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The question is not whether open source has or not a place in the enterprise, but how IT firms could best accomplish customers' needs.

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  • The absence of a wide enterprise grade commercial support opened new opportunities, allowing firms like BlackDuck, OpenLogic, Palamida, SpikeSource and SourceLabs to offer “horizontal” services not related to a single package.

    For example, firms offering intellectual assets protection take deliver assessment services for many if not all packages. Their business model might be considered “horizontal”, as opposite to the classical (vertical) business model, where a firm offers every kind of services for a single package/distribution.

    These companies will play an important to role in the developing of an efficient and effective open source ecosystem. Nonetheless traditional forms of partner engagement might not work, and things like Open Source Franchising ( will definitely come to play, soon.<br /><br/>
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  • A recent estimation of the real number of active and stable projects out there set the number to 18000, but on the other side we know the only half of top packages has enterprise support.

    Sources: (<br /><br/>
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  • The EC-funded project tOSSad (Towards Open Source Software Adoption and Dissemination), aimed at improving the outcomes of the F/OSS communities. Among TOSSAD proposed solutions using mass media and branding of Open Source products has a prominent role

    Source:<br /><br/>
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  • Firenze train station, public ads sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Health<br /><br/>
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  • A connection between the top of the market pyramid to its base is needed: ecosystems are crucial<br /><br/>
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  • Open Source Enterprise

    1. 1. Open Source Enterprise Roberto.galoppini
    2. 2. Visual Agenda
    3. 3. Perception
    4. 4. Dimensions
    5. 5. Participation
    6. 6. Ecosystems
    7. 7. Perception: Minister of Health
    8. 8. Perception: anti-piracy
    9. 9. Perception: Open Source? TOSSAD findings: “ The proposed solutions for identified weaknesses range from national scale policy adoption to using mass-media and branding of most prominent F/OSS products . ”
    10. 10. Dimensions Market: 13% of the whole IT market in 2006 27% nel 2011 - source: Gartner Usage: 23,6% of users (USA, 2007) 25,9 % in 2008 - source: Gartner
    11. 11. Dimensions Viable Open Source Projects : > 18.000 Only ½ of top projects has comm. supp.
    12. 12. From goods to services VARs, Resellers : OSS retention sucks OS Products firms : almost none in Italy System Integrators : many hours, few days. What about “productized services”?
    13. 13. Cost savings/Nr. of OS products used (source: Infoworld) 44% of users using 1 product don't know 24% of users using >100 products save 60% In the meanwhile... (source: Gartner)
    14. 14. Strategic consulting Migration Integrating applications Intellectual Assets Protection Subscription services Support and maintenance Training Installation Pkg 1 pkg3 ...pkg n Ecosystems: vertical or.. ? Pkg 2 Pkg n
    15. 15. mail: roberto . galoppini @ gmail .com blog: http:// robertogaloppini .net/ Thank you!