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Sporting Dog Journal Yearbook 1998

  3. 3. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 3 YEARBOOIICHAMPIONSHIP BOOK 1998A champion is a dog that wins in three shows, in which all indicates that he has won over a registered champion. A [3]of the dogs are conditioned for that particular show. The denotes that he won over a grand champion.shows must then be documented by being printed in theSporting Dog Journal. Much the same is true for judges. If a mans name is reported as a judge, on a more or less regular basis, It mustTo be registered as a champion in üe Sporting Dog Journal, be assumed that he is a qualified judge and as such, we willthe dog must satisff the following conditions: put an asterisk [*] after his name. No asterisk certainly does not mean that the judge at any show is unqualified, it merely#l The shows must be reported to the Journal in a timely means that he is not that well known A show reported out of sequence, i.e. The firstmatch reported after the second match has already been None of these things should be construe as a rating forprinted will not be accepted. Any interested par$ can send anyone. That is not the intent at all. Our intent is solely toa report of the show. identifr a deserving dog man that would rather be identified by initials, a nick name or a kennel name and separate them#2 Application to be registered as a champion must be from the new dog man just getting sta¡ted to make a n¿uneapplied for. The Journal does not have all of the information for his or her self. For instance: The E.T. we used in aneeded to announce a dog championship in the magazine, previous example could indicate that the owner of thosetherefore, we must depend on the owner or breeder of the initials was Earl to supply us with the pertinent information. A fourgeneration pedigree, the breeders name and the dog,s date A grand championship need not be applied for, itsof birth must be supplied at the time of application. automatic. By the time a dog is ready for this title, all the information needed is already on file with the Journal,#3 Any interested parry may apply for a dog,schampionship. While it is the dogs owner who would A grand champion must be the winner in five (5) shows andusually apply, a partner, the breeder or a past owner of the have never suffered a loss. In a word, to be registered as adog may also apply. grand champion the dog must have an unblemished record. There are, however, several instances, in which, the dog can#4 A dog does not have to win at every show he is entered be awarded a grand championship without winning at everyin and no proof of gameness is required. An 8 ll2 by ll show in which he is entered. In the case of a draw,inch championship certificate will be mailed to the dog,s involving another champion or grand champion, the dogowner or other interested parly approximately two weeks will not be penalized for a draw. In a second scenario: a dogafter the Magazine that contains the dogs championship whose handler fouls out, and it can be determined that hadannouncement has been mailed. his handler not have been fouled out. the dog most certainly would have been the winner, as determined by the judge asIn any undertaking, that requires the integrity of everyone well as other knowledgeable dog men in attendance.involved, there are bound to be some who are less than Finally, ifit can be proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, thatcompletely honest in reporting their matches, Many times the dog was a victim of some kind of unfairness, that showa roll for a couple of Dollars becomes the match of the will be stricken from the records.century according to some over zealous wannabe dog men.I am sure it is not to difficult to see that a dog that wins over A grand champion, in addition to having to win at fivecompetition that is either very well known or reported in the shows, must also have won a majority of these shows overJournal on a regular basis, is entitled to somewhat more qualified competition. A dog that has not won a majority ofrecognition that a dog that wins over Joe - E.T. - and Pete. his shows over qualified competition, or competition thatWith that in mind, anytime a dog wins over a known has been reported on previous occasions, will not becompetitor a [] will be placed after his name in the show accepted for a grand cbampionshipreport. The fact that a dog does not receive a number is noindication that his win should be taken lightly, while most In the case of the Register of Merit standings: A male dogof those dog men may not be well known at the time the becomes eligible to be placed on the R.O.M. list if he hasmatch is reported, most of them, Im sure, will soon be sired four or more champions. The R.O.M. dog will bereported in the show news on a regular basis. Of course, awarded one point for every champion he has si¡ed and rrillthere will always be the wannabes with the over active receive one additional point if any of the offspring shouldimagination. The number [2] after the winning dogs name go on the become a grand champion. Here again. a
  4. 4. YEARBOOK 9S PAGE 4champion, to count a point for his sires Register of l.,,ferit,that champion must have won over a majoriq of dogs, dogmen or kennels that are considered credible comoetition.The rules are the very same for bitches to get on theRegister of Merit list, except, for obvious reasons, a bitchneed only be the dam of three (3) champions to gain a spoton the list. t tu* :: ! ii: i;,,:i: , . i:li., iir L IE .i i:!: 1i:r. | - STINSON & GLCVERS GRA}iD CHAN4PION ART . R.O.M. A DOG THAT HAS ALL OF THE.{W-{RDS AVAILABLE
  5. 5. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 5 BLANCO & I.B.M"S ACES JAGKIE Roadblocks MANIAC Dawnrests IKEY Dawnrests EASTERN WHITEHEAD Dawnrests RUMBLE Pages BRUTIS Dawnrests FORGET ME NOT Dawnrests COPPERHEADBLANCO & I.B.M.S ACES JACKIE Roadblocks GR CH JOEY Roadblocks MANIAC Thurmonds BLACK MISSY ( Dawnrests PIGSKIN R-Gang KnlsCOWBOY I Valientes BUCKSKIN BUNCH Valientes MISSY I I ( I I (MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE ( (#399-97 Funky Medinas RED [1] F34 2l Grapevine (#1r84-97 Captain Americas STORMY [1] F36 l:40 Farmer * I#944-98 K¡unch KennelsLAW TOWN [] F36 :25 Mass Com,* I I I I I RUSSABBY Woods RILEY Woods BLACK JACK Woods CHINA MAE RussMALCOLM Woods CHARLEY II Woods DOLLY Woods SHELLYRUSSABBY HollisMIDITA RickettsBOZO Bostons BITCH RickettsTINY Maloneys RON RickettsMISS HENDzuX RickettsPUGSI 39-40 lb bitch bred by K Ricketts and campaigned in the South ín 1997-98. A cross between K. Wood and the Ricketts brothers bloodlinesMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX.TIME ruDGE#108 1-97 SluPRETTY GIRL [] F39 t8 BJ#t07-98 Campbells CANDY F40 :20 Slick *#899-98 Templetons CRY BABY [] F40 l:28 Rd. Warrior*
  6. 6. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 6 GERULLO CLUBSARTEY Garners CHINAMAN ROM Garners FRISCO ROM Vinces CHINA GIRL Fans ART Heikklias FIREMAN Farrs DOLLY BoylesBLACK GOLDCERULLO CLUBSARTEY Garners CHINAMAN RoM Garners FRISCO ROM Vinces CHINA GIRL Morvants CAJL|N HIT MAN Cluees JUBILEE Morvants CAJTIN ABBY --:r i.- A double bred Garners FRISCO, R.O.M. bloodline, bred by C. Ranies and campaigned in the Carolinas by The Cerullo Club. All of ARTEY matches were of short duration. The loneest was :34.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1049-97 Medrains BOCEPHUS BUCK M36 :16 Brown#628-98 K.O.Posses TYSON M37 ll2 :34 Booth# I 03 9-98 Jamaica Hit Teams HOMER M38l/2 :27 Morales FLOYDS ASSASSIN BoylesCH BOLT ACTION ROM WCCS RIGHT HAND MAN BoylesBLACK GOLD Hutchesons JAZZ}i4AN Murphys OILER BoylesPOGO BoylesBLACK GOLDFLOYDS ASSASSIN Cherokee Knls OILER JR ROM STP CH BLK PAZMANIAN Man,s LADY BUG Floyds FLAUNCEY W.C.C. RIGHT HAND MAN LewisBLACK BETTY Codvs LITTLE LUCY A typical "Boyles" bloodline bred by C.Ftoyd and campaigned by C.FIoyd. A big dog won three in the Deep, deep South. ASSASSIN won three all in under the Hour mark.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#698-97 Johnsons ROCKY M49 :51 Doc#12t5-97 Allens NUCKLE M50 :31 Mike#863-98 BrooksSHOTGUN M49 t9 Green
  7. 7. YEARBOOK98 UNTOUCHABLES BEAMER Patricks LITTLE TATER S.T.P.s GR CH BUCK ROM Patricks RED LADY UntouchablesCH BUTKUS ROM Onellos SHERMAN THE TANK Untouchables DAISY MAE ROM Onellos TWISTED SISTERLTNTOUCHABLESBEAMER Robinsons TRAMP Robinsons EWOK Robinsons BED BUG Reeds LULU Georges RED ACE - -:::.- Robinsons CHERRY RED Robinsons BED BUG A 4l-421n dog that won four against very good competition in the middle South.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#9st-96 Deepline Kennels CISCO M4l :31 M. George *#1248-96 Undertaker Kennels BOO [] M4l :58 Bachelor#389-97 Hishlander Kennels GABBY M42 :49 DHam*#1r59-97 Garners WICKED [] Il{42 l:08 DHam* ROY C.S B¡LLY BUCK Medlins OUTLAW HOSEA Medlins Swinsons NORTH CAROLINA ROSE Medlin & B-Line K¡lsBLACK CAT Medlins OUTLAW Medlins ROSE BUD Swinsons NORTY CAROLINA ROSEROY C.S BILLY BUCK Finleys CH BO ROM HargrovesCH OUTLAW Crenshaws POLLY B-Line KennelsLIL BIT Woods OSO NEGRO Irish Jerrys JANIE CH HONEYBUNCH ROM BILLY BUCK was bred by B-Line Kennels and won his first two matches with them. In the hands of Roy C. he lost his third time out, won his fourth time out and lost to a champion for his fifth.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1t57-95 The Baileys BO [l] M42 44 Pitman *#t357 -96 Cobalt Kennels SPITFIRE Il] M42 :41 Mason *#609-97 LOST TO: Canadians STINGER M42 l:20 Mt Boy +#124-98 G WilliamsBUCK M42 l:02 WV Steve *#1022-98 LOST TO: Panama KennelsGR. CH STONE M4l :56 Nate
  8. 8. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 1O MEX.TEX ESPANAS BIMBO ClemmonsNIGGER TOBY ClemmonsELISHADOW BoudreauxROSEII Tex-Mex Espanas SUPER DUCK Boudreaux BOSS BoudreauxBLACKBITER BoudreauxBRANDYMEX-TEX ESPANAS BIMBO Maloneys FRANKIE Callejas NERON Ramos CHIQUI Tex-Mex Espanas MAMBA Callejas DINO Callejas RAJA Callejas INDIA Campaigned in Europe during 1997 and 1998. Bred and owned by Rafa Rubio. A 4x winner who won his matches in comparitively short times,MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1140-91 Juans MANDARIO M40l/2 :48 J Pedro#1292-91 Cacha ClubsPECADO M40 t2 Norena#48t-98 Finkle Winkles DOLLYSON [] M401/2 :27 Junk YardHt720-98 Rojos BUCK M42 ..24 Tatacho MEDLIN & B-LINES BLACK JACK JR Medlins OUTLAW HOSEA Medlins Swinsons NORTY CAROLINA ROSE Medlin & B-Line KennelsBLACK CAT Medlins OUTLAW Mediins ROSE BUD I Swinsons NORTH CAROLINA ROSEMEDLIN & B-LINE KENNELS BLACK CAT JR Medlins HOSEA Medlin & B-Line BLK CAT Medlins ROSE BUD I B-Line KennelsCH SO SO Medlins HOSEA Medlins ROSE BUD II Medlins ROSE BUD I A four time winner from an inbred Medlin bloodline. Bred and campaigned by Medlin and B-Line Kennels, in 1995, 1996,1997 and 1998, all against good competition.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#l 007-95 The Baileys MARY BOY [] M38 :30 Cooper#493-96 Gaylords BARNEY M38 :22 Mt. Boy*#I 085-97 Pittmans HAMMER Ii] M39 :59 Abe *#1077 -98 KY Head Hunters ROCKO [1] M37 :40 WV Steve+
  9. 9. YEARBOOK98 PAGE I I BILLY BOBS BLACK MOE HammondsRUFUS ROM HammondsVIOTO The Plumbers SIOUX HammondsVENO ChamblessNENO HammondsSELMA ChamblessLADY RAVERNBILLY BOBS BLACK MOE Battendorfs NIGGER OF GATOR Battendorfs MACHO OF NIG Battendorfs GYPSY OF NIGGER Battendorfs DUTCHESS OF NIG Battendorfs NIGGER OF GATOR Battendorfs ANGIE OF NIG Garners CALAMITY Bred by Kyle Martin from a straight Hammonds/Battendorf bloodline. A three time winner in the deep, deep South.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#793-97 Caprocks CORNBREAD t/2 M36 l:30 Terry#t483-91 Morgans B.B. M38 :35 Pessimist#46t-98 D.B.s SATCHMO M38Il2 1:48 Big G V.B.K.S BLACKY Cajuns BEOWOLF Wisemans GOZER Dragons BODACIA V.B.K.s CH HARVEY WALLBANGER Longs WERDO ROM Wildside Knls HONEYCOMB Garners RONNIEV.B.K.S BLACKY Gamers SPIKE Wisemans LITTLE GATOR Garners MISS MOLLY V.B.K.s POKITA Wisemans LITTLE GATOR V.B.K.s NEGRITA Garners DOLLY VARDEN A West Coast dog from East Coast breeding. Won his first while in the hands of Sudden Death Kennels. The went back to his breeder, V.B.K. and won two more and his championship.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#456-91 Richs HYMIE M4r :21 Captain *#1390-91 Mr Edsars WAR M41 :38 Captain *#l 036-98 Ross & Nickleodeons "911" M4l l:03 Cali Cartel*
  10. 10. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 12 ICEPIGKS BOBBIE Gordons BUCK Gordons RIDDLER Gordons SARA LEE Tims RIDDLER Orrs BLUE EYES Bursins BIG SISSY Cals ROSAICEPICKS BOBBIE Eunices CRACKER JACK Troy P.s LITTLE BUDDY Mans RED GOLD Bursins V/ILD THANG Eunices CRACKER JACK Walkers MISS BOGEE ScoatesECLIPSE nrea Uy Gator Kennels of Florida and campaigned in very good competition in the Mid-West. A brindle bitch she lost her last time out in what was her loneest match at :55MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#252-96 Bo Didleys XHEENA [1] F3l Grizzly *#3tt-97 Templeton & lynchs BERNIE [] F3I :44 Slu *#224-98 Home Grown KennelsBLACK BITCH [] F33 :09 Ricketts *#880-98 LOST TO: Hooks GHETTO F32 :55 Slu * PORKOLABS BOY Van Herpens ACE Cunes IRON KID GarlaunisSUSY Szekas IRON TONY Van Herpens ACE Cunes IRON LANA GarlaunisSUSYPORKOLABS BOY Cunes IRON KID Szekas IRON TONY Cunes IRON LANA JuhosJENNY Zwettlers JEEP JuhosLETTA Zwettlers ROSE BOY is a black dog, bred and campaigned in Europe during the year 1998. Bred by T. Szekrenyesi.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#29#98 FanosTORO M64 :15 Istrran#984#98 Csepregls BOLO M62 :35 Lorincz#1 l0s#98 Meszaros MAX M6l 130 Lorincz
  11. 11. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 13 S.T.D. KENNELS BRUNO Jesse Rods GR CH MIDNIGHT Jesse Rods MIDNIGHT BOY Indian MISSY Iberians CHULO Jesse Rods GR CH MIDNIGHT Iberians TIGRA Iberians CANDYS.T.D. KENNELS BRUNO Jesse Rods cR CH MIDNIGHT Iron Mans PEE WEE Iberians CANDY Iberians MARGAzuTA Inner Citys CH PATCH EYE PETE Iberians KAILA Iberians LUCY From the Dominican Republic. bred by Canon Estrella and owned by S.T.D. Kennels. Line bred on Jesse Rods GR. CH. MIDNIGHTMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#1226-97 Miranda & Halls WALDITO M52 45 Freddie G#1451-97 Lucas & Iberians BONO M52 l:15 Freddie J#550-98 SaritoS RANDU M50 47 Canon Estrella PORKOLABS CH. BOY BELLON CLUBS ABLIZINS CH. BAD ROSEMARY CH. BALDY
  12. 12. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 14 PIT BULL DYNASTYS BUCKSHGT HobbsBONES Curtiss.KINGFISH Kent Merritts STAR BELL D.W.D.s CANE RED HammondsANDY L HammondsSWEET MICHELLE Dawsons SWEET REDPIT BULL DYNASTYS BUCKSHOT SorrellsBUBBA BOE SorrellsCH RAISIN SorrellsTWO SHOES Pit BullDynastys FATAL Mad & Skips CH LJNCLE BUD SonellsFEMME FATALE SorrellsFLY OF PONCE Bred by Pit Bull Dynasty from a Sorrells/Hammonds cross. A three time winner in the Northeast.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#r58-97 The ? Kids SPIKE [] M36 l:14 Clambar Boy*#1630-97 Malchiens SHORTY M36 :35 T Mack*#1242-98 The FirmsROCCO [1] M35 :43 Zaza* LA FAMILIA KENNELS tsULLYSON AdamsGR CH ZEBO ROM ClemmonsNIGGER TOBY ClemmonsPEPPER Pattersons NIGGER TOBY II Reddicks HERMAN McClellans HONEY BoudreauxLISALA FAMILIA KENNELS BULLYSON Garners JACKSON Border Citys CH BITS GonzalezBROWNIE MartinezSUE B Duerlers LITTLE RAT MartinezBETSY K¡users BUCK LADY Bred, raised and campaigned by La Familia Kennels in the Southwest. a winner four times over credible competition. A 34-35 lb male whose Iongest was in :54MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX.TIME ruDGE#565-96 Guerreros CAPONE [] M34 :54 OG Posse +#272-97 Wises KING [Il M35 :38 OG Posse *#93-98 Wall Boys SPICE [] M35 :40 Short *Ht2r7-98 Geno & Jacksons LITTLE MAN M35 :20 Carlos
  13. 13. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 15 DUCKS CARMEN SAN DIEGO Hood & Grieves CH TY B&B KennelsCH BLUE Bancrofts RED DARLIN Ducks MAC l0 Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Garretts HONEYBUNCH Garretts BRIDGETDUCKS CARMEN SAN DIEGO Baileys MARINO Dockerys BLACK JACK Engletts BRANDY Ducks LEATHER Engletts BOOMER : . Dockerys SUGAR Engletts BUCKSKIN MISSY A little bitch (26-27 lbs), bred by Duck. His second win was in the hands of Hit man and all of his wins were over credible competition in 1996-97-98. A black bitch.MATCH# OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#221-96 Brewers SLASH [1] F26 ,^< Bootman *#489-97 Sho-N-Go Kennels SCRAPPER [l] F26ll2 :23 Iceman *#424-98 TN Bad BoysEDIE [] F27 47 Stringfellow* TOP HAT & LONGSHOTS CARTEL Woods BANDIT Bowlings LONER Woods LOLA J.C.s LITTLE LONER Bowlings LONER Slinkards JWZZABELLE Masons JACKIETOP HAT & LONGSHOTS CARTEL R SorrellsCH GATOR Reuvers FRANK Patricks MISS BOOMER Malcolms SALLY Fords LITTLE PETE PIANTS HI VOLTAGE BULLET FOTdS BLACKIE Has a win over a champion to his credit, his three wins were just south of the Mason-Dixon lineMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#16r-96 Icepick & Co.s CH. JOHNNY JR [2] M43 l:06 Cab Driver#655-91 Masseys KROM M46 :28 Shinbone#r044-97 Mike D.s BOSS MAN M43 l:31 BigH*
  14. 14. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 16 BELLON CLUBS CHATTANOOGA SorrellsCARTER SorrellsLUIGI SorrellsDAZZLE Bellon ClubsCH CHAMBOOGER Laras LUCKY Laras Candy II Laras SHEENAHBELLON CLUBSCHATTANOOGA Bellon ClubsEXTERMINATOR Bellon ClubsESCUDER Bellon ClubsFATA CIRCE Bellon ClubsZSA ZSA Bellon ClubsKEENAU BellonClubsGUELGUETZA BellonClubsFATAMARGANA - From Mexico, a black, 38 lb male dog that won all of his over good competition in Mexico. Bred, owned and campaigned by A. BellonMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#343-98 Club Leones MANBU M38 :45 Hernandez#381-98 Miranda Clubs TERRI [] M38 :57 Victor#t 198-98 Miguel Angelos CHAPARO M38 :56 Victor DGN JLJANS GHERRY Baileys BINGO Kamakazee HUNTER RED ROM Marlowes PEACHES Pit Stop l(ennelsRED Baileys BINGO Locke & Baileys TWISTER Richardsons CREAMDON ruANS CHERRY T.CombsEAGLE II Pit Stop KnlsCHANEY SorrellsCRAZY SUE Pit Stop l{ennelsIZZY Winchester KennelsCH CHAKA Pit Stop KnlsBLAZE C&J KennelsALIA A big, red bitch bred by Pit Stop Kennels and campaigned in the Northeast. the shows she was entered in were good quality shows and judged by well known dog menMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#288-91 winchester Knls & T.T.K.s SCARLET nl F50 :3 8 Preacher *#9t2-97 Funky Medinas FLY GIRL [1] F50 1:26 Yankee Geo*#783-98 Harper & Pierces MISS lvflSSY F50 :23 Redline Len*
  15. 15. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 17 ¡r üALVATORES CHUCO LOCO Mountain Mans LIL BILL JR WeeksRASTUS DossGYPSY LEE Hunts TAW TAW MOCOOT Duhons PETER Hunts GATOR BEAUTY Duhons MISS BOOMERSALVATORES CHUCO LOCO Dutchs TIGER Hunts DOUBLE DUTCH Dutchs CLAUDINE Hunts SEIKO Hard Times KennelsERNIE Hunts ICE Marlowes YELLOW WIDOW Bred in the East, shown in the mid-west and won over credible competition, at weights ranging from 46 to 5l lbs.The bloodline has a little RED BOY, a little Cajun and some North Carolina blood.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-T]ME ruDGE#369-97 Kershners SWIG [] M51 :48 Mex-Tex*#1498-97 Juice & LouisMONEY [] M50 :26 Pete Greek*#302-98 Mailmans "C" M45 l:06 Mex-Tex*#1146-98 Chicago Bulls REX [1] M46 l:57 Johnny ROUGHNECKS GRAZY HammondsRUFUS ROM HammondsVITO The Plumbers SIOUX Lacys LEROY SofiakisBLACK BART Bambis JOE SofiakisBLACK DIAMONDROUGHNECKS CRAZY SorrellsSMACK Ponderosas BOLO SorrellsSNAP ON Lacys HOOKER Patricks LITTLE TATER Ponderosas MAXI Ponderosa BUTTER CUP A little bit of Hammonds, a little bit of Sofiakis, a little bit of Sorrells and a little bit of Patrick all add up to make CRAZY, a little dog that has more time in action than most, seven and a half hours, the last time in a losing cause. Won three in good competition way out West.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#971-96 Dr Rojas SANGUAL [] M35 2:10 Desert Rat*#2t5-97 Indian SINBAD [1] M40 2:22 Chainweight+#267-98 Dr Rojas CHIDITO [1] M38 l:30 Old Town K*$466-98 LOST TO: V.B.K.s CH. RED M38 l:31 Chainweight*
  16. 16. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 18 M¡TLBUSTHRS DAMASEUS Halls CARLOS Halls NICE GUY Halls SUGAR Halls DAMIEN Halls SWAMPER Halls SWAMP PISTOL StevensNATIONAL VELVETMILLBU STER KENNELS DAMASCUS CORVINO BREEDING Halls CRYPT BITCH CORVINO BREEDING Bred by B.Hall. Woon his first with the Hoosier Connection. Then won his next two with the Millbusters over credible competition in the Northeast.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#641-96 Chain Mans LITTLE RED [] M39 :53 Paddy#916-97 Hard Times KennelsCHOKE [1] M38 :37 Blyn Kright*#7 01-98 Scratchliners LITTLE FROSTY [] M38ll2 :45 Hell on Earth* ATILA KENNELS DENDY Vukusas SPOOKY *t*o Radonjics COBRA Atita Kennelr, ario*)"t Vukusas SPOOKY Sovics MIMA Radonvics COBRAATILA KENNELS DENDY Radonvics GYPSY JIM Radonvics JO JO Bohachek,s roriuoonuics Country BoysTHOR Ljubomirs RED TINA Country BoysSPANKY Won three times in show that took place in Central EuropeMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1363-91 Cuba Kennels PHILL M52 :16 Spice#394-98 Hazard KennelsWHAM JR M55 :36 Misdin#813-98 Persias RICO M54 :48 Zineffi
  17. 17. YEARBOOK98 HORVATHS DIBO Bosses PISTON Auclairs CH TOM Bosses PEPSI Bosses T-BOY Payeurs MARANT Dugals SPOT IngrasBINGHORVATHS DIBO Heffners RED RINGO Dragens ALI ANGEL Heffhers MISS ALVIN Karadzies MAGI Heffners RED RINGO Dragens BELLA Heffners MISS ALVIN Won three times in shows that took place in Central EuropeMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#1 35-98 Lenkas JACK M48 l:19 Rejzek#840-98 Stekels FREDY M48 45 Blazek#1396-98 Vaskos ROLF M49 30 Svedo FALGON KENNELS DINGO Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Abneys JAMES Shady Hills CRICKET M.C.s LAZER Mountain Mans ABLE M.C.s HONEYDEW Wildside Kennels FRECKLESFALCON KENNELSDINGO Mountain Mans FRED Ferrazos FIDLER HargrovesMISS RUFUS Lucky AcesTHUMPER Ferrazos RANGER Courseys BABE Snakemans PAY DAY A buckskin dog, 49-50 Ibs., won three times in the Northeast over credible comoetition. Bred by Lucky Aces KennelsMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#914-97 Kips STONE M50 :28 Latino Fam.*#t151 -91 Skippers WYATT [] M49 :36 Latino Fam.*#353-98 Yankee Boys TIGGER [l] M49 I:54 H.C.*
  18. 18. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 20 M-M.M. & WALL BOYZERN:E Finleys CH BO ROM Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM CH HONEYBUNCH ROM SMILEY M.M.M.s Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Orrs DOLLY Ybarras COGINAM.M.M. & WALL BOYZ ERNIE Gamers CHUCK Gradys CH RED MAN Gradys LITTLE GIRL Gradys SPECIAL Garners CHINAMAN ROM Gradys LITTLE GIRL Watson & Peelers MISS KITTY Bred by M.M.M. Kennels and shown by M.M.M. and WallBoyz. A winner in three shows in the Mid-west over credible competition, his longest :45. A black dog.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#483-97 Big O.s REX [l] M4l :42 W Short *#992-91 Shorts PONCHO [] M4l :45 Macho Man#l 085-98 Warrens ROJO M42 :22 W Short * BULLOCKS FANNY Patricks BULL BOY BOB ROM Thrifts CH BOBBY JR Patricks TUFFY Daves BLACK POISON Burtons GR CH HANK Hackmans MISS CHAMP ROM Captain Americas MISS BOOMERBULLOCKS FANNY GR CH CHEROKEE CHIEF ROM Lees CH RENO ROM BoylesDIRTY MARY ROM DavisMS SCOOT Hackmans SIR DOUGLAS Hackmans GIZMO Hackmans MISS CHAMP ROM From a pedigree full of Register of Merit producers, FANNY lost her first time out in :03, then came back to win in four shows. A 35-37 lb. bitch her loneest went..47 .MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#8-91 LOST TO: Canadians MOLLY F37 03 Cobalt Knl*#1301-97 Marshalls TOOT F37 39 J.R.*#290-98 L.B.C.s MARY F35 22 S.S.T.#1295-98 TN Combines SHELLY F35 47 Sarge
  20. 20. YEARBOOK9S PAGE22 ATILA KENNETSFREDY Hansens DANGER Ganjas BLACK MAGIC Country Boys BLACK PEARL Ruppes BUSTER Auclairs CH TOM Conigans CHARGAL GirouxROSIEATILA KENNELSFREDY BoudreauxPRETTY BOY Dennedys PADDY Boudreaux BONNIE Zinettis CH AZRA S.T.P.s GR CH BUCK ROM Marsonia Kennels PULLI Pavnes CH SLINKY Won his three in Central Europe. A 37 lb. buckskin dogMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1597-97 Spijuns BRONCO IÑ.f37 :56 Wermacht K#396-98 Brothers TOMISLAV Ild37 :55 Drasho#1204-98 Hazard KennelsBULLY M37 ll2 1:05 Muscuni MARIO & MEX-TEXGANCHO BassTRAMP RED BOY Baileys BINGO Marlowes FANNY W.C.C.s DEACON ROM Marlowes MR BULLDOG Marlowes PEACHES Marlowes BRANDY GIRLMARIO & MEX-TEXGANCHO Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Garretts ROCK Crenshaws DOLLY Mex-TexNENA Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Garretts BELLE Garretts KATE A straight JEEP/RED BOY cross which has been very successful in recent years. Won three times in credible competition in the Mid west. Bred by Mex-Tex, campaigned by Mex-Tex and Mario.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#929-95 Moes BUTKUS [] M42 :24 i Smith*tr | )+z-> t Masons BOOGALOO lll M4I tl Z-Mob#44-98 Scomian KennelsLEROY M40ll2 1:39 Pete Greek*
  21. 21. ( ( I YEARBOOK98 PAGE23 ( I MARSONIA KENNELS GA.. . I ( Skip & Mads CH JOE TESTIMENT I SorrellsCH UNCLE BUCK SorrellsCRAZY BLONDIE II I Marsonia Kennels AGA Sorrells ROADBLOCK I SorrellsELLIE MAE SorrellsCRAZY FIERA IMARSONIA KENNELSGARY Dennedys pADDy I Marsonia Kennels SPIRO Marsonias PULLI ( Marsonia KennelsZINA S.T.p.s GR CH BUCK ROM ( Marsonia Kennels PULLI paynes CH SLINKY , . ( Bred, raised and campaigned by Marsonia Kennels in Central Europe. Sorrells breeding crossed into I a Boudreaux/GR CH BUCK bloodline. A black doe. I I I aMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE a#988-96 M.I.L.s CARLOS M40 l:02 Zeyko I a# 47-97 Brothers Kennels SARENKO M37 :45 E.T. I#569-98 Hazard KennelsJOCKER M42 l:16 Vinny R * I I I I t I I HIGH TECH KENNELSGRIP t I a CatesNIGERINO CatesCUJO CatesMISS KITTY I Wildside Kennels LUCIFER CatesNIGERINO I TownsendsBLACK WIDOW CatesPATCHES IHIGH TECH KENNELS GRIP HammondsPIG a Hammonds PARKSON HammondsRONNIE B a Bay States KennelsMISS PRANCE HammondsSARAH BELL McManusUSELESS Perrys MISS PACMAN t a Bred by Bat Stae from a cross of Cates and Hammonds bloodlines. Won three in the mid west. A red bitch t 40 -42 lbs. t I t IMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE I#s79-97 Junes DIAMOND F40 1:10 Sant I I#r569-97 Walkers TOM BOY F42 :36 Mex-Tex * t#1019-98 Face 2 Face Kennels SPADE F41 :28 Scratchliner+ t t ! t t t t I I
  22. 22. YE,{R,BOOK98 PAGE24 Eil | IE COLLAR KENTFtS GR.UNT ¡rJ L¡ , Crenshaws CH RASCAL Mt. Mans CH HOMER ROM Marks MIDNIGHT Plumber Rons CH YO YO Byrds JAKE II 3D KennelsSHASTA ThurmondsMINDYBLUE COLLAR KENNELS GRUNT Plumber Rons CH yO yO Kennalds LUCIFER Salems WRINGER Kennards RED CHILE Rebel KennelsCH TURTLE ROM Rebel KennelsPEG Salems WRINGER GRLTNT won four times before being match into J.C.Shaws Grand Champion BLACK JACK, GRUNT lost in :45. A red dog that won four times in Florida his longest over another dog named BLACK JACK at catch weight, in l:26.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1256-96 Y.s BRUISER M48 :42 Hard Times *#r43-97 Hard Times KennelsMAKO [] M48 :49 Trail Driver*#rr45-97 Martvs COCAINE M48 :30 Colored Bros*#r79-98 Kenny L.s BLACK JACK MCW l:26 ,|#1020-98 LOST TO: JC Shaws CH BLACK JACK M52 :45 McCluney SHARIFFS HAWKSHAW Sorrells SHOESHONE SorrellsHARD EYES Sorrells SISTER Sorrells CH. SAILOR SorrellsS.T.P. SorrellsBANDIT Sorrells B.J.SHAzuFFS HAWKSHAW SorrellsSHOESHONE SonellsROAD BLOCK SorrellsLIBERTY LADY Sorrells & Sha¡iffs COME HERE SorrellsJOHNNY WALKER RED SorrellsJ.B. Sorrells COTTON MOUTH A straight Sorrells bloodline. Shown by three deffernt kennels. His first with Running Bull Kennels, his second with Hi-Voltage Kennels before gaining his championship with Shariff. HAWKSIIAW was campaigned during 1993 to 1995. His championship was applied for three years after his career ended.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGENov-Dec93 P28 Clydes FAT BOY M5l l:22 wild BiilSeo-Oct94 P24 Skats RED ZONE M51 :58 Buckshot#592-95 Ronnies RUGER M48l/2 :59 N Wilson
  23. 23. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 25 Reuvers FRANK AlmendarezGATOR BOY AlmendarezMISS DESS Sylvesters LIL FRANK Reuvers FRANK AlmendarezLfL BRENDA Callaways LIL BITL.A. DREAM TEAMS HERCULES Chargers LIL SON RED Duerlers P.D.Q. Duerlers BLACK MAGIS Hardys TRICKSIE Faulkners BLACK JACK M & RDs JACK OF HEARTS Duerlers FANCY PANTS four time winner from the West Coast, won over credible competition in 1997 and 1998. A buckskin and white dog bred by Zoeller and campaigned by the L.A. Dream Team.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDCE#t224-97 C.M.B.s BLAZER [] M44 :45 Cat+#t304-97 Bomb Squads SNOOT [] M42 :27 Cubano Rick*#716-98 Mike & Co.s SMASH M44 l:30 Youngerest#1848-98 Dr Rojas TIGER [1] M45 :38 V,B.K.* MUSCLE THUNDERS HERCULES D Holcombs DUSTY HughesDUSTY II D Holcombs MISTY CrewsROCKY Cottinghams BOOMER Cottinghams SHEBA Cottinghams GINGERMUSCLE THUNDERS HERCULES Hammonds VITO Maynards LEROY Lemasters W.VA.BAMBI iO CrewsDIAMOND Tants GR CH YELLOW ROM CrewsSASSY LADY S.T.P.s CH SASSY A big dog bred by C. Crews and campaigned in the Great Lakes area by Muscle Thunder.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt.SEX-TIME ruDGE#1240-97 Chairman of the Boards PIRANHA M54 :34 Public Enemy#144s-97 Dens LOC MCW t2 Scurvy#349-98 "Q"s CORRUPT MCW :58 Big Jay
  24. 24. YEARBOOK98 PAGE26 FTREMANS HILOJACK MErrittS CH BAD COMPANY Bamaavs KU Petersons LIZ Tottoris BLACK JACK Halls ROBERT Makepits HARD TIMES Halls SHARON GET A HOLTFIREMANS HILOJACK Reddicks HERMAN Boudreaux MAVERICK Boudreaux LIZA BoudreauxHAZEL BoudreauxBOSS Boudreaux BABETTE Boudreaux BRANDY Owned and bred by the Firernan from a B.[Iall x Eoudreaux bloodline. Won;three times in the Hawaii IslandsMATCH # OFPONENT V/tSEX-TfME ruDGE#1177-97 Azevedos REVTENGE ñf45 l:25 Hiloboy#1510-97 .A Azevodos POPEYE M45 J+ Hiloboy#30 l-98 Millers SLICK M45 :56 Hiloboy J.R.& D.IIAMS HOMELESS coRrARo parricks HMER RoM nti:1":".t-?3t:Blrs Patricks HOMER II Patricks HOWLER Patricks BOLIO BEAUTY Patricks RHONDAJ.R. & D.HAMS HOMELESS Lees CANDY MAN Sparks OCALA COWBOY Sparks CANDY GIRL McDaniels ELOISE Roberts TRUCK FLAP Roberts QUEEN Thurmonds RED GIRL Bred by G. McDaniels from a l/2 Patrick and l/2 Florida breeding, won three times in 1998.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#799-98 Cotter & Coffeys BLACKIE F36 :15 New Jack*#852-98 Pepper & Slim Woodys ROXIE F37 ,¿.) DHam*# 1 690-98 Scratchliners RUBY II ] F36 1:36 T Mack *
  25. 25. YEARBOOK98 PAGE27 OCHOA KENNELSINDIA Kincaids ROLO Patricks LA BOMBA Patricks RED BABY ROM Patricks RICK RUDE Patricks BULL BOY BOB ROM Patricks CHERYL TIEGS Patricks TESSYOCHOA KENNELS INDIA Kincaids ROLO Patricks CHOMPS Patricks ROSE Patricks WONDER WOMAN Patricks ISLAND GIRL Bred by Pat Patrick. A red bitch campaigned in the West at 32-33 tbs.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX.TIME JUDGE# t) t-v I Lalos NEGRA F33 l:07 Marcos#lrt5-97 RamosMONA F32 :37 Carlos# 1095-98 Dr Ramos & Jeffes CINDY F32 l:23 Torasco PITMAI{S IRON MAI{ BassTRAMP RED BOY Baileys BINGO Marlowes FANNY Kamakazee Ifuls HUNTER RED ROM Marlowes MR BULLDOG Marlowes PEACHES Marlowes BRANDY GIRLPITMANS IRON MAN Tants GR CH YELLOW ROM Tants D.C. Tants GLADYS Trussells POLLY Tants GR CH YELLOW ROM Tants DOLLY Tants MISS JOCKO A RED BOY x TANT breeding and since GR CH YELLOW, R.O.M. is from a RED BOY/CH JOCKO bloodline, IRON MAN is very heaw in RED BOY breedins. Bred by A. Trussell.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#299-97 Dred Lok KennelsHULK [l] M39 l:15 Abe *#1122-97 Spiveys REX M39 :38 Dempsey#1793-98 Texas Petes JOHNNY M38 :44 Carlos
  26. 26. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 28 HOGTOWI{ KENNEI,SUJ.J. Woods SNOOTY ROM MimsMR BREWER MimsMOXIE MimsCH ruDGE GirouxROCKY MimslCE GirouxCH STJNDAYHOGTOWNS J.J. Bices BUMPY Iron Workers BADGER Beebees SHUTTLE McDaniels RAT Walstons GORK Finchers MISS TANK Walstons SILVER KATIE Won his first in The Carolinas as G.M.s J.J., then went to Canada to become a Champion. Bred by G. McDaniels and campaigned to his championship by Hogtown Kennels.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#102-91 Hell on Earth KnlsROCKY [] M43 :43 Ward *#858-97 Stephens TONY M44l/2 :54 Little Dan *#36-98 Godfreys RHONDO M43 l:25 Barnes * RUFF RIDERS JUICE, Andres JOEY SappsLOBO Andres PEARL Vietnam KennelsROLL DOG Indian Eddies TOBY Vietnam Knls SHEILA Carver,s PERSONALITYRUFF RIDERS JUICE Indian Eddies TOBY Vietnam Knls MACK CUJO Carvers PERSONALITY Vietnam KennelsRATTLER Taylors NEMO WHITE BOY VietnamKennelsRASCAL Vietnam KennelsECHO If you go back far enough in the pedigree you will find that ruICE was bred fiom Carver breeding, Carvers PISTOL and MISS SPIKE. Bred by Vietnam Kennels and campaigned by Ruff Rider.MATCH# OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#t268-96 Home Grown KennelsTHOR [] M45 1:05 Vietnam K¡l*#481-97 M&R Kennels HITMAN M45 :44 J Boyles +#t637-97 Grinders BOWSER [1] M45 :23 Moody *
  27. 27. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 29 SWIFTS KEE Lees CANDY MAN GillisGIZMO GillisTONKA B.Oreos LUG NUT SandaczWILLIE G Rodents RED REBEL Schmittleins SPECIAL NIKITASWIFTS KEE Halls CARLOS Halls BLACK CARLOS Halls MISS BOOBS Halls MISS RENEE Maloneys BERT Halls DEMPSEY Halls SUGAR Abig,43-44Ib brindle and white bitch, bred by B, Coburn from a B.Hall bloodline crossed into a MIDNIGHT COWBOY bloodline. Won two quick one before going 1:40 to win a championship.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#rrt3-97 Rawas PRINCESS F44 :28 Adam#304-98 Roosevelts MECCA F44 07 M.J.#1107-98 Kikos LIZZY GATOR F43 l:40 Tate YS KEYBUMP BoylesRIGHT HAND MAN Huúchesons JAZZjllAN Hutchesons POGO Deloachs BEATLE BAILEY Boyles CLYDE THE I-INDERTAKER Mans RED GOLD BoylesLUG NUTSOUTHERN GRADYS KEY BUMP Ramseys ARTEY Ramseys BUFORD Ramseys CHERRY Hunts APRIL Woods SLTNDANCE Hunts KIMSEY W Woods SHELLY Won over the same kennels, using the sáme judge three times . Bred by Bobby JonesMATCH # OPPoNENT :: i ruDGE " .t <#1352-97 Hooterville Boys DABO [] Il/4 n ¡t¡Tv .LJ Morgan *#r557-91 Hooterville Boys BUCK [l] M42 l:47 Morgan *#474-98 Hooterville Boys OUTLAW [] M42 :22 Morgan +
  28. 28. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 30 BELLOI{ CLUESOKOCG Bellon ClubsPIOJO BellonClubsYOKOSHIWA BellonClubsYANGA Bellon ClubsVENAMO Villars POOL Bellon ClubsRUMBA Bellon ClubsMARAGASBELLON CLUBS KOCO Bellon Clubs SINELNIKOF Bellon ClubsCH COCOL Bellon ClubsMARAGAS Bellon ClubsBRUJA Bellon ClubsROMANO Bellon ClubsJUANA Bellon ClubsCHANCA Bred, raised, conditioned and campaigned in Mexico by the Bellon Club.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#788-97 Miranda & Andrades PAISANO [] M35l/2 l:17 B.I.V. +#377 -98 Miranda Clubs CHENQUE [ ] M35 :48 Saul *#1t97-98 Miguel Angels TIGER M38 :42 Victor UI{TOUCHABLES LEFTY Patricks LITTLE TATER S.T.P.s GR CH BUCK ROM Patricks RED LADY Ratliffs CH BUTKUS ROM Onellos SHERMAN THE TANK Ratliffs DAISY MAE ROM Onellos TWISTED SISTERUNTOUCHABLES LEFTY McGees PANTHER. DavisCH LIGHTNING McGees JILLY BUCK Ratliffs SPICE Garners CHINAMAN ROM Barnhills BAD MAMA Garners BAT LADY Bred by T. Ratliff by crossing a son of GRAND CHAMPION BUCK ínto a CHINAMAN/PANTHER bloodline. A black and white dog that has a ioss sandwiched in between his four wins. His longest match was :48, his shortest was :21.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#777-91 Taylors JIMN/IY BOY M43 :21 T.R.#rr62-97 Deepline K¡lsONYX M43 .48 Undertaker*#t509-97 Live Wire & R&Rs JOHNNY BROVO M42 34 Little Rob *#878-98 LOST TO: Milk, Incs V-MAN I|/.44 40 H.O.E.*#r402-98 Colored Brothers lv{AGIC tl M42 :38 Jump Master
  29. 29. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 3I BIG BOYS LIGHTNING Stovers BULLBIG BOYSLIGHTNING HargrovesCH OUTLAW BOUNTY HUNTER LITTLE QUEENIE Smiths BITry Finleys CH BO ROM Dukes NEL!I_:_II NELLIE JO _ Cant tell much about the pedigree of this little 32-34 lb male, but he won several good matches over credible competition from 1993 to 1996. Bred by R. Stover.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGEMar-Apr93 pg27 Blakes MUGGS M32l/2 :58 Slick *#182-95 Boyd M.s CHICO [] M34 :59 Mr President*#684-96 WatkinsMOSES Ul M32 :27 Slick * AMERICANMADE LSLTZZY Finleys CH BO ROM Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM CH HONEYBUNCH ROM Longs WERDO ROM Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Orrs DOLLY Ybanas COGINAAMERICAN MADE KNLS LTZZY Finleys CH BO ROM Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM CH HONEYBUNCH ROM Baileys TOOTSIE Crenshaws RASCAL JR Genes HONEY Crenshaws DOLLY From a double bred JEEP bloodline, bred by L. Bailey. LIZZY was first shown by L. Bailey and won over her future owners American Made Kennels, who went on to win three more with her and a championship.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#r347-96 American Made K¡lsSANDY Ul F35 :43 Leona¡d K*#288-98 Parker & Co.s SHASTA F33 :30 Leona¡d K*#902-98 Metre Toms BELLA F35 v2 :43 D.C.#1831-98 Dred Lok KnlsBAMA GIRL [] F34l/2 :47 Leonard K*
  30. 30. YEARBOOK98 PAGE32 KURDAWG KE¡{I{ELSLOCO Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Cochrans BUCKY Marlowes TABBY GIRL Hootervilies Boys RED MAN Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Garretts TURBO Marlowes TABBY GIRLKUR DAWG KENNELS LOCO Hands HAPPY HACK Thurmonds CRACKER JACK Eunices PIGGY Hooterville Boys HOLLY Longs TIGER Banks BLACK PANTHER Harris & Weavers BLACK MAGIC Bred by the Hooterville Boys by breeding an inbred JEEP dog to a bitch from a MIDNIGHT COWBOY bloodline. Won three times in the deep, deep South. All of hid matches were short, tyhe longest going :28.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#900-97 Gator & Co.s CASH MONEY [] M40112 :18 Much *#1263-97 J Macks RASCAL M42 :25 Pepsi Kid#29r-98 Nazeries MONEY DOG M4l :28 J Boyles * S.T.P.ts LUKA f{E Chavis CH YELLOW JOHN ROM Tants GR CH YELLOW ROM Tants MISS JOCKO Southem KnlsGR CH MAY DAY Brownings YAZOO CODY Hollingsworths DOLLY ROM PatricK.s LADY IN REDS.T.P.S LUKANE Tants BOB Powerhouse Knl CH DEADLIFT Tants GLADYS Aycarts XUXA Havana BoysGR CH RODNEY Aycarts LUDIE S.T.P.s MINNIE LUKANE was bred by Southem Kennels and won his first two with South Down Kennels before winning his championship with S.T.P.. Basicall a RED BOY/JOCKO bloodline.MATCH# OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#648-9,1 Ha¡d Drive Kennels BLACK MCW l:18 Big Pit#1077-97 Super Kennels RED MAN [] M50 1:13 Trail Driver+# 13 5 1-98 Sarge Kennels POT PIE [1] M53 :38 Queen City*
  31. 31. YEARBOOK98 PAGE 33 ABLEZINS LUTIIER Murphys OILER Cherokees OILER JR ROM Boyles BLACK GOLD S.T.P.s CH BLK PAZMANIAN Boyles CH BOLT ACTION ROM Mans LADY BUG Burchs CINDYABLIZANS LUTHER Patricks LITTLE TATER S.T.P.s GR CH BUCK ROM Patricks RED LADY FarmerBrown &ZebosCHCHINAGIRL BuftonsGRCHHANK Vinasros GINA BLUE EYES Greenwoods PEACHES A three time winner in Russia and voted DOG OF THE YEAR, 1997 by the Russian Magazine. Bred by F. Brown from a mostly Patrick?Boyles bloodline.MATCH# OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#921-97 BelmesGREGOR M49l/2 l:10 Babentsov#1339-9,1 Zinkovs JOCKER I¡"{46 2:01 Pavlenko#214-98 Rustams DEVIL M46 :49 Babentsov PURIST BOYSMEAT HEAI) -l BoudreauxBOSS Jons BUGGER MAN Boudreaux BRANDY Hobdys PETE R.C. & The Soso BoysGR CH FRITZ LaPierres ITTY BITTY R.C.s MAGNOLIAPUzuST BOYSMEAT HEAD Hydes HALF DEAD LaPierres NINJA Togias MISS MOLLY Hobdys MALTERA LaPierres SPIKE Togias MISS MOLLY LaPierres BASHFUL A four time winner, two of those wins against the same dog. Bred by H,Hubdy, campaigned in the Northwest.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt.SEX-TIME ruDGE#t4t-97 Tom C.s SONNY M40 :25 Ed Haskell+#896-9,7 Tom C.s SONNY M39 :51 Weeks#231-98 Eddie Haskells JEFF [l] M39 ;48 R.J.#161 8-98 OK Slims SNAKEY I|vl37 :J) RJ.