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LincEnglish 2.4 Tour

  1. 1. 1. Navigation 2. Forum 3. Resources 4. Vocabulary 5. Gradebook 6. Compatibility Topics: Linc English 2.4
  2. 2. Navigation Linc English is optimized for mobile devices. If a mobile device is used, Linc English will automatically detect the device and optimize the screen size appropriately. Linc English uses icons and buttons sized for easy navigation on computers and mobile devices.
  3. 3. Navigation Icons to access home, class forum and resources are now available on the home page and every lesson page. Home page Lesson page
  4. 4. Navigation Lesson navigation is now conveniently available on the top of each lesson page.
  5. 5. Navigation You can return to the lesson pages from instruction pages.
  6. 6. Navigation Before After Question Navigation is now available. It allows students to see which questions they answered correctly at a glance.
  7. 7. Navigation Navigation also allows students to conveniently navigate to any question.
  8. 8. Navigation The Summary of attempt shows which questions were not answered. This gives students the chance to return to the practice and answer any unanswered questions.
  9. 9. Forum Forum has a search feature to easily locate forum information.
  10. 10. Forum A forum text editor with spelling checker is now available on all browsers, iPhones and iPads. Now documents, photos, video and audio can be easily dragged and dropped into forum posts.
  11. 11. Question and Answer Forum A Question and answer forum is available upon request. A Question and Answer Forum requires students to answer their teacher’s question before they can see other students’ responses. First student sees the question but can not see any of his or her classmates’ answers. After student answers the question he or she can see his or her classmates answers.
  12. 12. Resources There are a variety of additional activities available for students in Resources.
  13. 13. Teacher Resources There are a variety of resources available for teachers.
  14. 14. Vocabulary Under Resources select Reading Comprehension Vocabulary List.
  15. 15. Vocabulary An list of vocabulary words is available from the Reading Comprehension practices.
  16. 16. When a vocabulary word appears in a lesson it is highlighted. The translation and definition of the word appears when the word is clicked. Vocabulary
  17. 17. Gradebook - Student The Progress Bar shows how many lesson activities have been completed.
  18. 18. Click the Grades icon to view grades for this lesson. Gradebook - Student
  19. 19. The User Report shows the grade in points and percentage correct for each lesson activity. Gradebook - Student
  20. 20. Select Overview Report to view a list of current grades for activities done on all lessons. This student has worked on 2 lessons (Gold I Lesson 1 and Gold II Lesson 1). Gradebook - Student
  21. 21. Grader Reports by group can be viewed. Grader Reports can be downloaded. Overview reports of lessons worked on by individual students can be viewed. Gradebook - Teacher
  22. 22. Core Curriculum Class Forum Class Forum Text Editor Speaking Practice (Voice Recorder) Watch & Write (Flash Based) Windows XP (Firefox) O O O O O Windows 7 (Internet Explorer 9) O O O O O Windows 7 (Firefox) O O O O O Windows 7 (Chrome / Safari) O O O O O Mac (Firefox) O O O O O Mac (Chrome / Safari) O O O O O iPhone / iPad (iOS 5) O O O Android Phones and Tablets O O O O Compatibility Note: The configurations in green allow full access. Minimum browser: Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 8, Safari 5, Google Chrome 11, Opera 9
  23. 23. End.