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Includes the Speed Writing assignment.

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  • A bio is written in the third person, not the first person, and is used for business purposes: introductions, programs at conferences, etc.
  • UC Sports PR: Final Class

    1. 1. Sports Public Relations Final Lecture: 11.29.11 University of Cincinnati By Jackie Reau
    2. 2. No Quiz
    3. 3. To Do: Use your corrected bio to update your LinkedIn page
    4. 4. PR Planning: Pink Ribbon Game at Women’s Soccer Objectives (what we will accomplish) Key Messages (what we will say) Target Audiences (who do we want to receive our message) Tools (what communications vehicles will we use) Initiatives (tactics to be used to communicate) Timeline (what do we need to do and when) Budget (how much will we make/spend) Measurement (how will we deem the plan a success/failure) To Do: Use this outline when preparing a strategic plan, good interview discussion
    5. 5. To Do: Use your corrected release for your portfolio
    6. 7. To Do: Use your corrected media database for your portfolio
    7. 8. Managing Media To Do: Always proofread your work, have a colleague do so too.
    8. 9. Crisis Management Developing the Plan Activating the Plan Resolving the Issue Communicating the Resolution To Do: Be conversational about problem solving in the workplace
    9. 10. Speed Writing Night Five assignments in 35 minutes
    10. 11. #1 Live Tweet: two minutes *UC beats Miami in men’s basketball *Score: 64-50 *Gates hits triple/double *Nick Lachey in attendance *Coach Cronin got two technicals
    11. 12. My Tweet @UC men’s hoops over @miamiu, 64-50, with @nicklachey in the house to see @CoachCronin get called for two T’s #gobearcats (121 characters)
    12. 13. #2 Crisis Statement: 9 minutes *Your coach (Smith) has been accused of bribing a football recruit to sign with your school *Decide his fate, how to respond to media query from local newspaper with a three-sentence statement
    13. 14. My Statement The Athletic Department Compliance Department at University of Wisconsin has determined through an internal investigation that Coach Smith offered the father of a football recruit $5,000 to sign a letter of intent. Because of this serious violation, we have terminated his contract immediately. Coach John Grove will take over as interim coach effective immediately. To ensure this doesn’t happen in the future, we are providing mandatory training on recruitment policies for all of our coaches and have instituted a new monitoring system for our program. -John Carter, Athletic Director
    14. 15. #3 Customer Apology e-mail: 7 minutes *A season ticket holder was erroneously removed from your last home game for throwing a bottle on the court *He called the ticket office the next day and said it was the guy behind him. *In reviewing video surveillance, it was determined that the customer was right. *He is demanding a written apology from your AD
    15. 16. My e-mail Dear Mr. Jones, As we discussed on the phone today, I wanted to provide you with my apology in writing for the incident at Fifth Third Arena last night. Please know we value our season ticket holders and want to make sure you feel comfortable and safe when attending home games. To that end, we would like to offer you a seat upgrade for the remainder of the season in a new section behind the home bench. Michael from our ticketing office will contact you directly to confirm your seat change. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. AD name here + contact information
    16. 17. #4 Media Alert: 7 minutes (WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW) Your team is hosting a Pink Ribbon game to mark breast cancer awareness month with a women’s soccer game. Fans will receive a free pink replica jersey (first 500 fans) and US Women’s Soccer Team goalie Hope Solo will make an appearance to meet with fans.
    17. 18. My media alert MEDIA ALERT: OCTOBER 10, 2011, 7 P.M. University of Cincinnati women’s soccer team hosts US Women’s Soccer Team goalie Hope Solo for Pink Ribbon Game WHO: University of Cincinnati Women’s Soccer team will host the University of Notre Dame in their annual Pink Ribbon game. US Women’s Soccer Team goalie Hope Solo will make an appearance at the game to meet with fans. WHAT: The annual Pink Ribbon game serves to raise awareness of breast cancer screenings for men and women. The first 500 fans will receive a free pink replica UC soccer jersey courtesy of Adidas. Fans will also have the chance to schedule free mammograms from UC Health. WHEN: October 10, 7 p.m. WHERE: Gettler Stadium on the campus of University of Cincinnati HOW: Tickets are $5 per person and are available at www.gobearcats.com or the stadium box office.
    18. 19. #5 Game Wrap: 10 minutes *Your team won its last home soccer game, 3-0 over its rival *The win makes the team eligible for its first-ever Big East Tournament appearance *Your top player scored all three goals while your goalie recorded his/her first-ever shutout *President Obama was at the game with his daughters *The first game of the tournament will be next Tuesday, tickets are on sale
    19. 20. Elements of the Final Exam *Solid writing: no typos, watch grammar *A mix of questions from text reading, writing and editing *Will be sent by the weekend *Call/email me with questions
    20. 21. Final Exam Take-home Due Next Tuesday by 9:15 p.m. NO EXCUSES
    21. 22. Thank you for a great quarter! Good luck in life!