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Games for Change Lab

  1. 1. THE GAMES FOR CHANGE LAB Michelle Byrd & Asi Burak Aug 31, 2012
  2. 2. G4C MAKERS AND FUNDERS Individuals and organizations that are interested in or actively pursuing computer & video games to further their mission philanthropic public interest, academic, etc • Non-profits • Government Agencies • Foundations • Educational Institutions • Philanthropists • Documentary Filmmakers • Corporations (CSR) • Book Publishers • Social Entrepreneurs • Game Companies
  3. 3. WHY GAMES? Games are expanding to become the most dominant media of the 21st century: - $60B Global business - 97% of teenagers in America* - 60% of casual gamers are women* - 27 is the average age of social gamers Pew Report, Nielsen
  4. 4. GAMES AND LEARNINGFederation of American Scientists &National Science Foundation*:“Games offer criticalattributes for 21st centurylearning.”* National Summit on Educational Games
  5. 5. 21st CENTURY SKILL BUILDING Playing and making games foster critical skills necessary for success in a rapidly changing 21st Century world. + Systems thinking + Digital media literacy + Iterative process + Creativity + Problem solving + Team building + Planning & execution + Collaboration
  6. 6. UBQUITY AND COMPLEXITY XBOX 360 Wii PCs Mobile devices Nintendo DS Sony PSP 27M 45M Billions Billions 96M 42MPlay power $10 Wii Ware XBLA Sony PSN Sony PS2 Sony PS3 TV computer Network 50M 19M
  7. 7. G4C THE 8 STEPSOur methodology to create games that have meaningful social impact Developed in partnership with
  8. 8. (1) Audience (8) (2) Assessment Context (7) (3)Execution Impact (6) (4) Gameplay Platform (5) Financials
  9. 9. (1) Audience Who is it designed for? Region, age, demographic, psychographic, media and gaming accessibility and ability (2) Context When & how is it played?Moderated vs. un-moderated, home, school, after-school, l i b r a r y, c o m m u n i t y c e n t e r
  10. 10. (3) Impact What is the goal? J o b s k i l l s , 2 1 st c e n t u r y s k i l l s , m o t i v a t i o n , a w a r e n e s s , fundraising, behavior change, real -world action (4) Platform What is the right technology?Console, console download, handheld, PC, Facebook, mobile
  11. 11. (5) Sustainability Understanding the financials C o s t t o l a u n c h , c o s t t o s u s t a i n , c o s t t o u s e r, impact-friendly revenue models (6) Gameplay What is the design?Organic alignment of what makes game fun and what makes game impactful
  12. 12. (7) Execution From concept to launch & beyondTe a m - b u i l d i n g , r a p i d p r o t o t y p i n g , t r o u b l e s h o o t i n g , marketing, distribution & support (8) Assessment How to measure success? Real-time & embedded assessment models, portfolio management
  13. 13. G4C OUR OFFERING Four packages: from concept stage to launch and beyond
  14. 14. G4C PACKAGE A. ORIENTATION TO SOCIAL IMPACT GAMES (2-4 HOURS) • Focus on games around issues and audiences of most concern to your organization. • A customized presentation with relevant game examples, their impact, and a discussion of where the most promising potential lies for new games. • Possible formats: Session for your staff, a panel embedded in a larger conference, or an extended panel that includes a mini “games expo” and reception.
  15. 15. G4C PACKAGE B. CONCEPT WORKSHOP (2-3 WEEKS) • Review of current materials, including: written documents and grants, web-site content, films and videos. • Market snapshot. • A half-day customized workshop to walk your organization through the 8 Steps Methodology and form a solid concept and high-level plan for a game project. • Summary document: conclusions & recommendations to be communicated to funders and internal decision makers.
  16. 16. G4C PACKAGE C. FROM CONCEPT TO VENDOR SELECTION (1-2 MONTHS) • Concept workshop (package B) • Form project core team • Stakeholder interviews • Customer development • Deep dive into the 8 Steps Methodology • Prepare pitch for funders and internal decision-makers • RFP’s, vendor interviews and selection
  17. 17. G4C PACKAGE D. PREMIUM PACKAGE (FULL SUPPORT) The full-range of executive producing services, serving as the agent of the client in supervising and supporting the project from concept phase to launch and beyond: • Discovery phase: market snapshot, core team formation, customer development, 8 steps methodology, concept document, RFP, vendor selection. • Development phase: design specs approval, streamlining input from content experts, supervising development process, scalability and sustainability plans, partnerships formation. • Deployment phase: technical testing, alpha and beta testing with end-users and content experts, preparing assessment tools, preparing launch. • Sustainability: hosting, product iterations based on feedback, releasing episodic or new content, tweaking financial models as appropriate.
  18. 18. G4C ADVISORY TEAM Co-founder Impact Games, creators of the internationally acclaimed gaming platforms PeaceMaker & Play the News. Veteran game-maker, tech executive, and a social entrepreneur. Asi Burak Co-President Former Executive Director of IFP (Independent Filmmaker Project) Executive producer of high-quality celebrity attended events, strategic partnerships with corporations, NGOs and government. Michelle Byrd Co-President
  19. 19. G4C CURRENT PROJECTSUSAID HALF THE SKY / NICK KRISTOF Portfolio of new games, A Facebook game and mobile re-published games and games with Pulitzer Prize- development kits aimed winning NYT journalists to empower youth in the Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Middle East. WuDunn based on their bestselling book.WORLD BANK INSTITUTE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY Refining the Museum’s Game projects aimed at strategy around the policy makers in integration of high-end developing countries interactive tools into its (Asia, Africa and East educational and youth Europe). programmatic initiatives.
  20. 20. Europe (France) South KoreaUnited States (NY) Latin America (Brazil) Australia
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