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Skills wksht


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Skills wksht

  1. 1. Bus 12 Skills Worksheet Page 1Name:_____________________________________Transferable skills are skills that you have gathered through work experience, school, hobbies, sports, lifeexperiences that can be transferred and used in your career. • Check all transferable skills that you are highly proficient at AND • Circle the skills you need to work on developing.Communication Skills___speaking effectively ___providing appropriate feedback___writing clearly and concisely ___negotiating___listening attentively and objectively ___perceiving nonverbal messages___expressing ideas ___persuading___facilitating group discussion ___reporting information___interviewing ___describing feelings___editing ___public speaking___responding appropriately to +/- ___using various styles of writtenfeedback communication___using various media to present ideas ___conveying a positive self image toimaginatively othersResearch/Planning/Investigation___forecasting/predicting ___analyzing___creating ideas ___developing evaluation strategies___identifying problems ___testing validity of data ___designing an experiment or model___imagining alternatives ___formulating questions___identifying resources ___making conclusions___gathering information ___conceptualizing___solving problems ___observing and discovering___setting goals ___defining needs___extracting important informationHuman Relations/Interpersonal___developing rapport ___interacting effectively with peers,___being sensitive superiors, and___listening subordinates___conveying feelings ___persuading others___providing support for others ___being willing to take risks___motivating ___teaching/instructing others___sharing credit ___demonstrating effective social___helping others behavior___counseling ___perceiving feelings and situations___cooperating ___delegating with respect___keeping a group “on track” ___working with diversity or multi-cultural___being patient issuesWork Survival___implementing decisions ___managing time and stress___cooperation ___attending to detail___enforcing policies ___working effectively under pressure___being punctual ___taking initiative in job-related duties
  2. 2. Bus 12 Skills Worksheet Page 2___discerning appropriate behaviors for ___organizingthe workplace ___making decisions___meeting goals ___seeking opportunities for professional___enlisting help development___accepting responsibility ___evaluating personal and professional___setting and meeting deadlines strengths and weaknesses
  3. 3. Bus 12 Skills Worksheet Page 3Organization/Management/Leadership/Decision Making___initiating new ideas and tasks ___implementing sound decisions___handling details ___managing groups___coordinating tasks ___delegating responsibility___coaching/mentoring ___teaching/instructing___counseling ___promoting change___managing conflict ___selling ideas or products___motivating and leading people ___making decisions with others___organizing people/tasks to achieve a ___analyzing tasksspecific goal ___identifying people who can contribute___following up with others to evaluate to solutionsprogress of problems or tasks___conducting meetings ___facilitating brainstorming activities___giving praise and credit to others for a ___developing goals for an organizationjob well ___prioritizing tasks done ___encouraging and inspiring___solving problems/mediating ___negotiating agreements___taking risks ___ taking responsibility for decisionsFinancial Management___developing a budget accurately ___assessingestimating ___ensuring timeliness of payments expenses and income ___fundraising___keeping accurate and complete ___calculatingfinancial records ___projecting/forecasting___accounting ___investingCritical Thinking/Problem Solving___anticipating problems before they ___involving group members to evaluateoccur solutions___defining problems and identifying ___developing plans to implementpossible causes solutions___identifying possible solutions and ___multi-taskingselecting the ___identifying a general principle than most appropriate ones explains___creating innovative solutions to interrelated experiencecomplex problemsList your top 5 transferable skills. List 5 skills you would like to develop.1 12 23 34 45 56 67 78 8
  4. 4. Bus 12 Skills Worksheet Page 49 910 10Skills Assessment developed by Lorri Capizzi modified from: