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  • Hi Jackie,

    Great deck. I understand how social media can help us engage customers, but do you have any data showing how social media has measurably increased loyalty? Success metrics could be qualitative or quantitative. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this and any case studies you can share.

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  • Using a free tool like HootSuite, you can monitor social media conversation around brand names and/or topics.
  • Using a free tool like HootSuite, you can monitor social media conversation around brand names and/or topics.
  • Use an aggregator such as Flipboard to read news from various industries, share content based on your community’s interests.
  • Increasing customer loyalty with social media, 2 13

    1. 1. Increasing Customer Loyalty with Social Media Jackie Reau, Game Day Communications
    2. 2. Introductions
    3. 3. Why are Customers Loyal to Your Business?
    4. 4. Why?
    5. 5. Why?
    6. 6. Why?
    7. 7. How does your business define loyalty?
    8. 8. Conduct an audit with 30 Customer Segments
    9. 9. Develop an action plan for each client.
    10. 10. Making a Personal Connection with Customers using Social Media.
    11. 11. Conduct a Client Relationship Audit
    12. 12. Results of a Client Relationship Audit
    13. 13. Results of a Client Relationship Audit
    14. 14. Results of a Client Relationship Audit
    15. 15. Don’t Forget about Internal Audiences.
    16. 16. Employees, Board Members, Vendors.
    17. 17. General Social Media Questions?
    18. 18. Who is Your Audience and What Do They Do with their Time?
    19. 19. “Marketingto the Facebook Generation”Media Consumption Study for a local collegeObjectiveTo complete a media consumption study for local college to betterunderstand how high school students and their families use media to makecollege decisions. The study was conducted by Game Day Communications.Initiatives•Benchmarking research among U.S. colleges and media consumptionhabits•One-on-one interviews with local high school students and parents as wellas local high school guidance counselors•e-survey to prospective college students and current freshmen (400+)•Two focus groups with prospective students and their parents in separategroups
    20. 20. “Making Connections: A Consumer Research Study”Executive SummaryFour Focal Points of InterestTo lead group discussions and to ascertain consumer insights,both the focus groups and e-survey were focused on thefollowing areas:1.Consumer Profile: Lifestyle & Entertainment2.Motivation to Purchase Subscriptions/Single Tickets3.Customer Service, Pricing and the Overall Theatre Experience4.Media Consumption and Word of Mouth Marketing
    21. 21. Media Consumption and Word of Mouth MarketingSingle Ticket Purchaser Snapshot•More than 60% of single ticket buyers see the (client) ad on TV while 58%learn of upcoming shows via e-mail.•Radio stations with the most listenership: WARM 98, 700 WLW and Q102•TV viewership is about even (in order): WCPO (82%), LOCAL 12 (80%),WLWT (78%) and FOX 19 (63%) • Cable TV station viewership: ESPN, Food, ABC Family, HGTV, History with 62% subscribing to Time Warner Cable/Insight Cable.•Fifty-seven (57%) do not receive the Cincinnati Enquirer at home and 33%never read the print version. Twenty-five (25%) do read the paper each is the most visited website among the group (44%).•And 72% of the group is using Facebook regularly followed by Linkedin(23%).
    22. 22. Social Engaged Adults are More Likely to Attend Live Theatre•A dynamic social media plan with contesting, content and share-sexy visualsmay increase consumer engagement.•Source: Pew Center Research, 2011
    23. 23. Using Social Media to Engage and Create Loyalty.
    24. 24. Who will be the social voice for your company?
    25. 25. Facebook: Personal vs. Corporate Sharing/Branding
    26. 26. Facebook Insights
    27. 27. Corporate Branding: Halo Effect with Experts
    28. 28. Check-in Options offer Engagement Opportunities
    29. 29. Reports offer analytics and customer information.
    30. 30. Shareable, Resourceful Content
    31. 31. First Financial Notepad Challenge:Three new opportunities your company can usesocial media to create loyalty among audiences
    32. 32. Social Media as a Customer Service Tool.
    33. 33. Encourage Twitter for Customer Service Interaction
    34. 34. Monitor Social Media Conversations forCustomer Service Issues #Taxes
    35. 35. Change the vibe with social media.
    36. 36. Managing Social Media.
    37. 37. Management Tools:
    38. 38. Social Media Plan and Editorial Schedule
    39. 39. Google Alerts
    40. 40. Social Media and Interaction.
    41. 41.
    42. 42. Personalization of Content for Engagement
    43. 43. Social Couponing
    44. 44. Social Couponing
    45. 45. Questions? Jackie ReauGame Day Communications Twitter: @gamedayjreau Linkedin: @jackiereau Facebook: @jackiereau 700 West Pete Rose Way Cincinnati, Ohio 45203 (513) 929-4263