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Examples of latest solutions in health care developments in Finland and in Kuopio

Examples of latest solutions in health care developments in Finland and in Kuopio, presentation during Finnish (City of Kuopio)-Mosambique (City of Maputo) workshop in Kuopio, Finland. Arto Holopainen, Development Director, Kuopio Innovation Ltd.

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Examples of latest solutions in health care developments in Finland and in Kuopio

  2. 2. Kuopio Innovation is a business developer that opens up new opportunities for innovative organisations by combining ideas, experts and new ways of thinking.
  3. 3. “New Dimensions of Health ICT – Focus on People”
  4. 4. Finnish National eHealth Strategy 2020 – draft • Work done under Ministry of Social Affairs and Health • Strategy work done in open collaboration with different stakeholders eg. public sector, private sector, NGOs, social and healthcare personnel • Innovillage, an open innovation environment for health and welfare is used First draft ready –open public call for prioritising actions Focus on people Opportunities • Service innovation • Holistic health and wellbeing • Prevention • Personalisation and segmentation • Genetics • Big data • Open data • Cross-sectoral co-operation • Evidence on effectiveness Enablers • Steering and legislation • Enterprise architecture and governance • Interfaces and standards • Mobile technology • Service-oriented architecture • Cloud • Development ecosystems • Security and data protection Source: Sotetieto-hyötykäyttöön 2020
  5. 5. Source: YLE Uutiset 13.6.2012
  6. 6. HYKE - citizens’ self-care platform Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) models - eServices • eServices for anticoagulation treatment • eBooking • Health Professionals eConsultations • Personal Health Record – My Own Health – for Comprehensice School Students (5-9 grades) • Secure Messaging (e.g. email) Between Customer and Professionals • Medication Assessment • New Approaches for Nutrition Coaching • Electronic Maternity Card • Games for Health Solutions Contact: Katriina Kankkunen, katriina.kankkunen (at)
  7. 7. Take control of your own health information – Case: Healthy Kuopio – My Own Health • Healthy Kuopio – My Own Health is based on national-level Taltioni concept • The Taltioni concept is a cooperative between public and private sectors and ICT service providers • The cooperative parties independently provide complementary services, which enable citizens to monitor their health and to proactively improve it • The Taltioni ecosystem is built around a single platform solution, and an extensive database, offering a rapid and cost-efficient development of versatile services Source:
  8. 8. eHealth service examples: Health journals Laboratory results Treatment of chronic diseases Basic information Medications Rehabilitation Communicating with professionals Health information and measurements Sports Food diaries Analytical services Social networks Citizens can store, access and share health and well being related data via Taltioni. Source: Taltioni Cooperative
  9. 9. ”Coaching and mentoring is the key”
  10. 10. Taltioni - My own health Empowering Citizens • Using advanced eHealth services citizens can take control of their well-being before poor health can cast its shadow. • The variety of eHealth services enables citizens to take a holistic view of their own health. Patient information • Healthcare professionals can use the wealth of background data stored in Taltioni. • Taltioni enables a smooth information flow between professionals and systems. • Advanced eHealth services enable efficient and effective after treatment. • Quick responses to changes in healing processes and personal treatment facilitate faster recovery. Focus Preventive care Health care After care Source: Taltioni Cooperative Taltioni - My own health
  11. 11. ”Fostering innovations”
  12. 12. Compatible services More users Richer data Better services Source: City of Kuopio and Taltioni Cooperative MY OWN HEALTH email password Remember me Sign in
  13. 13. Citizen’s electronic services during pregnancy Source: Mediware Oy,
  14. 14. Electronic Maternity Card  Preliminary information  Questionnaires, forms  Home Monitoring results  Maternity Card  Messages  Diary  FAQs  Current events Source: Mediware Oy,