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Social IS Your Mobile Strategy - Social Fresh West 2013, San Diego


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Slides used in my #SocialFresh talk on 8/23/2013 in San Diego.

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Social IS Your Mobile Strategy - Social Fresh West 2013, San Diego

  1. 1. Social  IS  Your   Mobile  Strategy   August  23,  2013   San  Diego   @TheTimHayden  
  2. 2. 60%  Americans  12+     on  smartphones   SOURCES:  Nielsen,  Mashable,  TechCrunch,  comScore,  Pew,  others.          
  3. 3. 70%+  Social  media  consumpFon     on  smartphones/tablets  
  4. 4. Social  is  Mobile   SOURCES:,  Mashable,  TechCrunch,  comScore,  Pew,  others.           70%   80%   30%   30%   35%   35%   45%   100%   100%  
  5. 5. Mobile  is  BUSY   the  Desktop  Hour   email   web   social   other   the  Mobile  Hour   email   web   social   text   app   call  
  6. 6. Thinking  “Mobile  First”   •  Behavior,  before  technology   •  Convenience  and  brevity   •  Content   – AcFonable   – Visual   – Video,  sparingly   – Local  
  7. 7. Facebook   •  VISUAL  STORYTELLING  (and  paid)   – High  quality  images…go  further   •  AVOID  LARGE  FILE  SIZE  (data  concerns  and  connecPon   speeds…)   – Right-­‐size  your  images,  rectangles  not  squares   •  VISUAL  LISTENING:     – Image  RecogniPon   – Geo-­‐coded/tagged  content      
  8. 8. Links  and  Websites/Blogs   •  Only  post  links  that  are  mobile-­‐friendly  –  you   may  lose  half  of  your  social  audience  over   Pme,  if  you  do  not.   •  Link  directly  to  the  acPon  that  a  social  post   implies,  as  mobile  users  hate  mulPple  clicks  
  9. 9. Facebook  –  Tab  Apps   Emulate  tab  apps  in   posts  using  a  “click   sniffer,”  then  diverPng   to  a  appropriate   responsive  site   (cookies/Facebook   connect  telling  you   “who”  to  make  things   more  relevant  and   personalinzed).       links   bu`ons   Phone   Tablet   •  Polls   •  Sweeps   •  Subs   •  Coupons   •  Video   •  App   Download   “sniff”/detect  
  10. 10. Facebook  Local  Search  (formerly  “Facebook  Nearby”)   LocaFon  pages   Local  Pages  
  11. 11. Twi`er   PosPng/ReposPng  aligned  with  audience  behavior  
  12. 12. Twi`er  for  TV  30%  of  acPve  US  Twi^er  users  tweet  about  TV  content  
  13. 13. Twi`er  for  TV   Plan  content  around  television:   •  Scheduled  events  and  programs   •  Hashtags  related  to  shows,  sports,  events…   •  Scenario-­‐readiness   •  AcPonable  content:   –  Coupons   •  ParPcipant  content:   –  Trivia,  polls,  scavenger     hunts    
  14. 14. YouTube   •  In-­‐video  text  size  must  be  sufficient  for   smaller  screens   •  Keep  it  short,  to-­‐the-­‐point…   •  Remove  background  noises  in  your  audio   (mobile  viewing/audio  is  compromised)   •  Close-­‐ups  for  clarity   •  Place  URLs  to  related  videos/sites  within  the   video  descripPon…aids  in  navigaPon.  
  15. 15. YouTube   Drive  acPon  (website  visits,  app  downloads,  online   purchase)  through  video  and  the  video  descripPon:   •  DramaPcally  increase  clickthroughs   by  moving  the  URLs  closer  to  the   beginning  of  your  descripPon.   •  Make  in-­‐video  URLs  as  LARGE  as   possible  to  be  seen  on  handheld   mobile  devices.    
  16. 16. Pinterest  for  mCommerce   Include  specific   product  and   purchase  site  URLs   in  images  and/or   image   descripPons,  AND   ensure  those  sites   are  mobile-­‐ responsive.  
  17. 17. LocaFon-­‐based  listening  &  acFon   •  Twi^er  –  Geo-­‐targeted  (promoted)  Tweets  to  let   consumers  know  about  retail  offers  that  vary  on  a  store-­‐by-­‐ store  or  city-­‐by-­‐city  basis.   •  Facebook  Local  Search  –  discoverability  based  on  friends   recommendaPons,  raPngs,  check-­‐ins  and  likes.  Include   coupons,  deals  and  share  promoPons  on  those  pages.   •  All  social  –  align  escalaPon  and  “engagement”  protocols,   online-­‐to-­‐offline,  offline-­‐to-­‐online.  
  18. 18. Mobile-­‐only  Social   No-­‐brand  Hashtags   #instagood   #tnt       #photoogheday   #instamood   #picogheday   #igers   #latergram   #nofilter  
  19. 19. Offline  is  the  New  Online  
  20. 20. Remember…     •  Text  Messaging  (Rich  Media)   •  EMAIL    (#2  only  to  text  messaging)   •  It’s  a  PHONE!!  And,  the  human  voice   rocks.  
  21. 21. What’s  Next  (Now)?   SOCIAL  R.O.I.   •  True  media  a^ribuPon/measurement     •  Facebook  Ad  Exchange…?   •  Facebook  is  tesPng  mobile  payments.  (in  addiPon   to  other  3rd  party  payment  relaPonships)   •  Mobile  commerce/wallets  will  link  to/reconcile   social  media  acPvity.   More  “adverPsing”!  
  22. 22. Pre-­‐order   today!  
  23. 23. Q&A   Thank  you,  Social  Fresh  West!     Tim  Hayden   @TheTimHayden   512.750.4066