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Project maturity flow is the incremental delivery of business value


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Incremental delivery of business value can be defined through the increasing maturity of the outcomes of the project. These Capabilities provide "bookable" value to the business, instead of individual features.
Many in the agile community see MVF as the way to go. But from the business side "full capabilities" need to be in place for the Value to be "booked" using FASB 86.
No incremental partial "features."
An AP system needs the Capability to "pay" and that means receipt of invoice, 3-way match, approved PO, approved vendor and banking interface

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Project maturity flow is the incremental delivery of business value

  1. 1. Project Maturity Flow is the Incremental Delivery Chapter X of Business Capabilities on the Planned Date 1 Pilot Demo conversion process, member reconciliation Data Shared group matrix reports and interfaces Enrollment Shared member crosswalk and members to ERP Integrators Integrators in ERP converted to inventory Quality Monitor Status and trigger conversions Billing Data Store Lookup Data Marts Data in Marts Internal Portals and others for ERP Data Warehouse Data Marts Material Master Router Converted from legacy External Vendors External Interfaces converted to ERP Finance Loss TBD Vendors from Resales legacy Material Emulations converted end– to–endPerformance-Based Project Management(tm), Copyright ® Glen B. Alleman, 2012, 2013