Foxy Bingo Customer Foxy Bingo Website (with Voco-powered iFrame) Foxy Bingo Customer’s Device 3radical ‘Voco’ (AWS Hosted) MySQL API Server Campaign Management Server Content Management Server Game Reward Event Customer sees a challenge to earn a marketing game bonus (extra dice roll in board game) by wagering £10 on Foxy Bingo in next 24 hours. Customer sees ‘Wager Now’ Challenge Marketing Game Bonus Released GVC Gaming Platform User Wages on Games 1 1 2 2 Customer wagers directly on Foxy Bingo generating wagering data on 888 platform (customer may wager small amounts, e.g. 50p at a time). 3 4 3 Un-aggregated wagering data is sent to 3R as a Kinesis stream, ‘worker’ processes strip unused data and store key wagering data in Elastic Search (keyed on Customer ID). 4 Additional processes aggregate data to determine if threshold has been met (e.g. £10 in 24 hrs), marketing game reward then released (extra dice roll) and details stored in MySQL.
  14. 14. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 23 Would it be successful?
  15. 15. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 24
  16. 16. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 25 What did it mean for Foxy Bingo?
  17. 17. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 26 Go Live 30% Increase
  18. 18. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 27 30% More Active Players 100% M-o-M Retention
  19. 19. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 28 Should we have been surprised?
  20. 20. We weren’t the only people impressed with the results… 29
  21. 21. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 30 The story since then…
  22. 22. ACQUISITION (AND LAPSED RE-ENGAGEMENT) 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 31 SOCIAL DISPLAY ADS EMAIL IN VENUE SEARCH “Play our great scratch-card game for the chance to win a sign-up bonus of up to $10,000 and an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas!” 3x
  23. 23. ACQUISITION (PEER-TO-PEER REFERRALS) 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 32 “Earn a $50 bonus for each person you refer that registers and deposits – each friend will also receive an initial sign-up bonus” EXISTING CUSTOMER REFERRED CUSTOMER “Use my referral link for a great sign-up bonus –”$50 Dollar Bonus $25 Dollar Bonus
  24. 24. ONBOARDING 33 Following registration you will want players to complete key tasks and move through first time deposit/wager to repeat play behaviour, potentially across multiple propositions. ADD PAYMENT INFO FIRST WAGER FIRST DEPOSIT “You have completed four of the six initial tasks, we’ve released an onboarding bonus! ” CROSS SELL
  25. 25. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 34 One final challenge…
  26. 26. “Have you considered playing this [lower risk] game? Why not take some time to check out these other great things you can do?” RESPONSIBLE GAMING 36 AT RISK CUSTOMER WATCH VIDEO COMPLETE QUIZ VISIT WEBSITE Repeat engagement and longer dwell time allow responsible gaming messages to be presented to players at an appropriate time based on insight to divert players to lower risk games or alternative forms of engagement that to allow players to take an appropriate break.
  27. 27. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 37 …that could be huge.
  28. 28. 07/12/2018 3radical confidential 38 THANK YOU PLEASE CONTACT US AT INFO@3RADICAL.COM