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Showing Video in Classroom


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Showing Video in Classroom

  1. 1. Showing Videos in Class
  2. 2. - Purposes of using video in classroom - Strategy of using video in classroom - Preparing handouts for showing video
  3. 3. Have you ever used videos in class?
  4. 4. Benefits to using videos  Provide a common experience for all students  Generate interest and stimulate imagination  Offer a different perspective on or another approach to a topic  Connect students with faraway place  Demonstrate abstract ideas  Stimulate the development of critical thinking skills  Promote critical viewing skills and media awareness
  5. 5. Using Video Effectively is the key to using video effectively “Maximize learning opportunities by encouraging students to become active viewers” It all depends on
  6. 6. How to Choose Videos:  Check various sources (public/college, professional association, government agencies)  Check credibility and validity of some of the YouTube Videos
  7. 7. Before Viewing: - Preview the video for appropriate content - Review related print and Web material, the teacher’s guide - Prepare classroom environment and video equipment - Stimulate students pre-existing knowledge - Give students a focused viewing assignment - Think about time management
  8. 8. We can use videos:  Brainstorm  Categorize/Clarify  Compare and Contrast  Jigsaw  Problem solvers
  9. 9. What Should We Consider? • Stay legal • Plan ahead • Preview the film/video • Relate videos to the class content • Refer/discuss vocabulary or specific terminology • Create handouts • Instruct students for specific problem or areas • After watching – discussion, asking questions and answering • Summarise key scenes of the video
  10. 10. Show Videos: • To fill time • Videos are not related to the topic • For entertainment • Videos are not clear and authentic • Reflect negatively
  11. 11. Sources: