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Secrets Of The Ninja


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Let us reveal the secrets of the ninja. And see if you are worthy. For more ninja action, check out

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Secrets Of The Ninja

  1. 1. . . Secrets of the Ninja Revealed
  2. 2. Many would like to be ninja.
  3. 3. Let us reveal the secrets of the ninja. And see if you are worthy.
  4. 4. How to begin?
  5. 5. Stealth
  6. 6. Buy soft footwear Soft footwear = stealth
  7. 7. Wear tight clothing Do not let thighs rub together
  8. 8. Breathe. Quietly. Through your nose
  9. 9. Observe closely Listen intently
  10. 10. Be mindful where you tread
  11. 11. Got it? Good.
  12. 12. Next?
  13. 13. Walls
  14. 14. Learn to jump walls
  15. 15. Learn to scale walls
  16. 16. Learn to balance on walls
  17. 17. Learn to run up walls Train with a professional first
  18. 18. Learn to use walls strategically
  19. 19. Now. The fun stuff.
  20. 20. Let us get physical.
  21. 21. Body
  22. 22. Build physical endurance
  23. 23. Build your arm muscles
  24. 24. Build your leg muscles
  25. 25. Increase your flexibility
  26. 26. Go full contact. Against yourself.
  27. 27. Finally...
  28. 28. The hard stuff. The heart and soul of the ninja.
  29. 29. Mind
  30. 30. Master self control
  31. 31. manipulate events through words and actions
  32. 32. Live by a strict moral code Mass market if possible
  33. 33. Silence your Mind
  34. 34. Be thankful. Pray for others. And carry smoke bombs.
  35. 35. Also...
  36. 36. Study ninjutsu
  37. 37. Thank you.
  38. 38. Get ninjas on your iPhone and iPod! Go to...
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