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  1. 1. Fun with English
  2. 2. Slang!
  3. 3. the use of informal wordsSlang: or expressions that are not considered standard in the speaker’s language.
  4. 4. Slang: is often used by people in a group that are familiar with it like teenagers.
  5. 5. Slang: makes speech more emotionally expressive and shorter.
  6. 6. Slang: is usually taboo when speaking to people of higher social status.
  7. 7. Let’s learnsome slang!
  8. 8. Dude - guy. Hey dude, what’s up? = Hi, what are you doing. Ride - car. You like my new ride? = Do you like my new car? Jacked - stolen.That dude jacked my ride! = That guy stole my car.
  9. 9. Kicks - shoes.Hey, are those new kicks? = Are those new shoes. Keep it real - be yourself. Keep it real my man. = Be yourself my friend. Money - high quality.That new iPad is money! = That new iPad is high quality.
  10. 10. My bad - my mistake. Excuse me. My bad! = Excuse me. My mistake! Off the chain - very cool.That new tune is off the chain. = That new song is very cool. Props - proper respect.Props for not giving up dude. = I respect you for not giving up.
  11. 11. Sick - cool. Sick!That concert was sick. = That concert was cool.Creeper - a weird person. That guys a creeper! = That guy is a weird person. Swag - style.That rapper has swag. = That rapper has style.
  12. 12. Tool - a stupid or insensitive person.My sister’s boyfriend is a tool. = My sister’s boyfriend is stupid.Bro - “Brother” meaning friend. Hey bro what’s going on? = Hi, what are you doing? Uber - the ultimate. That new car is uber cool. = That new car is super cool.
  13. 13. Hot - attractive. She’s hot! = She’s attractive!Boo - boyfriend or girlfriend. My boo’s name is Jade. = My girlfriends name is Jade. Badass - ultra-cool person. That guy is totally badass! = That guy is very cool.
  14. 14. Let’s review!
  15. 15. American Slang Dude - guy. Sick - cool. Ride - car. Creeper - a weird person. Jacked - stolen. Swag - style. Kicks - shoes. Tool - a stupid person.Keep it real - be yourself. Bro - friend. Money - high quality. Uber - the ultimate. My bad - my mistake. Hot - attractive.Off the chain - very cool. Boo - boyfriend or girlfriend.Props - proper respect. Badass - ultra-cool person.
  16. 16. Later!(Slang for good bye!)