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Final Presentation GRP Project.pptx

  2. MEET OUR TEAM 1. Abhishek – E170983 2. Chiran – E169671 3. Gihan – E169614 4. Menosha – E169706 5. Savindu – E171116 6. Uthpala – E169210 Page No.01
  3. 1. Introduction 2. Problem Statement 3. Solution 4. Aim & Objectives 5. Requirement(Functional & Non- Functional) 6. Methodology 7. Work Plan 8. Conclusion CONTENT Page No.02
  4. INTRODUCTIO N The project ”cake shop management system ”helps the shop manager to manage the shop more effectively by computerizing their stocks, orders, and customers. Page No.03
  5. Page No.04 Problem Statement Our client is currently using old software to manage their shop. It is less responsive and doesn’t fulfill their requirements. Also, It is less user- friendly, and the interfaces are looking outdated. So, they want a more user- friendly new system that fulfills their needs.
  6. Page No.05 SOLUTION Our Solution is more user-friendly Complete Stand-alone software to manage the shop easily which fulfills their new requirements. Languages We Use • C#.Net • SQL Tools We Use • Visual Studio • MS SQL Server
  7. AIM To develop a compatible, reliable, user-friendly, simple-looking Cake shop Management Software fulfilling our client updated requirements. Page No.06
  8. OBJECTIVES • To develop software that deals with the day-to-day requirement of clients. • To develop the easy management of the Product Stocks. • To handle the stock details like product details, order details, and customer details. • To provide detailed information about the stock. Page No.07
  9. Requirements Analysis Functional Requirements Non – Functional Requirements • Allow to add and remove items to order. • To show all prices on the menu. • Allow to add and remove menu items. Page No.08 • Scalability & performance • Compatibility & portability • Security • Availability • Maintainability
  10. Waterfall Model The methodology, we use to develop this system is Waterfall Model. Page No.09 METHODOLOGY
  11. Why do we use the waterfall model for our project? Page No.10 • This model is simple and easy to use and understand. • It is easier to manage due to the rigidity of the model. • Model phases are processed and completed one at a time. Phrases do not overlap. • Works well for smaller projects where requirements are clearly defined and very well understood.
  12. Page WORK PLAN
  13. Page THANK YOU