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Applying the checklist manifesto for project management success

Without a checklist you're flying by the seat of your pants

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Applying the checklist manifesto for project management success

  1. 1. APPLYING THE CHECKLIST MANIFESTO FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT SUCCESS Without a check list, you’re flying by the seat of your pantsNiwot Ridge LLC
  2. 2. Project Management Is … ¨ A formal discipline, widely used across most modern industries, to plan, organize, and execute projects efficiently and successfully. ¨ The processes needed to increase predictability of costs, time, and quality by: ¤ Deploying resources in the most efficient manner possible ¤ Undertaking an ongoing assessment of actual experience against an initial plan. ¨ The means by which managers can make consistent and informed judgments that lead to a pre- determined result.
  3. 3. Project Management Includes … ¨ Defining and maintaining the scope of the project, ¨ Identifying necessary resources, estimating cost, time and effort to complete the project, ¨ Creating channels of communication, anticipating potential risks and ways to mitigate those risks, ¨ Analyzing data as it becomes available, ¨ Measuring progress against pre-set targets.
  4. 4. The Checklist Paradigm
  5. 5. There are usually two phases to any project … 1. Too early to tell 2. Too late to stop Mr. Blaise Durante, Deputy Assistant Secretary (Acquisition Integration) U.S. Air Force Glen B. Alleman, Copyright © 2012
  6. 6. The Challenge of Routine Operations ¨ Using our training, PMP’s, processes, and experience, all project work should go as expected… ¨ Maybe not …
  7. 7. Projects Are Complex Operating Environments ¨ Stakeholders ¨ Mission, vision, goals ¨ Needed capabilities of success ¨ Time and budget ¨ Scheduling ¨ Budgeting ¨ Development and test ¨ Communications ¨ Performance measurement Components Constraints Tools and Processes ¨ Time ¨ Budget ¨ Resources ¨ Available technologies ¨ Capacity for work
  8. 8. Where’s our Checklist for Projects? ¨ We have lots processes and knowledge areas. ¨ We have flow charts for everything we do. ¨ We have lists of documents and artifacts we produce. ¨ We have roles and responsibilities. ¨ We’ve got tools and people who use them.