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If you work with students and young professionals and are interested in collaborating, please get in touch with us: info[at]gameonleadership[dot]com

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GameOn Leadership || Career Builder Program

  1. 1. Career Builder Program©  2013  GameOn  Leadership  Inc.  
  2. 2. About Us GameOn Leadership is on a mission to help people move forward in their careers.Key  Highlights:    •  Founded  by  Ryan  Coelho  in  2012  a?er  he  became  frustrated  in  his  career  •  SystemaCzed  and  structured  approach  to  helping  individuals  build  their   careers  •  Has  expanded  into  offering  an  array  of  professional  development  services   including  moCvaConal  speakers,  leadership  training  and  management   consulCng  
  3. 3. Our ValueTo  help  you  move  forward  we  focus  on  “The  3  Keys  To  Progress.”   Vision   Your  vision  is  the  desCnaCon  you  are  aiming  for.  It   is  your  guiding  light  that  keeps  you  focused  and  on   track.  Without  a  vision  it  is  impossible  to  measure   progress.     Resources   Your   resources   are   the   knowledge,   skills   and   assets   required   to   create   your   vision.   Without   resources   it   is   impossible   to   have   the   capacity   to   The  3  Keys  To   make  progress.       Progress   Mo;va;on   Your   moCvaCon   is   the   energy   needed   to   keep   you   moving   forward.   It   is   derived   from   both   internal   and   external   factors.   Without   moCvaCon   it   is   MOTIVATION   impossible   to   sustain   the   effort   needed   to   make   progress.    
  4. 4. Did you know? The youth unemployment rate is the 80% of individuals currently highest it’s been in years. hate their job. Now   Then   Ultimately, people are struggling to find jobs they probably aren’t event going to enjoy!
  5. 5. Career Builder Program The GameOn Leadership Career Builder helps students and young professionals build careers they are passionate about.Key  Benefits:    •  Helps  individual  define  who  they  want  to  be  and  clarify  where  they  want  to   go  in  their  careers    •  Connects  individuals  with  the  resources  and  opportuniCes  necessary  to   make  progress  •  Provides  efficient  structure  for  individuals  to  be  mentored  and  coached  in   learning  from  their  experiences  
  6. 6. Career Builder Program There are 2 main components to the Career Builder: Workshop Online Platform
  7. 7. Career Builder Program Workshop This  1.5  hour  high  energy  experience  is  focused  on  guiding  parCcipants  to   come  up  with  a  Mission  and  Vision  for  their  careers  and  helping  them  set   goals  to  make  progress.  We  like  to  call  this  Crea%ng  Your  Career  Game.     It  is  extremely  interacCve,  with  a  majority  of  the  workshop  being  filled   with  self-­‐reflecCon,  discussion  and  brainstorming.     ParCcipants  will  leave  inspired,  empowered  and  focused  in  their  careers.  
  8. 8. Career Builder Program Online Platform After the workshop our online platform allows participants to stay connected and support each other in making progress.   Features include, - Leadership Training Videos - Access to Mentors/Coaches - Progress Tracker - Goal Setting Assistance - On-Demand Motivation - Points and Prizing System
  9. 9. Career Builder Program Here’s what past participants have been saying… "If you have recently finished your undergrad degree or are not 100% sure of what you want to do in life after your career study, Ryan Coelhos Game On program should help you explore your career goals, your passions and give you that push in where to go next." ~ Ulysses Valiente I have had the privilege of working with Ryan through is GameOn Leadership workshops. Ryan is the real deal! As a speaker and motivator, his passion is infectious. His creative vision and drive to succeed are a rare find and truly help to make him the excellent leader he is. I enjoy his writing too! Its insightful and inspiring. I look forward to working with Ryan again in the future!" ~ Joyanne Howell
  10. 10. Career Builder Program Here’s what past participants have been saying… "Ive had the great opportunity to attend Ryans GameOn Leadership Coaching Session! He truly built a leadership framework that was fun, engaging and most importantly effective. Needless to say Ryans Energy and Enthusiasm made for a fantastic event! I walked out of that session energized with a focused vision and mission. I would strongly encourage those seeking clarity and focus to have a 1-1 with Rock-Star Coach Ryan! GameOn!" ~ Alberto Picard-Ami "After attending a GameOn Leadership session with Ryan I found myself refocused and rededicated to my true vision. Ryan does an excellent job of bringing in just the right amount of personal experiences, academic concepts and interactive games to help you ignore the distractions of life and reacquaint yourself with what it is you really want to do in life. He also very deft at pushing you just outside your comfort zone and making you work, while ensuring you dont get overwhelmed with the experience. I highly recommend GameOn Leadership sessions to anybody, it is an amazing experience and an amazing community to get connected with!" ~ Daniel Figueroa
  11. 11. Collaboration Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. ~ Helen KellerWe’d  love  to  work  with  you!    At  GameOn  Leadership  we  are  big  believers  that  collaboraCon  and  partnerships  are  the  way  to  go.  By  finding  ways  to  mutually  benefit  each  other,  not  only  do  we  win  as  individuals  but  we  also  help  further  our  cause  more  efficiently  and  effecCvely.      If  you  work  with  students  and  young  professionals  we  are  very  interested  in  hearing  more  about  what  you  do  and  how  we  can  work  together  to  posiCvely  impact  the  emerging  generaCon  of  leaders.  
  12. 12. Contact Us @GameOnLdrshp