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The Future of Advertising, APA, 17/02/09

The presentation I delivered at the APA's afternoon conference 'The Future of Advertising' on 17th Feb 2009

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The Future of Advertising, APA, 17/02/09

  1. John V Willshire Head of Innovation PHD
  2. past future
  3. “A group of people who form relationships over time, by interacting regularly around contexts which are of interest to all of them” Jake McKee,
  4. “network information economy” – Benkler, 2006
  5. mass media
  6. The internet revolution
  7. Yochai Benkler, ‘The Wealth of Networks’
  8. Remember this?
  9. Production
  10. Duplication
  11. Distribution
  12. “We haven’t had all the groups we’ve wanted… …we’ve simply had all the groups we could afford” Clay Shirky, ‘Here comes everybody’,
  13. quot;The history of the modern media age is littered with casualties of people who believed in technology rather than content.quot;
  14. “There's no point spurning technology, creativity follows it”
  15. “…most of the brilliant technologists are actually motivated by is providing usefulness, entertainment, education and social connectivity”
  16. ed @ bssp
  17. connect useful educate entertain
  18. “How did this advertising make you feel?” Word clouds based on verbatim responses Source: Hall & Partners
  19. Source: Hall & Partners
  20. connect useful educate entertain
  21. content tactility advertising p.r. direct
  22. TV = 20m = 11m
  23. connect useful educate entertain
  24. It works. +8.3% Source: Cadbury’s
  25. <
  26. connect useful educate entertain
  27. Inspirational leaders
  28. connect useful educate entertain
  29. 3x > online brand click-thru dwell time > 50% > red button social networks 16 million viewers Source: BARB / Sage
  30. NOW
  31. connect useful educate entertain