Taptica facts and figures january


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Taptica facts and figures january

  1. 1. Facts, Figures and Anecdotes about Mobile Apps
  2. 2. Lets play !Taptica invites you to play a short and fun guessing game:How does it work?You get a number representing an industry fact.(lets say – 27)Now, guess what the fact is.(in this case: The average age of poker games players?)Got it? Great, lets play! www.Taptica.com
  3. 3. The answer !6% www.Taptica.com
  4. 4. The Question6% How much did the cost per loyal user decrease following the release of iPhone 5? www.Taptica.com
  5. 5. The Answer! …9 Out Of …10 www.Taptica.com
  6. 6. The question? 9 Out OF 10 How many of the top publishers on iOS and Google Play are game publishers? www.Taptica.com
  7. 7. The Answer! …7Out Of …10 www.Taptica.com
  8. 8. The question?7 Out Of 10How many of the toppublishers on Google Playare Japanese or Korean? www.Taptica.com
  9. 9. The answer is:76 % www.Taptica.com
  10. 10. The Question76%What is the percentage of time spent inapps in relation to time spent watching TVin the USA? 100% 76% Apps TV www.Taptica.com
  11. 11. The answer is:35% www.Taptica.com
  12. 12. The Question35%How much more time does a USconsumer spend in apps in Dec.2012 compared to Dec. 2011? www.Taptica.com
  13. 13. The answer !193% www.Taptica.com
  14. 14. The Question193% What was the increase in mobile payments on Black Friday 2012 compared to Black Friday 2011 (PayPal)? www.Taptica.com
  15. 15. The answer is: X3 www.Taptica.com
  16. 16. The Question X3 How many apps were downloaded on Christmas Day 2012 compared to 2011? www.Taptica.com
  17. 17. The answer is:112% www.Taptica.com
  18. 18. The Question 112%What was the increase in appdownloads on Christmas Daycompared to the rest ofDecember 2012?(iOS and Android) www.Taptica.com
  19. 19. The answer is: 72 Hours www.Taptica.com
  20. 20. The Question 72 Hours How long did it take for the popular app Line Pop to gather 1.75 million downloads? www.Taptica.com
  21. 21. The answer is: 71 , 27
  22. 22. The Question71 27What is the What is thepercentage of average age ofmale poker games poker gamesplayers? players? www.Taptica.com
  23. 23. The answer is:$0.6 billion & $1 billion www.Taptica.com
  24. 24. The Question$0.6 billion $1 BillionWhat was the What is therevenue estimated revenuegenerated in in social casinosocial casino games in 2015?games in 2012? www.Taptica.com
  25. 25. The answer is:180% www.Taptica.com
  26. 26. The Question180%What was the increase inUS mobile ad spending in2012 compared to 2011? www.Taptica.com
  27. 27. About us Founded in 2011, Taptica works with the leading advertisers and publishers inthe mobile industry as a technology driven ad network for app developers and content owners facebook.com/Taptica twitter.com/Taptica www.Taptica.com
  28. 28. Thank you www.Taptica.com