Algebra II Syllabus                              Online Summer School                               OverviewAlgebra 2 is a...
Algebra II Syllabus                                     Online Summer School                                  Deliverables...
Algebra II Syllabus                                      Online Summer SchoolAttendance Policy 1. Regular "online" attenda...
Algebra II Syllabus                                  Online Summer SchoolGrading PolicyDeliverables                       ...
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Algebra 2 syllabus summer


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Algebra 2 syllabus summer

  1. 1. Algebra II Syllabus Online Summer School OverviewAlgebra 2 is a standards-based, interactive, hands-on curriculum that utilizescomputer hardware and software technology to present mathematical topics on anindividualized student basis. Concepts taught in this course will introduce thePennsylvania standards in algebra, probability, and data analysis as well asnumerous examples and exercises involving geometry and trigonometry. Agraphing calculator will be used during problem solving activities. Emphasis willbe placed on the Pennsylvania Math and Technology standards. AssignmentsTo successfully complete this credit recovery course, the student shouldparticipate in all activities and must complete all deliverables. The student issolely responsible for documenting all work in a timely manner using theresources provided at Failure to do so may result in a failinggrade for this course. Deliverables are to be submitted as indicated. ActivitiesThere are a variety of different activities in the course that the student isencouraged to engage in. These range from a baseline exercise at the outset ofthe course, to online tutorials, to streaming video content, to PowerPointpresentations, to computer simulations. While many of these activities are notgraded, they are a primary conduit for learning. The student will generally beasked to mark these activities as complete before continuing with subsequentcoursework.
  2. 2. Algebra II Syllabus Online Summer School DeliverablesThere are four types of deliverables that are integral to the completion of thiscourse: homework assignments, discussions (& voice boards), GRASP UnitProjects, and unit exams.Homework (20-40 points per lesson)Students must submit answers to all homework questions, and only correct responses willreceive credit. Homework may be submitted until they are completely correct, at which point,they will receive full credit.Discussions / Voice Boards (1 per week)Discussions and voice board activities are vital to the successful completion of the course, andthere will be one of each type of activity per week. Deadlines for these activities must be met,as they facilitate interaction with other students in the course. Bonus points will be given at theend of the course for students that actively participate in Discussion Boards.G.R.A.S.P. Unit Projects (2)Each unit, students will demonstrate their knowledge of the content by engaging in a project.Unit Exams (1 every two weeks – 40-60 points each)In addition to daily coursework, there are three mandatory EXAMS scheduled for this course –July 19th, August 2nd, and August 16th given from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. These constitutesummative performance assessments and must be taken in the prescribed proctoredenvironment during the specified time window on the published dates, and must be completedonce started.
  3. 3. Algebra II Syllabus Online Summer SchoolAttendance Policy 1. Regular "online" attendance to this class is vital. The pacing guide is based on a five-dayweek, but students may complete their work at any time, online. Students should strive to bein-step with recommended pacing throughout the course in order to successfully complete alldeliverables on time.2. There is NOT a daily log-on requirement; although most students will need to be active atleast four (4) or five (5) days each week to be successful in the course.3. Students who do not log in to the course for more than two (2) consecutive weeks will beremoved from the course and will receive a zero (0) for the course.4. Attendance during online office hours is recommended but is not required.Course MaterialsThis course is textbook independent, and there are no materials in addition to the content linksand course documents provided through the BlackBoard tool except for thefollowing:The following is a list of all required materials for this course: Paper, pencils, and erasers Scientific Calculator/Graphing Calculator (preferred) Internet access Email access Capability to download programs (including an unzip program) Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  4. 4. Algebra II Syllabus Online Summer SchoolGrading PolicyDeliverables Points Homework Assignments 2-3 points per question G.R.A.S.P. Unit Projects See rubric Discussions / Voiceboards Vary Unit Exams 3 @ 40 – 60 pointsRounded to the nearest percent for informational purposes only.Grades based on actual points earned over total points.