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Duncans presentation


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Duncan Swenson

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Duncans presentation

  1. 1. Duncan Swenson 8/25/10
  2. 2. my family My family is different my mom is really awesome and so is my dad they give me a life they wished they had when they were growing up I'm so grateful for them.
  3. 3. My pets I have 9 animals 6 cats 1 dog and 1-snake my cats names are wiz,mama,una,boris,stash,tiger,spotsworth,ziggy my dogs name is draco and the snakes name is apherdiety.
  4. 4. My hobby My hobby is skate boarding during the summer i skated all day and all night i love to skate i would be so grateful if i could be a pro skate boarder wen I’m older.
  5. 5. My favorite food My favorite food is baked spaghetti.
  6. 6. Career For my career I'm planning on going to college and getting a degree in physics and after i get my degree I’m going to be working really hard on becoming a pro skate boarder.
  7. 7. Career After I’m done with college I’m going to get a job an open a skate board shop in california or colorado.
  8. 8. Why I’m important!!! I’m important because i make everyone laugh a lot.
  9. 9. Why I’m important!!! I’m important because I’m creative i stand up for what i believe in n like to encourage others.