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The planner's book of things to make


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I was asked to talk at the IPA Level One course, on what I thought was important for bright young things coming in to the communications industry...

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The planner's book of things to make

  1. ipa  level  one   john  v  willshire   chief  innova1on  officer   PHD   @willsh  
  2. hold  on  
  3. planners  don’t  make  stuff  
  4. crea1ves   planners  
  5. the  internet  revolu,on  
  6. ?  
  7. everyone  makes  things  
  8. to  understand  why     people  make  things…     …you’ve  got  to  make  things  
  9. we  make  lots  of  things   we  make  them  together   we  make  them  to  share  
  10. meanwhile,   back  at  the   ranch…  
  11. “have  you  anyone   who  knows  about  this   ‘My  Space’  stuff..?”  
  12. make  lots  of  things   make  them  together   make  them  to  share   these  are   skills  (?!?!)  
  13. technological   cultural   social  
  14. last  2  months  of  
  15. nice  theory…   …what  does  it  mean  in  prac1ce?  
  16. watchers   players   makers  
  17. watchers   players   makers   don’t  start   here…   …to  get   here  
  18. “come  and   play  our   game”  
  19. watchers   players   makers   start   here…   …to  get   here  
  20. if  you  invent  a  great  game…  
  21. …we’ll  make  it  
  22. i)  pocket  sized   ii)  for  2+  players   iii)  self  contained   iv)  sustainable  
  23. Hide  &  Seek   Weekender  
  24. judging  
  25. we’re   making   13,500   boxes  
  26. hWp://  
  27. make  lots  of  things   make  them  together   make  them  to  share  
  28. making  will  be   the  making  of  you  
  29. further  reading:   hWp://    why-­‐strategists-­‐should-­‐make-­‐stuff/  
  30. further  listening…   hWp://    
  31. now,  go   make  stuff…   (thanks,  btw)   twiWer:  @willsh