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Genius Hour and ePortfolios


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Genius Hour and ePortfolios

  1. 1. Student Centered Learning: Genius Hour & ePortfolios Hugh McDonald (@hughtheteacher) Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z) Georges Vanier Elementary
  2. 2. Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk
  3. 3. Slide by Denise Krebs
  4. 4. More Inspiration… Slide by Denise Krebs
  5. 5. Why #GeniusHour?
  6. 6. Creativity Takes Time
  7. 7. Picture by Denise Krebs
  8. 8. We use a “creativity rubric” thatoutlines the Learning Capacitiesstudents need to build.
  9. 9. More info…
  10. 10. Students reflect about theirGenius Hour projects on theirblogs & ePortfolios
  11. 11. Connected Educators Building our PLN on Twitter was Game changing for us! Join the conversation. #geniushour @gallit_z #bced#edchat @hughtheteacher #sd36learn #bclearns
  12. 12. Thank you! Stay in touchIt’s all about the SHARING