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Bring GIS in your Business Apps to get New Actionable Insights


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Bring GIS in your Business Apps to get New Actionable Insights

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Bring GIS in your Business Apps to get New Actionable Insights

  1. 1. Bring GIS in your business apps to get new actionable insights Galigeo | All Rights Reserved © | 2018/2019 WEBINAR
  2. 2. Agenda I. GIS and BI : The current state II. Why leveraging GIS and BI together III. Product Demonstration IV. Q&A Speakers Vincent Dechandon Product Manager Galigeo Mohammad Hammoud Account Manager Khatib & Alami
  3. 3. In our daily life we use applications powered with location data Why? To make our life easier.
  4. 4. But when at work… Accessing and leveraging location data is far from being mainstream BI and Data Analysts GIS Engineers " We can’t access location data " " We don’t know how to create meaningful maps " " We have limited access to operational data " " We have no sharing capabilities " " Our work is not understood and valued " " We lack of geomapping capabilities " " I need to monitor my KPIs by territories and customer locations " Business User
  5. 5. The « silo » effect Business and Data Analysts GIS Engineers
  6. 6. Getting new actionable insights by combining GIS and BI + = Location Intelligence Deriving meaningful insight from geospatial data relationships to solve a particular problem - Gartner, Forecast Snapshot: Location Intelligence Software
  7. 7. The best of GIS and BI in the same place Faster time to insights Improved user experience, adoption and communication Unveiled proximity relationships and data trends Faster ROI Faster time to actions BIGIS
  8. 8. A bridge to answer all your strategic questions BIGIS GEODATA DATA … open source
  9. 9. This is why we have developped great Location Intelligence solutions geared for every business And why we are different and disruptive Self-service Any users can create and consume spatial analysis and map visualizations without being an expert. Smart All the complexity inherent to spatial is abstracted so users focus on their business. Feature-rich Create spatiotemporal analysis or generate attraction areas by isodistance, … all out-of-the-box! Data Agnostic / Data Mashup Blend any type of operational, exogenous and geographic datasources (ESRI, …) all together on the same place.
  10. 10. Stories from the real world The City of Abu Dhabi is using Galigeo to efficiently manage its properties: better rooms allocation for students, detect illegal occupancies (fraud), … The solution: Real Estate & Energy Consumption Data combined to Contextual Data (demographic, socioeconomic, …) coming from their ESRI Server blended together by Galigeo within their BI environment  Improved occupancy rate  Better detection of illegal occupancies
  11. 11. Stories from the real world Infrabel, owner of the Belgian railway network, leverage Location Intelligence with Galigeo to prioritize efficiently maintenance operations. The solution: Combining their Operation Data from Oracle systems with their Geographic Repository based on Hexagon Spatial and ESRI technology using Galigeo solutions  Reduced downtimes on network  Reduced operation time  Rationalized IS costs
  12. 12. We build solutions for business BIGIS And our partners help to deliver the value
  13. 13. Among top 50 international design firms worldwide
  14. 14. Our Offices
  15. 15. Verticals Government • Agriculture • Census & Statistics • Commerce & Industry • Education • Election • Environment • Geology • SDI • Health • Housing • Natural Resources • Public Works • Transportation • Tourism • Urban Planning • Waste Management • Water Resources Municipalities • Municipalities & Local Governorates Public Safety • Public Safety • Defense • Security • Intelligence • Law Enforcement • Emergency Response • Crisis Managment Commercial • Banking & Insurance • Contracting and Operations • Postal Services • Real Estate • Retail • Telecom
  16. 16. Our Services Our Services Roadmap & Strategy Development Analysis & Design Database Modeling & Development Solution Design & Development System Design & Integration Cloud/Hybrid Based Managed Services Computing Infrastructure Services Capacity Building, Knowledge Transfer & Support Operation & Maintenance
  17. 17. Location to every Decision Apply Geography To Every Decision
  18. 18. Product Demonstration Case Studies – Sales & Marketing – Infrastructure Maintenance
  19. 19. A complete set of Location Intelligence solutions to solve all spatial-related challenges API Galigeo Location Intelligence Core Technology Stand-alone Web-based Embedded Common core technology One product embeddable everywhere 100% the same features available Works on Mobile Available On-Premise or Cloud
  20. 20. Trusted by hundreds of leaders all around the globe
  21. 21. Going further − Get in touch Vincent Dechandon − Learn more 30-day trial for all our solutions Mohammad Hammoud