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Enjoy our E-book of diablo 3 game just for your own use,Welcome to share


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Enjoy our E-book of diablo 3 game just for your own use,Welcome to share

  1. 1. All Rights Reserved by All Rights Reserved by 1
  2. 2. All Rights Reserved by 2 All Rights Reserved by LEGAL NOTICE This eBook Is For Your Personal Use ONLY The Publisher has striven to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet. The Publisher will not be responsible for any losses or damages of any kind incurred by the reader whether directly or indirectly arising from the use of the information found in this report. NOT Sell Private Label Rights NOT Claim Full Copyright NOT Sell Master Resale Rights NOT Edit/Alter the Sales Materials NOT Add This Ebook To Paid Membership Sites NOT Add This Ebook To Free Membership Sites NOT Break The Content Down Into Articles NOT Package This Ebook With Other Products NOT Post This Ebook On Forum NOT Sell This Ebook At Auction Sites NOT Offer This Ebook Through Dime Sale Events NOT Offer This Ebook As A Free Bonus (including Email Opt-ins) NOT Give This Ebook Away For Free Disclaimers and Boring Stuff Copyright 2011-2012. All Rights Reserved by
  3. 3. All Rights Reserved by 3 All Rights Reserved by BARBARIANBARBARIANBARBARIANBARBARIAN “We are brave classes that never flinch from a battle. We thirst for bloody battle. And we crush enemies brutally. Our whole life is hunting for a foe worthy of our blade.” The Barbarian excels at close-quarters combat by utilizing tremendous physical strength and the natural protection of muscular form. A higher Vitality attribute is really vital to the Barbarian as it keeps the Barbarian alive long enough.
  4. 4. All Rights Reserved by 4 All Rights Reserved by THETHETHETHE BARBARIANBARBARIANBARBARIANBARBARIAN GROWSGROWSGROWSGROWS STRONGERSTRONGERSTRONGERSTRONGER Attribute Base Rating at Level 1 Initial Value Rating Increase per Level Base Rating at Level 60 Strength 10 10% Damage Bonus for Barbarians. Increase armor by 10 +3 187 Dexterity 8 Increases dodge chance by 0.80% +1 67 Intelligence 8 Increases resistances by 0.8. +1 67 Vitality 9 130 Life +2 127 WEAPONRYWEAPONRYWEAPONRYWEAPONRY The Barbarians can wield any meleemeleemeleemelee weaponweaponweaponweapon and dual-wield weapon. One-handed swords or a single two-handed axe or blade is available as to the Barbarians. But you had better have your own decisions as to what kinds of melee weapon. The weapon yielding the highest DPS will be the best one for the Barbarian. ARMORARMORARMORARMOR STYLESSTYLESSTYLESSTYLES
  5. 5. All Rights Reserved by 5 All Rights Reserved by As the Barbarian is melee combatant, higher resistance should be needed. We recommend that you should equip the equipment with higher Vitality rating. SKILLSSKILLSSKILLSSKILLS &&&& RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Primarily offensive, the Barbarian fights with close-range combat by using most of the skills. However, some skills enable the Barbarian to launch a ranged attack, such as Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear. The Barbarian’s greatest ranged attack will be attributed to Seismic Slam which inflicts damages to many enemies at range. As is known, the Barbarian has Fury resource that powers most of the skills. In order to release skills successfully, you have to pay attention to the Fury resource. Performing standard weapon attacks and 3 or more through the use of skills such as Bash and Ground Stomp will generate 4 Fury. The maximum of Fury is 100. But Fury will decrease little by little if the Barbarian ceases to fight. Thing will be different only when the Barbarian reaches level 55. In Level 55, the passive skill Unforgiving will be unlocked, granting the Barbarian the ability to slowly generate Fury over time when they are out of a combat. ACTIVEACTIVEACTIVEACTIVE SKILLSSKILLSSKILLSSKILLS Slot is unlocked at level 10 as the first passive skill. At level 20 and 30, subsequent slots will be unlocked. We strongly recommend that you should activateactivateactivateactivate youryouryouryour passivepassivepassivepassive skillsskillsskillsskills according to your current active skills and your play style. BASH – Brutally smash an enemy for 150% weapon damage with a 20% chance for knockback. � Generates 6 Fury per attack. The first active skill of the Barbarian is Bash. Bash has no cool down. With this skill, the Barbarian has the chance to knock the enemy back. It not only helps create some breathing room, but also assists with skills that strike from slightly greater range, such as Hammer of the Ancients or Leap Attack. SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Clobber (Unlocked: Level 6): Instead of Knockback, each hit has a 20% chance to Stun the target
  6. 6. All Rights Reserved by 6 All Rights Reserved by for 3 seconds. Onslaught (Unlocked: Level 13): Add 2 reverberations that cause 22% weapon damage per strike. Removes the chance for Knockback. Punish (Unlocked: Level 26): Each attack increase the damage of all of your skills by 6% for 5 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times. Instigation (Unlocked: Level 44): Generate 6 additional Fury per attack. Pulverize (Unlocked: Level 52): Causes a shockwave that inflicts 38% weapon damage to enemies in a 26 yard line behind the targeted enemy. CLEAVE – Swing your weapon in a wide arc to deal 120% weapon damage to all enmies caught in the swing. � Generates 5 Fury per attack Compared with Bash, Cleave inflicts less damage and generates fewer Fury. But Cleave can attack numerous enemies at one attack. SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Rupture (Unlocked: Level 9): Enemies slain by Cleave explode, causing 85%85%85%85% weaponweaponweaponweapon damagedamagedamagedamage to all other enemies with 8 yards. Reaping Swing (Unlocked: Level 18): Generate 3 additional Fury per enemy hit. Scattering Blast (Unlocked: Level 30): On Critical Hits, knock enemies back 9 yards and inflict 60% weapon damage to enemies where they land. Broad Sweep (Unlocked: Level 47): Increase damage to 156% weapon damage to enemies caught in the swing. Gathering Storm (Unlocked: Level 55): Enemies cleaved have their movement speed reduced by
  7. 7. All Rights Reserved by 7 All Rights Reserved by 80% for 1 second (s). FRENZY – swing for 110% weapon damage. Frenzy attack speed increases by 15% with each swing. This effect can stack up to 5 times for a total bonus of 75% attack speed. SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Sidearm (Unlocked: Level 17): each strike has a 25% chance to throw a piercing axe at a nearby enemy that deals 110% weapon damage to all enemies in its path. Triumph (Unlocked: Level 22): Killing an enemy with Frenzy heals you for 8% of your maximum life over 6 seconds. Relentless (Unlocked: Level 34): While under the effects of Frenzy, you gain 15% increase movement speed. Smite (Unlocked: Level 51): Add a 20% chance to call down a bolt of lightning from above, stunning your target for 2 seconds. Maniac (Unlocked: Level 59): Each Frenzy effect also increases your damage by 4%. HAMMER OF THE ANCIENTS – Call forth a massive hammer to smash enemies directly in front of you for 200% weapon damage. Hammer of the Ancients has a 5% increased chance to critical hit. � Costs 20 Fury
  8. 8. All Rights Reserved by 8 All Rights Reserved by SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Rolling Thunder (Unlocked: Level 7): Create a shockwave that deals 155% weapon damage to all enemies within 22 yards in front of you. Smash (Unlocked: level 15): Strike a smaller area for 270% weapon damage. The Devil’s Anvil (Unlocked: level 27): Create a termor at the point of impact for 2 seconds that slows the movement speed of enemies by 60%. Thunderstrike (Unlocked: level 39): whenever you kill an enemy with Hammer of the Ancients, every other enemy within 10 yards is stunned for 2 seconds. Birthright (Unlocked: level 55): Critical Hits Have a 10% chance to cause enemies to drop treasure or health globes. REND – a sweeping strike causes all nearby enemies to bleed for 210% weapon damage as Physical over 3 seconds. � Costs 20 Fury SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Ravage (Unlocked: Level 11): increase the range of Rend to hit all enemies within 14 yards. Blood Lust (Unlocked: level 19): Gain 6% of the damage done by Rend as Life.
  9. 9. All Rights Reserved by 9 All Rights Reserved by Lacerate (Unlocked: level 33): Increase damage to 271% weapon damage as Physical every second for 3 seconds. Mutilate (Unlocked: level 45): Increase bleeding duration to 5 seconds. Bloodbath (Unlocked: level 56): Enemies killed while bleeding cause all foes within 10 yards to begin bleeding for 60% weapon damage as Physical over 3 seconds. SEISMIC SLAM – slam the ground to cause a wave of destruction that deals 155% weapon damage and knockback to targets in a 45-yard arc. � Costs 30 Fury SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Stagger (unlocked: level 18): add a 70% chance of stunning enemies for 1.5 seconds. Shattered Ground (unlocked: level 25): increase damage to 202% weapon damage and boost the knockback by 100%. Rumble (unlocked: level 37): the ground continues to shake after the initial strike, damaging enemies in the area for 30% weapon damage. Strength from Earth (unlocked: level 48): reduced Fury cost to 15 Fury. Cracking Rift (unlocked: level 57): focus the seismic shockwaves along a narrow path to inflict 255% weapon damage to targets along a 42-yard path. WHIRLWIND – Deliver multiple attacks to everything in your path for 100% weapon damage.
  10. 10. All Rights Reserved by 10 All Rights Reserved by � Costs 16 Fury SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Dust Devils (unlocked: level 24): generate violent tornadoes that inflict 40% weapon damage to enemies in their path. Hurricane (unlocked: level 29): increase your movement speed during Whirlwind to your full run speed. Blood Funnel (unlocked: level 37): critical strikes restore 0.5% of your maximum life. Wind Shear (unlocked: level 44): every enemy hit returns 1 Fury. Volcanic Eruption (unlocked: Level 59): Turns Whirlwind into a torrent of magma that inflicts 130% DiabloDiabloDiabloDiablo 3333 weaponweaponweaponweapon damage. GROUND STOMP – Smash the ground, stunning all enemies within 12 yards for 4 seconds. � Geneates 15 Fury � Cooldown 12 seconds SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Deafening Crash (unlocked: level 12): enemies in the area have their movement speed slowed by 60% for 3 seconds after they recover from being stunned. Wrenching Smash (unlocked: level 18): Increase the area of effect to 24 yards. Enemies are pulled
  11. 11. All Rights Reserved by 11 All Rights Reserved by closer before the strike lands. Trembling Stomp (unlocked: level 28): enemies in the area also take 76% weapon damage. Foot of the Mountain (unlocked: level 40): increase Fury gained to 30. Avalanche (unlocked: level 54): knock back targets 12 yards and inflict 55% weapon damage to enemies in the landing area. LEAP – leap into the air, dealing 85% weapon damage to all enemies within 8 yards of your destination and slowing their movement speed by 60% for 3 seconds. SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Iron Impact (unlocked: level 14): Gain 300% additional DiabloDiabloDiabloDiablo 3333 ArmorArmorArmorArmor for 3 seconds after landing. Launch (unlocked: level 21): jump into the air with such great force that enemies within 8 yards from the origin the jump are also slowed by 60% for 3 seconds. Toppling Impact (unlocked: level 32): send enemies hurtling 20 yards into other nearby foes, who suffer 15% weapon damage and are pushed back in a chain up to 2 times. Call of Arreat (unlocked: level 44): shockwaves burst forth from the ground, increasing the radius of effect to 16 yards and pulling affected enemies toward you. Death From Above (unlocked: level 60): land with such force that enemies have a 100% chance to be stunned for 3 seconds.
  12. 12. All Rights Reserved by 12 All Rights Reserved by SPRING – increase movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds � Costs 20 Fury SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Rush (unlocked: level 23): increase dodge chance by 12% while sprinting. Run Like the Wind (unlocked: level 29): tornadoes rage in the wake of the Sprint, each one inflicting 60% weapon damage. Marathon (unlocked: level 38): increase the movement speed bonus to 50% for 5 seconds. Gangway (unlocked: level 46): slam through enemies, knocking them back and inflicting 25% weapon damage. Forced March (unlocked: level 53): increase the movement speed of allies within 50 yards by 20% for 3 seconds. IGNORE PAIN – reduce all damage taken by 65% for 5 seconds � Cooldown 30 seconds SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Bravado (unlocked: level 26): when activated, knockback all enemies within 12 yards and deal 50% weapon damage to them.
  13. 13. All Rights Reserved by 13 All Rights Reserved by Iron Hide (unlocked: level 31): increase duration to 7 seconds. Ignorance is Bliss (unlocked: level 36): while ignore pain is active, gain 20% off all damage dealt as life. Mob Rule (unlocked: level 43): extend the effect to nearby allies, reducing damage taken by 65% for 3 seconds. Contempt for Weakness (unlocked: level 58): reflect 50% of ignored damage back at the enemy. ANCIENT SPEAR – throwthrowthrowthrow aaaa spearspearspearspear to pull an enemy back toward you, briefly slowing the target’s movement by 60% and dealing 185% weapon damage. � Generate 15 Fury � Cooldown 10 seconds SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Grappling Hooks (unlocked: level 15): throw 3 spears, each one pulls back the enemy it hits. Skirmish (unlocked: level 23): increases Fury gained to 30. Dread Spear (unlocked: level 32): gain life equal to 60% of the damage inflicted. Harpoon (unlocked: level 39): fierce through multiple enemies in a straight line and drag them all back. Rage Flip (unlocked: level 49): enemies hit with Ancient Spear are pulled in the opposite direction and damage is increased to 213% weapon damage.
  14. 14. All Rights Reserved by 14 All Rights Reserved by REVENGE – inflict 220% weapon damage to all nearby enemies. You heal 5.0% of your maximum life for each enemy hit. Revenge has a 15% chance to become active each time you are hit. SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Vengeance is Mine (unlocked: level 19): gain 5 Fury each time Revenge is used and improve Life gained from each enemy hit to 8%. Best Served Cold (unlocked: level 25): after using Revenge, your critical strike chance is increased by 10% for 12 seconds. Retribution (unlocked: level 36): increase damage to 286% weapon damage. Grudge (unlocked: level 41): knock enemies back 24 yards whenever Revenge is used. Provocation (unlocked: level 52): increase the chance Revenge will become active to 30% each time you are hit by an attack. FURIOUS CHARGE – rush forward, knocking back enemies and inflicting 195% weapon damage to enemies along the path of the charge. Generates Fury only if you hit an enemy. � Generates 15 Fury � Cooldown 10 seconds SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES
  15. 15. All Rights Reserved by 15 All Rights Reserved by Battering Ram (unlocked: level 27): increase damage at the destination to 283% weapon damage. Merciless Assault (unlocked: level 33): cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds for every target hit. This effect can reduce the cooldown by up to 10 seconds. Stamina (unlocked: level 38): generate 8 fury for each target hit while charging. Bull Rush (unlocked: level 47): any targets that are critically hit by Furious Charge will be stunned for 2.5 seconds. Juggernaut (unlocked: level 56): regain 8% of your maximum life for each target hit by Furious Charge. OVERPOWER – deal 165% weapon damage to all targets within 9 yards. If Overpower scores a critical hit, there’s a change to lower the cooldown to 1 second. � Cooldown 15 seconds SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Storm of Steel (unlocked: level 29): throw up to 3 axes at nearby enemies, inflicting 50% weapon damage each. Killing Spree (unlocked: level 34): your chance to Critical Hit is increased by 10% for 6 seconds. Crushing Advance (unlocked: level 42): reflect 30% of incoming melee damage for 4 seconds after overpower is activated. Momentum (unlocked: level 48): overpower generates 12 Fury for every enemy hit. Revel (unlocked: level 59): heal 8% of your maximum life for every enemy hit.
  16. 16. All Rights Reserved by 16 All Rights Reserved by WEAPON THROW – hurl a throwingthrowingthrowingthrowing weaponweaponweaponweapon at an enemy for 120% weapon damage and Slow the movement of the enemy by 60% for 2 seconds. � Costs 10 Fury SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Mighty Throw (unlocked: level 21): increase thrown weapon damage to 156% weapon damage. Ricochet (unlocked: level 25): cause the weapon to ricochet and hit up to 3 targets within 20 yards of each other. Throwing Hammer (unlocked: level 33): hurl a hammer with a 75% chance to Stun the target for 2 seconds. Stupefy (unlocked: level 42): aim for the head, gaining a 20% chance of causing your target to become confused and attack other enemies for 6 seconds. Dread Bomb (unlocked: level 54): expend all remaining Fury to throw a corpse that inflicts an additional 3% weapon damage for each point of Fury expended to all enemies. THREATENING SHOUT – shout with great ferocity, reducing damage done by enemies within 25 yards by 20% for 15 seconds. � Costs 15 Fury � Cooldown 15 seconds
  17. 17. All Rights Reserved by 17 All Rights Reserved by SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Intimidate (unlocked: level 23): affected enemies also have their movement speed reduced by 30%. Falter (unlocked: level 28): affected enemies also have their attack speed reduced by 15% for 5 seconds. Grim Harvest (unlocked: level 37): enemies are badly shaken and have a 15% chance to drop additional treasure. Demoralize (unlocked: level 43): affected enemies are also taunted to attack you for 3 seconds. Terrify (unlocked: level 57): enemies are severely demoralized. Each enemy has a 35% chance to flee for 2.5 seconds. BATTLE RAGE – enter a rage that increases damage by 15% and critical hit chance by 3% for 30 seconds � Costs 20 Fury SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Marauder’s Rage (unlocked: level 26): increase damage bonus to 30%. Ferocity (unlocked: level 31): while under the effects of Battle Rage, critical hits have a chance to
  18. 18. All Rights Reserved by 18 All Rights Reserved by increase the duration of Battle Rage by 2 seconds. Swords to Ploughshares (unlocked: level 38): while under the effects of Battle Rage, critical hits have up to a 5% chance to cause enemies to drop additional health globes. Into the Fray (Unlocked: level 46): while under the effects of Battle Rage, critical hits have a chance to generate 15 additional Fury. Bloodshed (unlocked: level 54): while under the effects of Battle Rage, critical hits have a chance to cause an explosion of blood, dealing 20% of the damages done to all other nearby enemies. WAR CRY – unleash a rallying cry to increase Armor for you and all allies within 30 yards by 20% for 60 seconds. � Generates 30 Fury � Cooldown 30 seconds SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Hardened Wrath (unlocked: level 32): increase the Armor bonus to 40%. Charge! (unlocked: level 35): increase Fury gained to 60. Invigorate (unlocked: level 41): increase maximum life by 10% and regenerate 42 Life per second while affected by War Cry. Veteran’s Warming (unlocked: Level 49): War Cry also grants 15% dodge bonus. Impunity (unlocked: level 60): all of your resistances are increased by 50% while affected by War Cry.
  19. 19. All Rights Reserved by 19 All Rights Reserved by EARTHQUAKE – Shake the ground violently, dealing 2000% weapon damage as Fire over 8 seconds to all enemies within 18 yards. � Costs 50 Fury � Cooldown 120 seconds SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Giant’s Stride (unlocked: level 24): secondary tremors follow your movement and inflict 65% weapon damage as Fire. Chilling Earth (unlocked: level 29): create an icy patch, causing Earthquake’s damage to turn cold and slow the movement of enemies by 80%. The Mountain’s Call (unlocked: level 39): remove the Fury cost and reduce the cooldown to 105 seconds. Aftershockes (unlocked: level 50): secondary tremors knock enemies back and inflict 65% weapon damage as Fire. Path of Fire (unlocked: level 56): Project secondary tremors up to 12 yards ahead of you that inflict 65% weapon damage as Fire. CALL OF THE ANCIENTS – summon the ancient Barbarians Talic, Korlic, and Madawc to fight alongside you for 15 seconds. Each deals 60% weapon damage per swing in addition to bonus abilities. Talic wields sword and shield and uses the Whirlwin skill. Korlic wields a massive poleam and uses the CleaveCleaveCleaveCleave SkillSkillSkillSkill. Madawc dual-wields axes and utilizes the Weapon Throw skill. � Costs 50 Fury � Cooldown 120 seconds
  20. 20. All Rights Reserved by 20 All Rights Reserved by SKILLS RUNES The Council Rises (unlocked: level 31): the ancients inflict 66% weapon damage with each attack and have 100% additional armor. Duty to the Clan (unlocked: level 37): increase duration to 20 seconds. Korlic’s Might (unlocked: level 45): Korlic gains the skill Frurious Charge, which deals 200% of your weapon damage to all enemies in a line. Madawc’s Madness (unlocked: level 51): madawc gains the skill Seismic Slam, which deals 180% of your weapon damage to enemies in an arc. Talic’s Anger (unlocked: level 58): talic gains the skill Leap Attack, which deals 250% of your weapon damage to enemies in the area of the leap. WRATH OF THE BERSERKER – enter a berserker rage, raising several attributes for 15 seconds: Critical Hit +10%, Attack Speed +25%, Dodge Chance +20%, Movement Speed +20% � Costs 50 Fury � Cooldown 120 seconds SKILLSKILLSKILLSKILL RUNESRUNESRUNESRUNES Arreat’s Wail (unlocked: level 36): activating Wrath of the Berserker knocks back all enemies within 12 yards and deals 430% weapon damage to them.
  21. 21. All Rights Reserved by 21 All Rights Reserved by Insanity (unlocked: level 40): while active, your damage is also increased by 100%. Slaughter (unlocked: level 46): landing a critical hit while WrathWrathWrathWrath ofofofof thethethethe BerserkerBerserkerBerserkerBerserker is active has a chance to cause an explosion of blood, dealing 155% weapon damage to all enemies within 15 yards. Striding Giant (unlocked: level 52): increase the bonus dodge chance granted to 60%. Thrive on Chaos (unlocked: level 60): Every 25 Fury gained while Wrath of the Berserker is active adds 1 second to the duration of the effect. PASSIVEPASSIVEPASSIVEPASSIVE SKILLSSKILLSSKILLSSKILLS
  22. 22. All Rights Reserved by 22 All Rights Reserved by
  23. 23. All Rights Reserved by 23 All Rights Reserved by