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Twitter and Blogging by @gallit_z and @hughtheteacher


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Published in: Technology
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Twitter and Blogging by @gallit_z and @hughtheteacher

  1. 1. Twitter & Blogging in theIntermediate Classroom By: Hugh McDonald @hughtheteacher Gallit Zvi @gallit_z
  2. 2. Shape of DayWhat is Web 2.0?Why Twitter?Twitter Exploration TimeIntegrating Twitter with Student LearningWhy Blog?Blogging Exploration Time using Kidblog
  3. 3. Web 2.0: What it is?ParticipationCollaborationChanging the way internet can be used in theclassroomKnowing, Wondering, Learning, & SharingTwitter, Blogging, Facebook, Google Docs, wikis,etc…
  4. 4. What it isn’t?Just consuming information from websites forcontent
  5. 5. Why Twitter? “Twitter in 60 Seconds”
  6. 6. Where are you joining the Conversation?1. Im not interested. I dont get it. In fact, how did I getinto this session anyway?2. Ive been thinking about it, considering joining in.However, I dont know how.3. Im ready to go! Just point me in the right direction.4. Ive already joined the conversation, and Im havinglots of fun and making connections Denise Krebs
  7. 7. Why Twitter? Connections: Create your own Personal Learning Network (PLN) Collaboration: Share resources and ideas with like minded teachers & students Live Chats Research: Search for resources you need Impress your students Use new sites and resources even they haven’t heard of
  8. 8. Twitter Time!Twitter app on your device or go to
  9. 9. Why Blog with Students?Authentic AudienceEngagement & Motivation
  10. 10. More Reasons to BlogShare thoughts, ideas, andopinions, & support them withdetails that makeunderstanding easy.Will learn to communicateeffectively
  11. 11. Become better writers, both in content and mechanics.
  12. 12. Become better readers,improving comprehension and the ability to read critically.
  13. 13. Blog to aWorldwide Audience
  14. 14. Take Ownership of their Own Learning
  15. 15. Use Web 2.0 technology as a toolto publish their work to share with their peers, family, and friends.
  16. 16. Blogging Platforms *Personal Weebly Blog if Students created own E-Portfolio website.
  17. 17. KidBlog
  18. 18. Express YourLearning Too!!