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  • Using a tool such as Google docs, create an e-survey to understand media consumption habits among your current customers. Show Oxford PT as an example.
  • Using a tool such as Google docs, create an e-survey to understand media consumption habits among your current customers. Show Oxford PT as an example.
  • Using a tool such as Google docs, create an e-survey to understand media consumption habits among your current customers. Show Oxford PT as an example.
  • Use an aggregator such as Flipboard to read news from various industries, share content based on your community’s interests.
  • Using a free tool like HootSuite, you can monitor social media conversation around brand names and/or topics.
  • With this note, we conducted a competitive analysis on how College Bowl Games used social media to engage fans. We produced a blog post and shared it on our Facebook fan page.
  • A team approach fosters content with fresh voices and content from various areas of the business.
  • Summit Up 2012 preso by Jackie Reau

    1. 1. Game Changers in Strategic CommunicationsBy Jackie Reau, Game Day Communications
    2. 2. Today’s Agenda•Introduction•Four Game Changers•Cocktail Napkin Challenge: Strategic Communications Style•2013 Trends in Strategic Communications
    3. 3. Let’s stay connected after this presentation…
    4. 4. How the Next Generation Consumes Media
    5. 5. #1: Conduct a Media Consumption StudyTraditional Media•TV, Newspaper, Magazines, Radio, internet sites•Frequency of use (daily, monthly, etc.)Social Media•E-mail newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, smart phone applications•Frequency of use, frequency in sharing/posting content (shared or original content)Search Engine Usage•How do they use search engines, which ones do they use,Information on Your Industry/Company•Intent to purchase, motivation to attend, competitive questionsDemographics•Age, Sex, Race, Education, Zip Code/Community of ResidencePsychographics•Based on your industry, i.e. smart phone ownership, top three hobbies
    6. 6. Snapshot of a Media Consumption StudyWhat Teens and (Parents) Do On-Line•Almost all surveyed students, use their phone to text and talk, while almost half areusing it to check for news and/or email.•A study by Pew Internet says that 85% of U.S. Internet users, aged 17, “go online toget information about a college, university or other school in which they are thinkingabout attending.”•Forty-five (45) percent of parents report going online to get information about acollege in which their child is investigating says Pew Internet.
    7. 7. Snapshot of a Media Consumption StudyInternet Influence•The College’s website is the most useful on-line tool according to surveyed students.•The two most popular general college websites used among those surveyed (75%) and (62%)•Ninety-two (92) percent of surveyed students use Google as their primary searchengine.
    8. 8. Facebook: The Game Changer for Making College Decisions•While 82% of high school students surveyed for the study use Facebook, only 1.5%use the social media platform in searching for information on a college.•Additionally, 69 percent have “liked” a Facebook page of a product or service.
    9. 9. #2: Conduct a Content Audit:Review the content you created over the last year using the worksheet•Analyze Google or website analytics from 2012.•How many blog posts did you write/share on your website?•Did you write any case studies or white papers on your industry?•How many e-mail blasts did you send to current clients and prospects?•Did some content from your Facebook get shared or liked? If so, what was the content?•Did you get re-tweeted? If so, what was the nature of the content?
    10. 10. Cross Functional Communications Plan with EditorialCalendar Tied to Business Metrics
    11. 11. Create Consumer-Based Content to Align with the Sales Cycle
    12. 12. #3: Lead the Trend Spotting Effort in Your Organization ByStaying Informed
    13. 13. Monitor Social Media Conversations in Your Industry andYour Competition
    14. 14. Conduct Research and Share It Socially and Company Wide
    15. 15. #4 Gamify Your Brand and Content to Engage Fans,fuelband&cp=USNS_KW_0611081620
    16. 16. Cocktail Napkin Challenge: Be a Game Changer in 2013
    17. 17. What’s Next for Social in 2013: Augmented Reality and Products
    18. 18. What’s Next for Social in 2013: Super Interactive Catalogs!
    19. 19. What’s Next for Social in 2013: Social CRMThe State of Social Media Marketing, September 2012
    20. 20. What’s Next in 2013: Create a Cross-Function Social Media Team
    21. 21. Questions? Jackie ReauGame Day Communications Twitter: @gamedayjreau Linkedin: @jackiereau Facebook: @jackiereau 700 West Pete Rose Way Cincinnati, Ohio 45203 (513) 929-4263